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CEO at AIS Technolabs
Sunny Chawla

CEO at AIS Technolabs

Sunny Chawla is a CEO at AIS Technolabs which is a Web/App Design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. He is having expertise in Digital Marketing, Game Development & Product Development.

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Quick Summary
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows you to reach the right audience at the right moment by paying an advertising platform (such as Google, Instagram, etc.) a fee for each person that clicks your advertisement.

If done properly, PPC services help your message and product reach those more likely to be interested. It is much more targeted than traditional advertising. Your PPC ad may appear online in various locations, including browsers, other websites, and social media networks.

Check out the 10 best PPC tools with features that will help you select the best PPC management firm or company in India for your requirements.

1. Google Keyword Planner

One of the most well-liked tools for marketers is Google Adwords Keyword Planner, which helps you choose the keywords that will put your ad in front of relevant clients.

Due to its interaction with Google AdWords, Google Keyword Planner is a top PPC tool that you should definitely include in your toolkit (which dominates when it comes to ad platforms).

Ad campaigns may be immediately created and managed using Keyword Planner.

Google Keyword Planner Key Features:

  • The Forecasting function in Google Keyword Planners is nice. It provides data projection, including anticipated clicks, CPC, and impressions, to assist you in estimating the performance of upcoming campaigns. Making well-informed decisions is the cornerstone of successful PPC campaign management, and forecasting has your back.
  • You can organize keywords into themed groups once you've located a cluster of terms you're eager to utilize or preserve for the future. This functionality shines if your company or client offers various products or PPC services.
  • Also, you can save time by adding your keywords directly to a campaign or ad group.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that monitors key performance indicators for your Google AdWords campaigns, audience interaction, and landing pages in real-time. It is one of the best PPC campaign management tools.

Google Analytics links to your Adwords account without taking money from your marketing budget and provides complete campaign information. The ideal technique to employ in conjunction with others for a more comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness of your marketing ads is tracking events and goals.

Google Analytics Key Features:

  • Any serious digital marketer's toolkit must include Google Analytics. User flow, hard and soft KPI tracking, audience development (remarketing), and easy benchmarking against your sector are covered.
  • See your website and advertisement stats easily, including clicks and cost per click, bounce rate, sessions, and conversion rate. Making judgments using data is simple.

3. SpyFu

SpyFu is a fantastic PPC tool for getting down to the details. Besides, it's quite user-friendly. It offers consumers an in-depth understanding of the level of competition in any given industry, the most profitable keywords, and their costs. Choosing where to concentrate your efforts has also significantly benefited by comparing various marketplaces.
SpyFu Key Features:
  • The star of SpyFu is its ad history function. You will be able to examine not just what your rivals are doing but also what they have already done and how those campaigns fared.
  • It provides information on everything from expected monthly clicks and precise ad budgets to the phrases with the highest CPC or the most clicks.
  • Moreover, SpyFu is among the top PPC platforms for campaign advice.

4. Visual Website Optimizer

This landing page optimization tool, also known as VWO, makes A/B testing a little bit simpler and more efficient by producing various landing pages without coding.

Giving customers the option to select from various testing campaigns and modify and add test criteria for more in-depth results gives businesses the flexibility to build and implement their own brand of A/B testing.

Visual Website Optimizer Key Features:

  • Multivariate testing is simple with a user interface as simple as VWO's. Testing an infinite number of page elements is essentially A/B testing on a larger scale. Moreover, give each version its own unique Javascript or CSS.
  • VWO's heatmaps are also very powerful for those who prefer visually seeing things. Analyze the precise scrolling patterns of your site's visitors and see where they stop scrolling and how interested they are in each part.
  • Similarly, the tool's click maps show where visitors are clicking on your website. Use this to determine which buttons must be highlighted or whether particular aspects must be made simpler.

5. Google Trends

Did you know that Google Trends, one of the most used PPC tools on this list and a dependable resource for marketers everywhere, is? Any PPC management services company will recognize its position.

You can check Google Trends, an internet search engine, to see how frequently a given keyword has been searched during a given time frame. A graph of the search index volume shows the outcomes. You can see the relative level of interest in a certain keyword from this. Also, you may evaluate how popular various keywords are.

Google Trends Key Features:

  • Due to its ability to thoroughly comprehend user interest in themes and phrases, Google Trends gives you a slight planning advantage.
  • Locate popular subjects, questions, and user journeys using search volume information. Moreover, use the Similar Subject option of the application to expand your source of ideas.

6. Unbounce

Building landing pages that convert for your clients is more accessible with the conversion intelligence platform Unbounce. Smart Builder is the first essential component. Without coding experience, you can quickly construct professional landing pages with the drag-and-drop builder. The builder also draws data from billions of conversions to provide information about whether your headline copy or style will be compelling.

With Smart Copy, an AI-powered copywriting tool that uses cues you supply about your client and goals to construct your landing page text, you can create and reuse templates for various clients.

Unbounce Key Features:

  • Unbounce earns its namesake moniker through the elegance of its landing pages, which includes its best-in-class drag-and-drop editor, cool popups, and sticky bars. It has more than 100 stylish templates with numerous conversion best practices built in.
  • In addition, you have many in-app connectivity possibilities and flexibility for any telephone page.
  • The tool provides simple A/B testing, snappy AMP landing pages that let you change the text on your website and conduct split tests without touching the page's source code, and dynamic test replacement.

7. Google Ads Editor

A free ad creation and editing tool is Google AdWords Editor. It enables you to work on several Google AdWords marketing campaigns across many online and offline accounts. With the aid of the editor, you can manage advertising campaigns and make mass adjustments to keyword bids.

The editor integrates with Google Ads, which enables users to designate a bid strategy to campaigns specifically for the Google Bid strategy and allocate it to those campaigns. You must first create one to administer a Google AdWords campaign with the Ads Editor.

Google Ads Editor Key Features:

  • You may make adjustments to all of your accounts from a single dashboard. You can search and replace text along with undo and redo the required changes.
  • Make rapid adjustments to all of your accounts at once. With Good Ads Editor, you can make necessary changes, rearrange objects, search and replace text, and redo the changes seamlessly.
  • Sharing your work with coworkers is simple with this software solution. File import and export are simple.

8. Hotjar

When it comes to deeply personalizing your understanding of your users, Hotjar excels. It provides you with all you need to treat them well and encourage their loyalty. Hotjar enables you to go beyond traditional web analytics and better understand how online visitors interact with your website.

Hotjar lets you visualize user behavior with Heatmaps and record user interactions to sort through subsequently.

Hotjar Key Features:

  • Direct feedback from your visitors is the perfect icing on the PPC cake. Data and A/B testing are essential components of PPC. This is made simple by the tool's built-in Hotjars Polls and Surveys capability.
  • Session recording is another feature offered by Hotjar; the base plan offers 100 recordings with the option to retain 300 for a year.
  • After your PPC ad has done its initial task of attracting your audience's attention and clicks, a Rage Click Tracking filter helps ensure that the audience enjoys their time on your site. It determines the areas where customers are having trouble and provides the finest PPC services.

9. SEMrush

A group of SEO and PPC tools is included with SEMrush. The keyword research tool is excellent for learning about the PPC performance of your rivals. PPC may benefit significantly from SEO tools, primarily the SEO keyword research tool.

They include keyword suggestions, search volume, and the typical CPC for a specific area. Marketers can use this to gain valuable insights into their rivals' promotional tactics.

SEMrush Key Features:

  • Remove competing keywords and set match types to assist with keyword research analysis.
  • Examine rivals' PPC expenditures to help you develop fresh advertising concepts.
  • Details the advertisement copy used by rivals.

10. Mixpanel

A program for analysis is called Mixpanel. It helps users integrate and comprehend all of its data to produce analytics. The process then employs data analysis to produce reports. Mixpanel is jam-packed with features designed to promote product engagement and boost customer retention.

Reports include insights, funnel, and retention reports, for instance. It streamlines the sales process by establishing cohorts, examining the most common user flows, and designing funnels. It provides three options: conversions, engagements, and retention.

Mixpanel Key Features:

  • Mixpanel provides event tracking compared to other platforms focusing on page views (user actions). It makes determining each account's health easily.
  • Also the tool's visual metric analysis is working hard for visual learners in this area. Real-time, simple-to-understand data are displayed.
  • Also, Mixpanel makes it simple to communicate with your users via email and in-app notifications.


You have it now! We hope you have decided on a PPC management firm by now. If you work as a large organization or agency marketer, you may select an enterprise program with all the required management capabilities in one package.

You may only want to use the less expensive options on this list if you're a freelancer or part of a startup. If you don't want to get into any hassle, you can simply contact a reliable PPC management services company like AIS Technolabs. We are a trusted PPC company in India and all over the globe. AIS Technolabs has successfully delivered client-oriented solutions in more than 36 countries.


PPC software solutions assist marketers with ad optimization by providing information on rivals, keywords, and targeting. Advertisers may increase the number of conversions from their advertising and increase the return on their marketing investment in this way.

Offering best-in-class landing page optimization are VWO and Unbounce.

Great stats and insights are free via Google Keyword Planner and Google Analytics.

The most widely used PPC advertising platform across the world is Google Adwords.
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