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Considering the fact that there are over 690 different programming languages meant for developing mobile apps today, it can get pretty confusing for budding coders to shortlist the ones with maximum potential of developing their careers in.

The mobile app programming language you choose can have a significant impact on the overall app development process and you can make the entire task extremely easy for you by going with the right one. Mastering such an app in the initial part of your career can also land you a job with a big software company.

Needless to say that every application that you see in Google Play Store and Apple Store has some programming language behind it. We have used all kinds of coding languages and have shortlisted the 4 that are most commonly used in the app development world today In fact, some of the most well-known mobile online casinos have been developed using programming languages like these.


The undisputed leader of mobile app development languages, Java is primarily used for developing Android apps, back-end web frameworks and desktop applications, making it the ideal mobile platform you can choose for app development. The language makes use of JVM (Java Virtual Machine) that makes it compatible with every system configuration. A great multitude of organisations go with Java as it is extremely flexible and versatile, enabling engineers to quickly develop error free mobile apps. As it has established itself as the most preferred mobile app development language over the years, Java also has a huge following across the Internet world, with big Java communities helping users whenever they get stick with some Java-related problems.


The C++ programming language allows for low-level memory manipulation and offers object oriented programming that was missing in its predecessor. Talking about its application in development of mobile apps, C++ has been doing extremely well in this department as it allows for cross-platform mobile apps owing to its solid environment and consolidated debugging experience. You can use C++ for designing and building amazing applications for iOS, Android and Windows platforms.


Python development has emerged as the most favourite choice for developing mobile apps amongst big business organisations lately. The language has gained such stronghold because of its ability to deliver excellent user experience, agility and overall amazing results for the customers. With some of the most well-known apps like Pinterest, Instagram, Uber, Reddit etc. written in Python, many popular programming portals, including GitHub have rated Python as amongst the top 10 mobile app development languages in existence today. What makes it so easy to understand and master is its basic and natural syntax, which is as good as writing English language. This is the reason why Python has emerged as the most preferred app development language for starting out app coders.


A work of Zend Technologies, this is a server side scripting language that came into being in the year 1995. It is employed for all kinds of development projects today, but was originally meant for developing websites. Once you master PHP, you will be able to develop all kinds of mobile apps, web applications and dynamic websites.
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