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Top 10 reasons businesses benefit from android app development

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Android applications have been playing a significant role in fostering the growth of businesses of all kinds. The benefits of the Android OS are numerous, and this blog shall discuss the top reasons you should choose Android app development for your business. Android is the most widely used platform for app development.


There is no doubt that the mobile app industry has grown at an insanely fast rate in the past years. For all the businesses and companies, whether start-ups or recognized enterprises, it is crucial to understand why they need to ponder over the Android app’s development if they desire to succeed in today’s digital era. Investing in these applications that have business-friendly features shall help your business earn profits in the long run.
What is android app development

What is Android app development?

Android application development is the method of creating applications for devices that work on the Android operating system. Google often tells us that their Android applications can be written in Java, C++ and Kotlin languages with the help of an Android software development kit that is SDK and using other languages. All non-Java virtual machine languages or JVM like JavaScript, C, Go, C++, or assembly require aid from JVM language code that is powered by tools Often restricted with API support. Some programming tools and languages support cross-platform development, development environments, third-party tools and language support have also expanded since 2008 when the first SDK was released. The primary Android app distribution system for the users is Google play. It offers staged and gradual app releases along with the distribution of pre-release application versions for testers.
10 reasons why companies must use android app development

10 reasons why companies must use Android app development

Android is the most favored platform for app developers looking forward to expanding their reach into international markets. Android is a platform that is most widely used for developing apps by Android app development companies in growing countries such as India. India has 1.4 billion Android users and the number is continuously increasing. With Android app development services, you can easily make your reach to vital international markets.

High visibility

Nowadays, Indians spend a considerable amount of time on their smartphones. Most of them spend more than two hours a day on their phones, which includes app usage. If you need to increase your reach to the users, you must step into the mobile market. The best way of doing this is by creating your Android app. Your customers shall consider your company whenever you have an app for your website.

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A direct marketing channel gets created

The Android app development agencies are also helpful to create a channel that has a possibility for direct marketing. When users download the apps on their smartphones, the companies have a marketing channel every time they initiate the data. With the help of your app, you can reach your customers for booking forms, prices, news feeds, General info, messenger, etc.

Providing more value to customers

A business has various pros when it steps into the digital arena; first of all, it can reach its customers directly. Using Android mobile app development services, you can build apps that provide more value and benefit customers. For instance, suppose you have an application that has a specialty in books in various categories. For those who are your loyal customers, you may offer discounts and loyalty coupons to keep using your app continuously. This shall help you in earning more revenue along with downloads.

Builds a brand

Whether it is iOS app development or Android app development, building a brand is only possible when you have an app for your business. If you have been running your business for years in the physical arena, then an application can help it reach out to more customers and make a brand name that people rely upon.

Android app development services are an excellent way for companies to earn the hearts and attention of users for building brand loyalty. Even big brands face difficulties in maintaining brand loyalty in this digital arena.

Opportunities for innovation

Android is a platform that brings up new trends and ideas each year. The needs of users, technologies and devices they use for interacting with businesses keep on changing regularly.

You may face these challenges with the help of the right tools and battle-tested tools and technologies. Android platform offers the best in class policies along with app development. This enables developers of a custom mobile app development company for experimenting and brings up new ideas.

BYOD preference for Android apps

It can be seen that Android app development plays a vital role in the building of enterprise apps when compared to other platforms in the market. Hence, it is advisable that Android must be used as a platform for enterprise app development by companies who wish to implement a “Bring Your Device” policy that is BYOD. This is because it can be downloaded on multiple devices and is accessible to all levels of income.

Open source and affordable

The SDK of Android can be downloaded at a meager cost. This helps in reducing the cost of licensing for software. The platform has been designed for enabling users to integrate multimedia tools easily along with data management functions. You can also provide updates regularly with no problems. These tools also help in quickly recovering the development costs and gaining fast profits.

Different from your competitors

If your company is a business at a small scale that competes with other small companies, an app lets you make a difference and stand out from the rest. Having an application for your company can be the initial step towards an exciting future for your business.

Few compatibility issues and complications

Since the mobile apps are designed on a custom basis for fulfilling the needs of the end-users, they are straightforward to use and are compatible with old business software. Since no complex and irrelevant operations are involved, it is clear to get trained for this.

Hire business security

Android apps are well known for their enhanced security. Applications that are created for one company must be unique and not available for other companies. Therefore the business security risks are much lower when compared to third-party applications.
Why choose ais technolabs for android app development

Why choose AIS Technolabs for Android app development?

The above discussion might have enlightened you about the benefits and advantages of Android app development. By now, you might have decided whether to go for Android app development or not for your business. The way we have removed your confusion about Android app development, we are here to solve the problem of choosing the right Android app development agency for you.

At AIS, we assure you that we provide best in class Android app development services, which are made possible by the team of our experienced and expert developers. Choose us for developing the app for your business and watch your business reaching heights.


So if you desire to launch a very successful Android application, you must keep up with the dynamics of the mobile industry and know more about the benefits of an Android mobile app. We hope that the benefits discussed in this blog shall help you better understand the need for Android app development services and choose the right for your business.

Want to get a competitive edge over other companies? Get in touch with us, and our experts shall help you to choose the best options for you according to your needs.
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