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Quick summary

PHP is one of the languages used to create dynamic websites and has been for a while. It has risen and risen in popularity since it was introduced in 2007 and has come a long way since then. PHP development offers a lot of flexibility and is compatible with several database packages which makes it possible to create rich database applications as well.

PHP is essentially a scripting language that has a low learning curve. There are several benefits of using PHP too. The main benefit is that it is open source besides which it has a lot to offer in terms of functionality and online support. It is thus no wonder it is being used by a very high percentage of websites on the Internet.

The current version

PHP5 was released a while ago in 2004 and used the new Zend Engine II. It included several improvements at the time and had better support for object oriented programming that was introduced in PHP4. Several other point releases have been made since then improving the functionality and updating a few existing features.

The next big version

Work began on the next big release PHP 6 in 2005; but it has not yet been released and it might never be. The reason being that in an attempt to introduce new and better feature (native Unicode support) the found that it adversely affected the performance. Hence the entire version was scrapped and the new version PHP 7 is expected to be released next year (2016).

Glimpse of what's new in PHP 7

  • Major performance improvements
  • The JIT Engine (Just in time) has expected to be introduced as a part of the PHP Next Generation version.
  • Also expected is the introduction of the Abstract Syntax Tree (AST).
  • Asynchronous programming features that support execution of parallel tasks are also expected to be implemented.

What this means for Web Development

The new version of PHP is expected to open an entire new world of possibilities and also the ability to optimise existing websites for the better. Thus this adds to the already big list of possibilities that PHP has to offer and saves you the trouble to resort to any other programming language to avail any additional functionality.

At AIS Technolabs our able PHP team is already on top of the new version and are eagerly awaiting it's launch. This will enable us to develop even more advanced, secure and feature rich websites.

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