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CEO at AIS Technolabs

Sunny Chawla is a CEO at AIS Technolabs which is a Web/App Design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. He is having expertise in Digital Marketing, Game Development & Product Development.

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Quick Summary

Node.js is an open-source, backend JavaScript runtime environment running on the Google Chrome V8 engine, which performs JavaScript code outside the web browser. The node.js technology was first introduced by Ryan Dahl in 2009 at the European JSConf, which gained significant popularity. It allows developers to write commands and server-side scripting using JavaScript.

Node.js web development is used by programmers for the conversion of JavaScript into computer codes. It is a full-stack web development service separating tasks into different "nodes". The node.js web development company offers various tools for creating real-time network applications. It has become a popular and scalable software for web development.

Pros And Cons of Node.js Development Services

Node.js is crucial for creating a good product using the proper technique with the leading JavaScript programming language. However, there are many advantages and disadvantages associated with Node.js development services.

Pros Of Using Node.js Development

The advantages of using Node.js are huge. Some of the crucial advantages of Node.js development are listed below.
Renders High Performance For Real-Time Applications

Renders High Performance For Real-Time Applications

With the help of Node.js web development services, you can build applications that work with higher efficiency. The web applications developed from Node offer multi-tasking to the users. It performs non-blocking input-output operations for high-speed performance. The codes enhance the runtime environment of applications that are operated in Google V8 JavaScript.

Node.js is written in C++, and it converts JavaScript into machine codes for gaining better speed and efficiency. It has a single-threaded, event-driven architecture process that does not affect the functionality of RAM. The V8 suite from Google enables Node.js to perform faster with more security and scalability.

Offers Scalability For Applications

A Node.js development company is constantly growing and gaining popularity among users as a highly scalable solution for modern applications. It is a lightweight technology tool but offers great microservices that separate the application into small parts. The use of microservices makes it easier to define tasks. It distributes them effortlessly to users for faster development, deployment, and application maintenance.

Node.js cross-platform promotes load balancing, which makes it easier to deliver desired outputs through small modules without hampering the RAM process. The non-blocking event loop feature in Node.js allows users to work on servers hassle-free. The applications run smoothly and seamlessly without the requirement of any additional software.

Cost-Effective With Full-Stack Javascript

A Node.js app development company lets the developers write codes in the frontend as well as backend development program in a seamless manner. It enables the developers to write server-side codes in JavaScript. The full-stack JavaScript in node.js doesn't let users hire distinct creators for frontend and backend development. Hence, the method is cost-effective in overall application development.

The usage of Node.js makes the web development process faster without any quality issues. This feature tops as one of the biggest advantages of node.js, which saves time, cost, and energy for users of both parties in their application development process.

Easy To Learn

Javascript is the most popular, extensively used programming language in the community of developers. It is becoming easier day by day to learn and adapt to the features of Node.js in application development. A Node.js application development company has made it possible for developers to write or encrypt codes within less time.

Javascript is a universal programming language offering frontend development features. The developers are getting acquainted with the latest features of Javascript, which consume less time and effort for them to work with Node.js. The developers also don't have to write many codes for the application development. The developers who are pros at handling frontend development can easily use Node.js for the backend.

Helps To Build Cross-Functional Teams

Node.js solutions offer full-stack development options that help create an eligible team that focuses on application development. A Node.js development company in India offers custom software, mobile, and eCommerce development services. When two different teams are employed for the completion of app development as well as quality testing, they are confined to only one source of expertise.

This problem could create huge communication gaps between developers, and there could be other problems related to the project development. Hence, using node.js for app development yields higher productivity and lets users settle challenges through trouble-shooting. It lessens the burden on users.

Meets Customized Requirements

Node.js offers extensibility to meet the customized requirements of the users. You can extend it by using an in-built API for the development of HTTP and DNS servers. It also leverages JSON data format, which allows the exchange of data between clients and servers very easily. Any Node.js web development company in India lets its developers offer extensibility for evolving the users' business.

When it comes to increasing the user base or industry dimensions, node.js comes as the real savior. Node.js is generally preferred for the development of customized web applications. One of the leading organizations, PayPal, experienced a much faster response after using Node.js and JavaScript.

Cons Of Using Node.js Development

Apart from the various advantages, there are a few disadvantages of using Node.js development services, as stated below.
Inability To Process CPU-bound Tasks

Inability To Process CPU-bound Tasks

Node.js is single-threaded as it uses JavaScript. The non-blocking input/output prototype uses an event loop for asynchronous processing threads. However, this tends to work until Node.js receives a CPU-bound task. A Node.js web development company then prioritizes the heavy CPU-bound tasks that slow down the processor. Hence, many developers have concluded Node.js is not ideal for hefty computational tasks.

Node.js can perform single thread basis tasks using JavaScript, but the problem arises when CPU-bound tasks come up. The process is slow because Node.js first processes the heavy tasks and then answers other requests.

Poor Quality Tools

Node.js modules are much more sophisticated and advanced. However, particular tools in the NPM registry are of poor quality. NPM tool is also not well-structured to provide the required tools having quality and rating.

The quality of Node.js tools is determined by various contributors. Certain tools lack quality and high coding standards. The NPM register has many tools which are not tested properly and don't have valid documentation. So, it becomes tough to find the best tools for customers.

Unstable API

One of the major disadvantages of Node.js reported by users is frequently changing APIs, which are backward-incompatible. This incompatibility leads to changes in coding. This instability in the latest version of Node.js leads to forceful changes in access codes to match in synchronization with the API.

Some JavaScript code bases are not compatible with the older versions of Node.js. So, the Node.js developers make necessary changes in the code to ensure that the API changes are consistent with the latest version of Node.js.


The benefits of Node.js development services are essential in comparison to the disadvantages. Node.js uses an extended version of the JavaScript application, which can be used in the frontend and backend development.

So, if you want to gain access to the full benefits of the Node.js technology, then it's necessary to hire a top Node.js development company in the USA for building your web application.
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