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11 Unique Tips For Hiring PHP Development Company


PHP is a helpful language for website development. It is a server-side scripting language. It is fixed with HTML web pages. PHP files can store text, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and PHP code.But this information is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot that PHP web development process requires before coming into the shape of a website.

PHP development is a tricky task. So it is vital to hire an experienced development company. However, there are several things that you need to figure out before hiring a PHP development firm. Because all the firms in the market promise to deliver quality services but they don’t do the work properly.

To make the process easy for you, we are sharing a few tips. Keep them in mind while evaluating terms with PHP development services.

11 Things to Evaluate Before Choosing a PHP Web Development Company

11 Things to Evaluate Before Choosing a PHP Web Development Company

There are numerous PHP development companies serving in the market. But if you need quality services, then you will have to be cautious when choosing them for your PHP web development project. Consider these 11 points before signing the deal with anyone. They will save you from hiring a cheap and unauthorised company.

Conduct an Extensive Research

You should do some research and shortlist a few companies that match your requirements. For shortlisting, search on the internet, visit company websites, speak to your circle, try to take references, and then prepare the list. Collect their contact information and speak to each one of them. A direct conversation on the call will reveal enough about the company.

Read Their Portfolio

Ask the companies to submit their portfolios. Then read each portfolio carefully. Analyse their previous projects and the technology involved in them. Prioritise those firms that have prior experience working on similar projects or technology. Putting it in line, they should have prior experience in handling PHP web development projects. Do not select a company that has never worked on similar projects. They may take more time to finish the project.

Check Their Market Reputation

Read their reviews and ratings, and speak to their previous customers. If possible, initiate a conversation with the people who have written a long review about the company. They will surely tell you more about them. Do not skip market research. It is an important task because many fraud companies in the market loot people and deliver low-quality work. Sometimes, they take the advance and disappear in thin air. Checking their marketing reputation will help you avoid such fraudsters. Your project will reach in the hands of a responsible PHP development firm

Examine Their Company Website

A company website is a place where you can find enough information about the firm. So check their official website keenly and see how professional it looks. See the website’s design, functionality, SEO, features, content, graphics, website loading speed, and navigation.

Also, examine these factors- Do they have any unique quality that makes their website different from others? Are they using the latest technology? Is the user-interface innovative? If you find something new and creative then it’s an advantage for you. Schedule a call with the selected company to discuss the project if they meet the selection criteria. Ask for price quotation and project strategy. Then evaluate other important terms

Budget and Quality Services

Compare their charges with the other companies present in the market. Also, check their service quality. Walk away if they are charging more and serving less than others. Brief your requirements if they provide quality services at a reasonable rate. Avoid going for those who are charging very less than others. They could be a fraud.


Customization is necessary to make your website unique and creative. You will need to add plugins and extra features to your PHP web development project. Make sure your company is giving the service. In absence of customization, you will have to stick to a pre-designed template in which you won’t be able to change anything

Technical Skills

Web development is a technical task. Before finalising, discuss the project strategy and how they will execute your project. You need to know how well developers work with their clients. What technology, tools, and frameworks do they use while developing PHP websites? Ask these questions to know more about their technical capabilities

Communication Skills and Ability to Make Decisions

Client handling is a crucial factor of outsourcing. Web development companies know this fact; therefore, they prioritise effective communication. Moreover, a development project involves crucial decisions like project design, coding, frameworks, language, etc. Your company should be an excellent communicator. The hired team should have the ability to make the right decisions at the right time

Required Technical Sources

There are many organisations out there in the market that will take your project without having enough resources to finish it. You will come to know about it after investing a substantial amount. Be aware of such scams! Discuss everything before signing the deal. Also, ask about the required sources to complete the project.


Deadline is another crucial factor in the recruiting process. After all, you don’t want to stay stuck to a single project forever. Give them a reasonable deadline and ask them to deliver it on time. Check their reputation to see if they deliver it on time or not.

In the end, sign an official contract stating all the terms of the project if your selected PHP development firm is meeting the criteria. Do not compromise with quality and stay alert. Also, take daily reports and stay in touch with them. Your project is your responsibility so you are bound to be careful.

Support & Maintenance

Web development projects need continuous technical support and maintenance. Without support, your website won’t run efficiently. You will need a developer’s help to remove bugs, errors, and other technical issues from the website. So hire a company that provides good support and maintenance even after completing the project. They should offer proactive communication through calls and other communication modes

Why You Should Hire AIS Technolabs for your PHP Development Project?

AIS Technolabs is a PHP web development in India. Since our launching, we have been catering to the needs of our clients and enterprises. We are a team of professionals with web designers and developers leading the team. Our team specialises in creating PHP-based websites and applications. We use the latest frames, tools, and technology in PHP web development.

We have a close working relationship with our clients as we provide support and maintenance services even after delivering the project. Sometimes, we address our clients’ doubts without charging them anything. Money is not our prime goal but customer satisfaction is. Moreover, our team is open to new ideas, suggestions and feedback be it negative or positive. This open-minded approach helps us generate innovative solutions for our clients.

Due to these reasons, AIS Technolabs is considered the best company among other functioning PHP development services. We follow industry best practices in everything we do and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our work and services. You can reach out to us for any PHP development project. We’d love to serve you.


There are several benefits of outsourcing your project to a PHP development firm. The very first benefit is on-time delivery. If you build and develop a website, you will have to spend a substantial amount of time. But development firms can create your website within the decided time frame.

Moreover, they have an experienced programmers and developers team who are skilled enough to handle your project. If you have no development knowledge, these firms will take everything into their hands. They will address your queries and doubts. All you need to do is hire a reliable firm for your PHP project. Consider the above-mentioned points before putting things on paper. These terms will guide you properly.

You can consult AIS Technolabs for the task. It is a reliable and responsible development company and has been providing PHP development services for over a decade.
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