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Quick Summary

Are you planning to design your iOS app but confused with which programming language to use?

You have begun with the right question.

Before building an iOS app, you must decide what programming language you will code it in.
All the programming languages are not created at the same level, and the results are determined highly by the framework you are using. This article will precisely explain what programming language options you have for developing your iOS apps. We’ll also look at the pros and cons of these programming languages and the resources from which you can learn them.

Have a glance at the cost of developing your app. Before that, we must consider a fundamental question. You noticed that the best iOS programming language to learn is dependent on the goals you have set for your application.


Nowadays, mobile applications are an unnecessary thing for online businesses. The latest stats and data suggest that almost 50% of connections are made online or on mobile devices, which puts them above computers and tablets. In addition to that, the same source tells us that almost 27% of these devices are iOS devices.

Hence there is no doubt that iOS app development is probably a very proliferating investment. If you wonder which iOS development language is best for this job, you have landed at the right place.

In this write up you will find all the essential information on this topic, including:
  • Essential issues you must remember before beginning the building of the iOS app
  • The best coding language for iOS app development
  • The best mobile cross-platform tools that shall enable you to develop apps for various operating systems

Best iOS Development Languages

Let us discuss the best programming languages for iOS app development present in the market that an ios app development company offers.

1. Swift

Irrespective of your experience in iOS app development, there are high chances that you will consider Swift as the best programming language for this job. Swift is among the most preferred languages for sculpting the future of iOS app development.

Swift was released in 2014 and had a place among the most popular coding apps for iOS programming languages. According to data, Swift was ranked 11th among the most popular languages. It got almost three times the votes it had the previous year.

It is a programming language with general purposes and is used to develop high-quality native apps, especially for iOS. Swift has been designed for working efficiently with frameworks like Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.

The most significant advantages of Swift are its interoperability, scalability, fast development and open source. Swift app development also has data security in development and ARC on offer.

The one and only disadvantage of this language is that it has a minimal user base.

When should you use swift?

If you are looking forward to carrying out swift app development and scaling the app, you should go with Swift. Swift can develop iPhone apps, Apple Watch apps, Mac apps, AppleTV apps and iPad apps.

2. Objective-C

This language is a predecessor of Swift, and it was built as an extension of the programming language see which is object-oriented. Objective-C was developed in 1984 and is now used mainly as a general-purpose programming language compatible with iOS and macOS. It was the primary iOS development language before Swift came into being.

Experts always compare swift and objective C based on execution time, coding, readability, code maintenance and much more.

But Objective-C has some drawbacks that make it an outdated iOS development programming language in 2021. Since it is unavailable as an open-source language, it becomes tough to learn it. In addition to this limited functionality, security issues and lack of regular updates add to its lesser popularity.

When should you use Objective-C?

When you wish to develop or update apps for older versions of iOS that Swift does not support, you can use Objective-C in that case.

3. Flutter

Flutter is a prevalent programming language for apps developed by Google in 2015 and officially released in 2017. It is a package of tools that is highly versatile and can be used for creating applications for android, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Google for Fuchsia.

Flutter helps the developers create aesthetically intuitive and attractive cross-platform applications, and it is considered by both iOS and android developers. It has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Some of them include time and cost-efficiency, having their widgets and being available as an open-source language, providing complete customization. At the same time, it still has a minimal and young talent pool.

When should you use Flutter?

Since it is the most popular cross-platform app development language, you should use Flutter to develop an iOS app and make the desktop, Web and android versions for it. It saves a lot of time and effort as it allows you to use iOS programming languages to create the versions of it for all other compatible operating systems.

4. C#

C# was created as a reply to Java language by Microsoft. It is a high-level, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language. Instead, it can be considered one of the most coveted programming languages, and it is equally regarded for Microsoft’s app development as for Apple applications Objective-C is used.

Moreover, a survey conducted by Stackoverflow tells us that C# is among the most versatile coding languages across the globe, and it was ranked fifth in the Tiobe August 2021 indexes.

When should you use it?

C# Should only be used when your team consists of skilled developers and when you want to develop Windows, android and Web API versions of the iOS app.

The verdict

After discussing all the facts and actualities about all the top programming languages in the market, we can conclude that the best programming language for iOS is Swift in 2021.

Why Swift?

When we started with this article, we talked about the superior loyalty of iOS users. Swift is such a coding language that fits every aspect of creating loyal and worthy applications.

The reason behind companies choosing Swift is because it is very conscious and intuitive in creating native apps. It establishes the apps that are among the most significant positive factors that work for it. Moreover, Swift was initially developed to be faster than already existing programming languages like Objective-C. When you talk about security, Swift is among the better options. The most important thing that you should consider here is that Swift has only one limitation: a small talent pool compared to other programming languages.

Why choose AIS Technolabs for iOS app development?

We hope that the above write-up might have helped you choose the correct language for iOS app development. But the question arises of how to choose the right iOS app development agency that provides appropriate iOS app development services with high-quality and good customer support.

At AIS Technolabs, we assure you of the best quality iOS app development, supported by the team of our experience and expert web developers. Choosing us for your next project might be the best choice for your business.

Closing words

Stackoverflow Conducted a survey that told us that various iOS languages might be ranked above Swift because of their wide range of advantages. However, these factors are also dependent on your priorities. To develop a quick hybrid app, you might use an HTML file for multi-platform development that involves Microsoft. You might use C#.

But when we talk about Apple and Apple products, Swift leads everywhere. Hence if you need any help regarding your iPhone app development services, you might choose AIS Technolabs For the best services. Reach out to us for learning more about this.
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