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Joomla is a popular platform for building websites of different types. The popularity of Joomla development is increasing at a fast pace, and this has brought numerous contributors to it from all around the world. As a result, Joomla has become an excellent website development platform offering a unique face to each process.

In this post, we will share with you the different faces of Joomla, which highlight the various potentials this platform has. But before that, let us learn a little more about Joomla!

What is Joomla?

Joomla is an open-source CMS available for free download and use. Joomla is highly convenient to use with its model-view-controller or MVC framework. It allows customization of extensions and modules because of its in-built PHP programming language and object-oriented programming style.

But do you know that Joomla is not just a powerful Content Management System; it has a lot more to offer! So, let’s closely view what this platform has for you.

Joomla as an Open-Source Software

The Joomla development service is available for absolutely free. It is an excellent open-source software surrounded by a comprehensive ecosystem of designers, support personnel, integrators, developers, copywriters, system administrators, and other technical experts.

You enjoy thousands of hours of development time and skilful efficiency from programmers worldwide. Being open-source means, you can change webmasters without rebuilding your entire website. Joomla gives much-needed flexibility to manage your website.

Joomla as Content Management System

Joomla is a unique content management system. It is incredibly flexible and highly intuitive. With its low learning curve and user-friendliness, you can gain a significant level of customization. With the new version of Joomla, you can use the admin panel, and it is possible to make editing and changes quickly.

Adding new content to this platform is even simple, and users can edit their website content without disturbing the entire website. Whenever you log in to Joomla, you will see a small icon appearing on your website, which means you can now make edits to your website as per your choice.

Joomla for SEO Optimization

If you are looking for out-of-the-box and powerful SEO tools all in one place, Joomla is perfect for you. It is loaded with rich SEO capabilities and helps you with SEO keywords, Metadata, rewrite support for SEF URLs, consistent and clear sitemaps, menu creation, etc.

Whenever you create a menu or article item, it automatically generates the default PHP string that links to specific pages, which are both search engine and user-friendly. Each item you develop has its meta description, robot settings, and keywords. It enables you to customize the SEO settings for content and offer optimal searchability and availability. With such features, you can bring the critical parts of your website to the notice of search engine crawlers and gain an edge over the others.

Joomla Grows Organically with Your Needs

The stable extensibility and core of Joomla let your application and website pace as per your business. It facilitates significant support to your company and turns simple business into a flourishing Fortune 500-worthy organization.

In Joomla development, you can add and scale up the existing features with a quick turnaround. It is a great platform that precisely serves your complex needs. It is integrated with ACL or Access Control List that defines granular access right for various users.

You can create a multilingual website and integrate a solid code base and documented API in Joomla. With the use of modern techniques, you can expect a stable development. Even you can manipulate the output conveniently and enjoy smooth updates.

Joomla for Ecommerce Website Development

Joomla facilitates numerous eCommerce solution that allows building rich eCommerce website development. There are various extensions available that are easy to configure, use, and install.

Some popular extensions for eCommerce development offered by Joomla are:

Hika Shop

This eCommerce extension is flexible and simple and lets you create a similar eCommerce website.


It is a popular Joomla extension that is free and open-source. This extension is free and free from risks. It lets you develop versatile eCommerce platforms.

Joomla as an Excellent Design Software

The availability of numerous unique design templates and features make it an apt solution for developing eye-striking websites and apps. Some of the unique design features of Joomla are:

  • Template override – It allows to gain impeccable custom designs.
  • Template assignment – It assigns specific templates to particular pages.
  • Jlayouts – It lets you render HTML from numerous data.
  • Do more with Less – It features LESS CSS.
  • Create your own – You can create your exclusive template.
  • Responsive – It utilizes Bootstrap for adequate responsive designs

Joomla for PHP Application Development

Joomla is a lightweight and stable PHP framework that lets you write command lines and web applications in PHP. It is an adaptable framework that can be adjusted as per your needs. The framework and CMS have no interconnection, and you don’t have to install the CMS if you wish to use this framework.

Joomla for High-Security Website and App Development

It comes with a codebase design and built-in features with two-factor authentication. There is an extensive access control level, which is dedicated to the strike team. That means you always stay ahead of the curve and hold a reputation for releasing patches. This way, your website or app is protected from wide exploitation.

Joomla for Third-Party Extensions and Customizations

Thousands of third-party extensions are conveniently available on the Joomla Extensions directory. The directory includes numerous high-quality templates, most of which are free.

It also includes paid templates, which come with rich support. Most templates come with a graphical user interface that lets you alter layouts, fonts, features, and colours without altering the line of code.

The overrides and layout system are integrated with extendable functions, which make it convenient to create customized services such as:

  • Language overrides
  • Custom layouts
  • Custom CSS
  • Template overrides

Joomla for Multilingual Content Management

Multilingual is made easy with Joomla. It comes with 70 translation packs available for out-of-the-box and core support for language associations and CMS management. You can easily create multilingual apps and websites with Joomla through a straightforward process. With this feature, you can target a wide range of audiences with a different dialects.

Joomla for Blog Publishing

One good thing about Joomla is that you don’t need extensive HTML, PHP, or CSS knowledge to create websites or publish blog posts. Using this for blog publishing is one of the simplest tasks you will ever do. It is because you must copy-paste the content and enter the ‘publish’ button.

One good thing about Joomla is that you don’t need extensive HTML, PHP, or CSS knowledge to create websites or publish blog posts. Using this for blog publishing is one of the simplest tasks you will ever do. It is because you must copy-paste the content and enter the ‘publish’ button.

Joomla for Flexible App and Site Development

There are more than 800 Joomla extensions available. These extensions give you limitless opportunities to create interactive and functional websites. You can even incorporate social media widgets onto your website using one of the extensions. Joomla extensions are also available for creating customizable forms so that you can focus on your customer feedback.

Joomla extensions are divided into many categories: editing, social, site management, communication, living, and marketing. There is a separate label and rating for every extension. You can check the rating to know whether it is helpful for you or not. The basic review categories are ease of use, support, documentation, and functionality.

Get Your Joomla Website Developed by the Experts

Joomla provides you with innumerable possibilities. You can use it to build various kinds of websites and platforms. But to get the best from this platform, you need to hire a renowned Joomla development company.

AIS Technolabs is a reputed Joomla web development company that offers easy and simple development. We offer robust Joomla development at affordable rates. Reach us to know more.
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