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Sunny Chawla

CEO at AIS Technolabs

Sunny Chawla is a CEO at AIS Technolabs which is a Web/App Design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. He is having expertise in Digital Marketing, Game Development & Product Development.

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 Enterprise App Development

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Many emerging start-ups and enterprises are developing their applications and website for customer acquisition and improving their market position. Javascript is the most popular and compatible programming language the developers use for enterprise and start-up applications development. Though JavaScript is used for front-end development.

NodeJS is one such program used on a large scale for enterprise and start-up application development. According to a recent survey, around 43 percent of enterprises prefer to use NodeJs development for the application development process. It is an asynchronous method to perform various tasks in application development and attains a massive collection of libraries. It achieves high-end compatibility with Javascript, which uses a unified code among the server and client.
Nodejs overview

Nodejs: An Overview

NodeJS is one of the popular application development programs which simplifies the website and application development process. Presently many small to large scale businesses use the NodeJS web development to improve the web and app back-end performance with a single code. Using NodeJS, you can write the coding in Javascript codes with flexible accessibility with an outside browser.

It functions on the I/O model, which attains asynchronous and non-blocking attributes. It empowers both way communication between the client and server. It is why many big names and companies prefer NodeJS web development. According to the reports, 85 percent of companies use it to develop web applications to increase customer traffic. You can get the top-performing enterprise app with AIS Technolabs.
nodejs for enterprise apps

Reasons To Use Nodejs For Enterprise App Development:

There are several reasons why companies use it for enterprise app development. According to recent reports, NodeJS is emerging as a popular and efficient programming language, as in the US, 6.3 million websites use NodeJS. Hence, there are some specific reasons why developers prefer and use NodeJS development for web and apps. Here are some of the primary reasons listed. Let us have a look:

1. Real-Time Application:

The web and mobile apps have become a significant part of communication and interaction. Hence
NodeJS development services provide a real-time communication channel for web and mobile app development. The enterprise app with NodeJS facilitates chats, tracking, and collaboration tools for updated performance within the app and web. The synchronization and procedure of NodeJS are pretty fast and streamlined while interacting with clients and servers. It improves multi-user usage with scalable and sustainable software development. It prevents the overloading of HTTP and works with high-end compatibility on TCP. Our developers at AIS Techolabs help you with enterprise app development with real-time tracking and interaction.

2. Top-Notch Compatibility With Java:

NodeJS application development marks comfortable compatibility with Javascript. Though Javascript is used for front-end development, using NodeJS for the back-end will provide powerful processing and an engaging user interface. At the same time, NodeJS app development uses a single code on both sides, which increases the flexibility to use the app with accurate front-end and back-end synchronization. It elevates the productivity and capability for reprocessing and sharing codes for smooth and advanced exchange of information within the group. Hence if the developer knows Javascript can develop the enterprise app as a full stack developer.

3. Cutting Edge Performance And Scalability:

NodeJS is built on the Chrome V8 engine powered by Google, which improves the processing and performance of the application. The chrome V8 engine enables the node on the server-side for a runtime environment that blends with Javascript, rapidly executing the code. NodeJS developer uses it because of its event loop, enabling non-blocking, multi-user accessibility, and an asynchronous application. Thus, it provides you with a highly scalable and performing enterprise application.

4. Rich Modules Support NPM:

Many other programming languages, like NodeJS, offer a rich package module for app development. When the developer installs the NodeJS program, i.e., NPM (Node Package Manager), the complete package of library and solution are available for installation. Plenty of Javascript libraries and tools are also available for installation through NPM. These modules have specific features to create code from scratch, thus decreasing the complexity of application development and simplifying the code development procedure with easy installation. Node.js development companies like AIS Technolabs work with powerful tools and high-end codes for upgraded enterprise app development.

5. Unified Code Database:

NodeJS application development is also an efficient back-end programming language as it uses a single code for the server and client-side database. Such encoding is easy to use, synchronize and send. The source code through NodeJS development is transparent and flexible as it uses a similar Javascript on both sides. Using single and unified code for both ends elevates productivity and saves the developer's maximum time and effort.

6. Improved Data Streaming:

NodeJS works with the top-notch I/O processing method, and collecting streams are quite similar to collecting data. Hence, users with a high-end I/O processor can transcode the media files and stream them comfortably through the processor. Data streaming requires gathering data and synchronizing it in an array form data structure. NodeJS uses four major data streams, writing, reading, transforming and duplex. In NodeJS development services, the developer works with real-time video and audio. Still, the data streams enable the app to consume less memory with fast processing and massive data storage.

7. Compatible To Build Microservices:

Microservices refer to the breakdown of the application into independent and isolated services. NodeJS application development used in a microservice architecture is quite advantageous because of its scalable and lightweight infrastructure. Easy fixing and adding new aspects to the existing architecture are easy with NodeJS. Hence, this architecture can be developed, managed, tested, and operated independently with code using functions with reduced development time and cost.

8. Robust Commercial Support:

Many emerging NodeJS web development companies are backed by big brands and organizations' powerful corporate and commercial support. Companies like IBM, PayPal, and Microsoft intend to create the core tools of NodeJS. With the association of big brands and corporate support, NodeJS application development is widely adopted for enterprise app development to increase productivity and performance.


NodeJS is an integral element in the software programming stack for Nodejs app developers. Many start-ups and enterprises are upscaling their performance on the global platform with NOde.js. A survey report states that in 2018, 47 percent of NodeJS developers focused on enterprise app development with upgraded tools and techniques. This data is growing fast, which results in plenty of top-performing enterprise apps. NodeJS represents the futuristic projection for growing data of start-ups and enterprise app development data with its upscaling statistics and performance globally.

For the latest technology and high-end enterprise app development, contact AIS Technolabs. We will help you develop the upscaling and high performing application with NodeJS technology.
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