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Throughout the world, the Mobile apps are gaining popularity at a fast rate. With just easy figure taps, a user can access all day to day activity on the respective mobile device. With the help of this platform, it is easy to pass the time, order the food, book the taxi or get the grocery items at the doorstep.

Android and iOS applications are fast, robust and efficient, but they also take a long time for development when built for different platforms separately. For this reason, the industries are opting for a cross-platform mobile development concept. Such development is quick, fast and apps can run on all devices.
Defining Cross-Platform Development Applications

Defining Cross-Platform Development Applications

Cross-platform development is defined as a process through which the developer implements a single app that operates on varied mobile platforms. This is done using a common programming language like React Native, JavaScript and Dart.

In the traditional method, several different apps are created using the tools and languages that are specific to the Operating System of a business. There are several demerits of this approach that includes high development cost, highly skilled developer’s requirement and extended time.

To sort out this problem, you need to hire an experienced cross-platform mobile development company that provides the best solutions.

Key Benefits of Building Cross-platform Apps?
  • A single app for many devices
  • Single app for several platforms
  • One source code
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Marketing analysis and testing
  • Reusability of the code across multiple platforms
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Fast development
  • Seamless product maintenance
Top Cross-platform App Development Tools Since 2021

Top Cross-platform App Development Tools Since 2021


To produce, examine and deploy the functionality of a mobile app, Appcelerator tool could be a good choice. As a comprehensive coding mechanism, it makes use of JavaScript. For multiple platforms like Android, iOS and Blackberry, the same code can be used. For the JavaScript experts, this cross-platform mobile development is the most suitable one for quick development.

Its single codebase, open-source, JavaScript-based SDK and integrated mobile backend as a service-like features make this an ideal platform to choose.


Nitobi introduces this platform and initially it was named as “Apache Cordova”. To create a cross-platform app, it is a good and strong framework for mobile app development. With this, one can stop integrating the use of complex languages like Java for Android and Swift for iOS. You need to search for the best cross-platform mobile development company to help you build cross-platform apps.

It offers a FOSS environment that enables cross-platform mobile app development. There is an involvement of compiler, debugger and tools for the testing ideas. Moreover, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are the critical web technologies that play a major role in the same.

React Native

Facebook developed this open-source platform. The main benefit of this platform is learning once, writing everywhere. It uses languages like Objective C, Swift and Java.

Facebook, Tesla and Skype are some of the giants that use React Native. The hot reload, reliable and open-source and ready-made components are some of its factors that make it ideal to use. Additionally, there is easy access to the native functionalities. The cross-platform mobile development is quite simple with the integration of this tool.


Flutter is developed by Google. Some of the popular business sites that use Flutter are Google, BMW and eBay etc.

The meaning of Flutter is more effective and powerful mobile app development. The rebuilding of a widget tree automatically can be made easy with the use of Flutter. The cross-platform mobile app development company follows this framework to curve out the best productive application.

According to Google, over 2 million developers are using the Flutter framework. Since 2015, it has been in existence and remained in the beta stage before its launch in December 2018.


To develop hybrid apps, the Ionic app development framework uses HTML 5 if there is a shortage of time for app marketing. No doubt there is an HTML 5 framework; there is still a requirement of PhoneGap and Cordova to serve as a native app.

There are top factors that make it an ideal cross-platform app development. It includes a huge community, uses one code everywhere, Cordova edge, high standard UI and simplified testing.

Some of the professionals that use this platform are Airbus, GE and Panera. For any cross-platform mobile app development company it is an optimal platform.


It provides a suitable cross-platform app development for the desktop, mobile and tablets. To create native UI components, there is an iOS quick start and Android quick start. This cross-platform mobile development also promotes F#, C# and Razor template engine like programming languages.

It is an extension of the .NET platform that is highly trustable among the developers and enterprises. The popular industries that use this platform are Alaska Airlines, JustGiving and the American Cancer Society.

It is an open-source and there are many libraries available for common patterns that make it an ideal platform. The code completion, other functionality specifically for implementing mobile pages and editor extensions are additional factors of this platform. Xamarin is an ideal platform for implementing the app that works offline.


The other cross-platform framework is Node.JS which was created on the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. The two main advantages that make this platform popular are responsiveness and Efficiency.

Additionally, there is zero buffer and fast outcome with fast code execution process. Facebook Messenger, Slack and Twitch are some of the businesses that use Node.JS.

Kony Mobile Platform

To make a regular app, this platform offers all the fundamental functionalities. The Kony One Server app server enables the safety, offline sync and discovery for the content and pushes notification.


The cross-platform mobile development is like a turning point in app development. The above mentioned frameworks are not only the frameworks that will be considered in 2021.

The developer needs to finalize the framework as per the business requirement. With this only, one will achieve the desired outcome in the development process.
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