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Intrusion Of Tinder

Quick Summary

A lot of modern men and women prefer to know their life partners before marrying. This trend has given rise to dating sine the past few years. Several people prefer to use dating apps for meeting like-minded people before they enter into any commitment. 

People in India are becoming broad minded, and there has been a shift in how people fall in love. The online world, then, meets the real world and it often starts a new life with marriage. Dating apps like Tinder have been becoming popular among the people of all the age groups across India.

However, the approach has been rather gradual as we have seen in the commercials of some of the popular online matchmaking sites that have taken this otherwise conservative society by storm. While it is hard to fill up the long formats of questionnaire, preference of ideas and opinions can certainly be taken into account.

Facts About Matrimonial Sites

As a matter of fact when the matrimonial sites were launched in India for the first time, the original approach of children taking approval of parents came into being with the visual power in effect. However, the changes came in again with these sites realizing that there are unique requirements as far as Indian weddings are concerned. The picture is a diametric presentation of the viewpoint that prevails in the west in which the society has always shown liberal approach to young men and women for choosing their partners.

The social stigma that was never a part of the western society and in which independent ideas and opinions were more prevalent has walked into the traditional Indian society with Tinder and that’s just about it. As a matter of fact, the emergence of new ideas about marriage and dating in the Indian society can no longer be viewed as a potential threat to the role of parents which is rather encouraging.

Evolution of Relationships

The shift to dating and second marriages involving a widow or a divorcee that was looked down upon by the Indian society has traveled ahead with the approach of dating sites such as Tinder has blown up to the next level. The advertisements in the television and the television shows no longer showcase women emancipation with empathy rather portray today’s woman as spearheading this movement.

Coming back to the new ways in which people in India have started viewing marriages, things are set to get better with stray incidents that still depict the traditional mode of marriages. In fact, India has witnessed a new surge in young people downloading this application on their mobile devices. Undoubtedly, the society in India has taken a bold step when it comes to breaking down the traditional ideas that prevailed about marriage and surely more changes can be interpreted during the coming years.

On TV and Social Media

Has Tinder brought this change? According to a senior official of Tinder, the company is set to change the minds of people about dating with respect to the culture and social milieu that can be seen in this country. The truth is that the stage has been set for better and major changes when a television commercial depicts that a man in India is as willing to marry a single as to a widow or a divorcee and this is what the western countries have stood for over the years.

It is hard to predict whether this change is going to be short-lived or is it going to last longer? Given the circumstances, the changes have come into the society after years of sufferance and it is certainly going to be consistent but if you are looking forward to more, you will have to keep your fingers crossed as matrimonial sites cannot be made to act like a doyen in the society that can take the responsibility of bringing in the changes that the society has desired for long.

According to studies and research, it is not only about swiping left and right with respect to the Tinder clone application rather the changes that have taken place in the minds of the people for gearing up towards the next step and that is just about it. While the estimates about the likes and the super likes that Tinder gets from India is likely to move ahead with time, the transformation that has taken place in the minds of the people is certainly a promising step for better actions in the world of love, dating and marriage.

As Covid-19 has locked us all inside our homes, people look for different ways to meet their friends or partners virtually. People feel lonely like never before as they cannot go out due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Dating apps are becoming popular and this is the right time to build your first dating website or mobile application. Get in touch with us to know how we can help you create a feature-rich dating app.
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