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Learning iOS development has become a new craze in the youth of today. With the gain in popularity of Apple iPhones and more and more user fascinated to purchase iPhone, iOS Apps are actually in demand. An iOS App gives more power and more control to the user for the ease and simplicity of their use.

With the increase in iphone application development, there is an obvious increase in the talent who know how to execute the task. Although, learning iOS App development is not easy, it requires time and effort and a firm-hold on technology, but, there are resources through which one can learn it and even master the art of making iOS Apps.

Few of the most reliable resources are mentioned below:

1. Apple Documentation

Apple documentation itself! It is outstanding in quality and it gives a detailed documentation on the iOS programming language. In case you are a newbie, then this is the perfect resource for you. With this, you will also get a chance to get familiar with all accompanying tools and official swift documentation offered by Apple for iphone application development.

2. Stanford iTunes video course

If you are someone who prefers a video over textual tutorials, this is a good option to choose from several others. It will take you on a tour from the beginning and will detail on iOS overview and other basics like Xcode, MVC pattern and of course, Swift. It guides you on advanced tools and protocols necessary to develop iOS App. It is free and Stanford is a reliable University.

3. AppCoda

It is a far more convenient option for those who wants to go slow but still want to learn iOS App development services. It has complete tutorials and a stepwise guide on how to develop iOS App. It gives you knowledge about making App for Apple watches, In-App purchases, widgets and language tips and tricks to develop iOS App. It is perfect for beginners and better than many of its counterparts.

4. Coding Explorer

It’s a blog! Yes, this is a great blog for learning iOS development, especially Swift. You will get an opportunity to learn with the author himself, as he too is the learning stage. The best thing about the blog is it is new, fresh and very much updated. You can also add it to your RSS feed.

5. ManiacDev

It is a well--known website in the field of iphone application development and a popular choice among the developer community. It is not only a preferred choice for its tutorials and courses, but also for the links that it provides to the new open source libraries, useful tools and UI controls. It is quite updated and the content that it offers is exceptional.

6. Tutorials Point

Want to learn iOS App development category-wise ? Then by landing on Tutorial Point, you have landed in the right place. It offers tutorials on specific categories like accelerator, camera management, storyboarding and location handling, etc. It offers tutorials which are simple to understand and the content is outstanding.

7. Youtube

Why to look for other websites and tutorials if we have our own sweet Youtube that offers practical guides and tutorials all at one place. Simply access Youtube and search for various options for iphone application development tutorials or beginners guide, and you will get a host of search results to choose from. As always, YouTube has heard of content related to a specific topic, all you need is to choose that suits your requirement and you find easy to understand.

8. Udemy

A content-rich website, Udemy is popular among the community of ios app developers who want a reliable source even if for a nominal amount. It offers all types of tutorials for learning iOS App development, from the basic to the advanced version. Udemy has always been well-known for its diverse content and knowledge that it imparts to the beginner’s and newbie, it makes you an expert in your chosen field.

9. Coursera

Build your skills in iOS App development and increase your chance of a good career. With Coursera, you can be sure of learning the iOS App development from various well-known Universities of the world and you will get certified for this too.

There are other resources through which you can learn iOS App development, important is what you are exactly looking for and how much time you have. Choose wisely from the options available and make a career in iphone application development within a short span of time.

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