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The Ultimate List of 12 Essential PHP Web Development Tools

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Nowadays, having a website or other online presence is essential for any organization. If you own a start-up or have a well-established business, having a website that ranks higher on Google is essential. We are aware that securing a position in the cutthroat market is difficult. With a web developer's assistance, you can quickly build an engaging and appealing website for your organization.

PHP programming is the most popular option for creating scalable websites among developers and business owners. The PHP programming language has comprehensive documentation, cutting-edge security, solid support, and additional well-supported structures. But, to increase programming productivity and make PHP work more efficiently, specialists have created PHP development tools.

In today’s blog, we have listed the 12 best PHP web development tools to look for in 2023 to help you choose the best-suited PHP website development company that uses relevant tools for your website development.
1. Laravel
<div>Since it debuted in 2011, Laravel has become the most used open-source and free PHP framework, as it can manage complex web projects safely and faster than other tools. The syntax is simple to understand.</div><div><br></div><div>Laravel streamlines routine activities like networking, caching, sessions, and authentication to quicken development. It includes a PHP template engine named Blade and JavaScript frameworks like React or Vue.js, which you may combine with it.</div>

Laravel Key Features:

  • With complex backend requirements, Laravel suits small and large applications.
  • Laravel is a PHP framework that has many features to customize complex projects.
  • Some features include secure routing, data transfer, MVC architectural support, authentication, and the view template engine.
  • Laravel is expressive and adheres to modern web applications' security and speed requirements.

2. CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is a PHP framework well-known for having a small download size—just 2 MB—along with documentation, making it perfect for building websites. It makes it simpler to create reliable and repeatable components by offering many pre-built modules.

Codeigniter Key Features:

  • A very lightweight and straightforward PHP framework, CodeIgniter is simple to install.
  • Major strengths include the MVC framework, great error handling, integrated security features, and simple and thorough documentation. With CodeIgniter, you can create scalable apps as well.
  • CodeIgniter is faster than other PHP frameworks when put in the competition. It provides steady performance and is an excellent option if you want to create small, server-friendly programs.

3. Symfony

The Symfony framework was first released in 2005, making it far older than many other frameworks. It is a solid, time-tested basis. Only Symfony, a complete PHP MVC framework, is known to conform to PHP and web standards exactly.

Symfony Key Features:

  • Symfony is perfect for developing complicated enterprise projects. Configuration and installation are pretty easy on most platforms.
  • One of its key benefits is the utilization of reusable PHP parts.
  • In addition, it asserts reliability, conformance to most web standards and designs, database engine neutrality, and support for interaction with other for-profit libraries.
  • Symfony can be integrated into bigger projects like Drupal and is also incredibly flexible.
Laminas Project

4. Laminas Project

The Laminas Project is a comprehensive project-oriented framework that can be improved with the help of concepts like interfaces and inheritance. Laminas is an alternative to Zend Frameworks since it is an open-source framework.

It was created with the help of the Agile technique, which lets you provide enterprise clients with high-quality apps. If they wish to create project-specific features, developers should be informed that Laminas Project is extremely flexible and follows PHP best practices.

Laminas Project Key Features:

Laminas Project is the ideal fit for complex corporate undertakings.
Some key features are data encryption, MVC components, easy cloud APIs, and session management.
This framework can integrate with other PHP frameworks and use just the parts you need.
YII Framework

5. YII Framework

Yii, short for Yes, it is! is a flexible and uncomplicated framework. It is a powerful PHP tool for developing modern web applications. Yii is a web programming framework that can be used with any other PHP project; nevertheless, it is highly advised to create large web applications quickly.

YII Framework Key Features:

  • Due to the straightforward installation process and robust security features, it is suitable for high-security projects like e-commerce endeavors, websites, CMSs, communities, etc.
  • Developers can avoid the hassle of writing repetitive SQL queries by representing database information in terms of objects.
  • It performs well and moves quickly.

6. CakePHP

Using CakePHP, you can make applications and websites that are both useful and beautiful. CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) frameworks are among the easiest to learn, and CakePHP is one of them. CakePHP was first introduced in the early 2000s, and as time went on, it gained performance improvements and several new components.

CakePHP Key Features:

  • CakePHP is easy to install because you only need a copy of the framework and a web browser.
  • Essential features include quick builds, suitable class inheritance, authentication, and security.
  • CakePHP provides a wealth of support resources, first-rate documentation, and qualified assistance.

7. Phalcon

Phalcon leveraged the MVC online schematic design paradigm and was released in 2012 as a full-stack PHP framework. Because it is provided as a C-extension, you will not need to worry about how to program in C to take advantage of the low-level performance optimization used in native programs.

Phalcon Key Features:

  • Phalcon is a great tool for creating extremely versatile web apps that are easy to start up and adhere to standard practices for enterprise development.
  • Some of the important features are a global autoloader, asset management, quicker deployment, and the highest standards of security and caching.
  • Phalcon's efficient memory management boosts performance compared to several other web application solutions.

8. Lumen

Lumen is a PHP micro-framework created by Taylor Otwell and the Laravel community for Laravel. Compared to Laravel, a full-stack PHP framework, Lumen is a leaner and quicker toolset with much less configuration and multiple routing possibilities. Although Lumen lacks a PHP template engine and has fewer third-party interfaces, it uses Laravel's appealing syntax.

Lumen Key Features:

  • A well-liked PHP framework called Lumen is used to create microservices and high-performance APIs with loose coupling.
  • If you are familiar with Laravel but want to avoid using a complete MVC framework, then Lumen is a good alternative.
Fat-Free Framework

9. Fat-Free Framework

Fat-Free Framework is an easy-to-use PHP micro-framework created with simplicity in mind (F3). It may be used to create efficient apps that load quickly and have an easy setup process, which boosts developer productivity by reducing application complexity.

Due to its maturity and existence since 2009, F3 is a reliable framework.

Fat-Free Framework

  • It is easy to install. It also doesn't require any complex configuration.
  • Fat-Free Framework is a module designed to let you incorporate the functionality you need on top of its lightweight core. The offered features are image analysis, templates, managing geodata, unit testing, and other features.
  • Among the NoSQL and SQL databases supported by F3 are MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, MySQL/Sybase, SQLite, and MongoDB.

10. PHPStorm

PHPStorm has many advantages, including being compact, speedy, and fashionable. PHPStorm is compatible with many frameworks, including Laravel, Zend, Drupal, Symphony, and WordPress.

The standard tool's Integrated Development Environment can support new contemporary technologies, including JavaScript, Hypertext Mark-up Language, and the Fifth Edition of Cascading Style Sheets.

PHPStorm Key Features:

  • The smart coding in PHPStorm can read and comprehend your code.
  • PhpStorm has powerful built-in capabilities for debugging, testing, and profiling your projects.
  • PhpStorm offers all of WebStorm's HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-related features
Apache Netbeans

11. Apache Netbeans

Most programmers and developers utilize the famous Netbeans tool to execute PHP apps. It has a wide range of features and supports many different languages. Java programmers were the ones who first used this application. Its new form is quick.

Apache Netbeans supports C, C++, CSS, HTML, and more coding languages. Netbeans can be used to construct extensive web applications. Many languages, including English, Brazilian Portuguese, and Japanese, are supported.

Netbeans offers a variety of options for installing web applications. Its enticing features include intelligent code completion, highlighted syntax, code formatting, etc.

Apache Netbeans Key Features:

  • This easy-to-use tool is free and supports many frameworks, including Zend, Smarty, CakePHP, etc. Netbeans offers a variety of options for installing web applications.
  • Employing the powerful Java 8 language constructs enables programmers to update programs rapidly and efficiently.
  • The system's code editor provides users with the instruments, code generators, code designs, and programming guidance they require to quickly and simply advance their coding.
Zend Studio

12. Zend Studio

The majority of developers prefer Zend Studio due to its swift performance. The execution of code by this trusty instrument happens quickly. Debugging is carried out by combining X-ray and Xdebug to support PHP version 7.

This highly flexible tool has many potential uses and can run apps on the cloud server environment. The enhanced attachment is done using Eclipse plugins. Its main features are quick performance, Docker & Eclipse Plugins support, and code exploration in PHP.

Zend Studio Key Features:

  • Working with SVN, Git, CVS, and GitHub is made simpler by better source control integration. It is easy to collaborate with group members when you import existing sources into your workspace.
  • Zend Studio is highly compatible with the subsequent public clouds and operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and IBM i.
  • Zend Studio supports PHP frameworks, including Zend Framework, Laravel, and Symfony. As a result, using built-in tools in Zend Studio, you can create structure apps with the appropriate structure, resources, and directories.


The technologies mentioned above undoubtedly offer unique qualities that make developing PHP apps easier. Every business has particular needs and goals. If you are searching for a reliable PHP app development company, you can go through the services that AIS Technolabs provides.

As a leading PHP website development company, we will weigh the advantages and disadvantages, investment recommendations, general principles, delivery time estimates, and the whole set of requirements as per your needs and select the best possible PHP framework for your application. Our talented team of developers provides PHP development services according to your needs.


With a 45.43% market share, PHP is expected to be the most widely used programming language in 2022, according to statistics. The requirement for PHP has remained the same due to the new-found popularity of languages like JavaScript, Golang, Python, etc. More than 70% of websites are still developed using PHP.

Laravel is undoubtedly one of the best PHP frameworks for creating trustworthy online applications. It is one of the most wanted options for PHP development services.

The newest trends in PHP web development are chatbots that AI powers. Developers can easily design chatbots as PHP is an open-source technology.
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