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Is there any new fact that today's generation is all about smartphones and digital technology? Even though the average individual nowadays has 80 smartphone apps installed on their device. They only utilise 30 of them regularly. Undoubtedly, such data reveals the most significant bottleneck that every program encounters is user engagement. You need specific app development companies to make apps more engaging.

Before going any further, it is essential to learn more about app engagement

So to put it in simple terms, application engagement is the interaction of users with your application. Your application can only be successful in this manner. Engaged customers spend 60% more, generate more data you can use, and provide more touchpoints to benefit from, which goes without saying that this is what makes an app successful.

Why Do You Need An App Engagement Plan That Is Well-Defined?

Your user interaction strategies must be well-defined. You must test new features and approaches. 90% of experiments are a failure. Therefore, in the absence of a defined approach, a few failed tests might quickly sap your motivation. Custom application development plays a significant role in increasing the overall engagement level of the application.

Engaging users is the objective, and it is crucial! The caliber of your UX is essential because our world experiences product-led growth. An engaging app will encourage user conversation, and 92% of people believe recommendations from others. For any kind of application development and services, you can consider an android app development company to access professional help and services.

What Are The Best Techniques For Creating App Engagement Strategies?

You can raise user involvement in various ways. To begin, you need to start the development of your engagement strategies. Analyse your business operation and make an action plan.

You must critically evaluate your plan both before and after monetization. A comprehensive approach does not disregard current consumers. They are among your most valuable consumers. Dealing with an engaged customer is 50% simpler than with a brand-new customer.

Share Your Vision With Your Users

If you are willing to offer good user engagement on your application then it is crucial to share your vision and mission. By sharing your vision and mission, you will build strong brand trust. Trust is the most important thing to developing an engaging platform. Building the UST helps the users to believe in what you do and why you do it. Make sure to also share your application story to make the user understand. If we talk about android mobile app design and development then the professional expert can only bring positive results.

Send Welcome Emails And Update Notifications

Do you want to build a better bond with your users? For that, you can send a welcome email. This will help to make your customer feel valued. With this personalization or by offering certain essential features with the help of communication channels such as app push notifications. Suppose your customer has been using the application for a long time then ensure to provide them with the latest updates regarding the new features and products based on frequent time. It has been found that sending a notification boosts the conversion rate and increases lifetime value along with better revenue.

Make Your Application Ask Only The Required Permission

Have you ever wondered what irritates the users most? While giving lots of permission and unnecessary information. To make it simple and convenient for the users to increase their engagement level, you need to avoid too many app permissions. Several app permissions will ensure that users are skeptical about using the app. Usually, people are concerned about their privacy, and you need to ensure that you are only asking for the necessary permission or information. This strategy will work in building better engagement which will help you offer a personalized experience to the users.

Utilize Interactive Walkthrough Manuals And Tutorial Bypass Options

Users who are already familiar with the app's navigation may not require interactive walkthroughs. It's also possible that some users will want to know how your program works in practice. To make the onboarding process simpler, include the feature of interactive walkthrough guides as well as choices to skip these tutorials.

Enable Gameplay In Apps

By making your app entertaining and enjoyable, you can increase user engagement. Utilizing app gamification puts users in a competitive environment against one another, their friends, or a global network of users. Gamification motivates users to do routine, boring tasks like working out, checking something off their to-do list, or updating passwords. With the help of ios app development services, you can ask them to implement gamification on your app.

Implement Social Sharing Options Along With Community Elements

Social sharing options are one of the most effective options for the customer. It is because they prefer to share several things with their known people. With the help of social sharing options, it makes it easier for users to interact with their friends. You must be able to integrate your social media platforms with your application. Social sharing is always considered the best marketing strategy, which can also make other people aware of your products and services.

You must have seen the social sharing options on famous apps like YouTube and Facebook. You can take ideas from that application to make a user-friendly platform for your users.

Run A Contest Or Discount Offer For Your Users

One of the most effective ways to grab the attention and engagement of users is by running contests or discount offers. It is another great way of doing a marketing strategy that you can use to keep the customer engaged with your application. Make sure to use certain schemes for the benefit of users and run contests to help retain customers. It also helps your users to use the application regularly.

Reduce Arousal During Onboarding (And User Churn)

During onboarding, there is a significant decrease in user engagement. Customer attrition rises by 20% for every additional onboarding step. Reduce the number of tutorials you use and show your value proposition as soon as you can for a more efficient onboarding. Of course, gamification can help with onboarding. According to research, gamified app lessons help users complete tasks 135% faster! Furthermore, customers leave pleased.

Give Users A Sneak Peek At The UI Of The App

Giving consumers previews of your app can help you increase app retention. By allowing customers to view a preview before signing up, you can demonstrate to users how user-friendly your app's design is. The iOS welcome screens for Slack serve as a prime illustration. Slack communicates how simple it is to communicate on a single platform on several devices by showing how their user interface appears on iOS, desktop, and mobile on the very first welcome screen.

Use Tooltips and Hotspots to Highlight the Desktop App's Key Features for New Users

Use hotspots and tooltips to introduce new users to the app's essential features. When you use your cursor to hover over an item in a web or desktop program, a small hint, tip, or description is presented. Although they don't always require a user to act, some tooltips are also used to give a tour of an app's features.

Similar to this, hotspots frequently take the shape of strobing circles that also give a hint or tip on a certain in-app feature. However, in contrast to tooltips, a hotspot's content is only revealed when the user clicks on it. Tooltips and hotspots are a wonderful method to reduce the amount of text in-app, motivate users to take particular actions, draw attention to newly added or inactive features and integrations, and provide new users with additional instructions and information about how the app functions.

Provide Customer Service Via An App

For increasing app engagement and app retention, the consumer experience is essential. Even after going through the instructional onboarding process, a new user could still have particular queries or run into a problem that needs to be fixed. Offer a direct channel to your Customer Support team via in-app chat or a link to your help center database with in-depth articles rather than forcing users to leave your app to get assistance.


From completing onboarding to purchasing to merely scrolling through the app, user involvement varies. You can use metrics like daily, weekly, or monthly activity to gauge how engaged each user is with your app. The duration of user sessions and the gaps between them are additional data points you can mine. You can also seek assistance from reputed App Development Company like AIS Technolabs. Since they have the extensive experience and expertise that you need.
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