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Node.js has changed the software development dynamics. Ever since the inception of Node.js, developers can build reliable, fast, scalable applications with fewer code lines. Utilizing Google Chrome, Ryan Dahl developed Node.js in JavaScript runtime environment in 2009. Node.js has an event loop and I/O, which can not be blocked.

To gain the maximum benefits, you can hire a node.js developer who can control many connections simultaneously. Amazon, Netflix, PayPal, Groupon, and many more websites are built on the Node.js platform. Recent reports state that more than 30 million websites use Node.js. It is the 6th most popular technology. The huge developer community is constantly adding new valuable tools and open-source modules which are shareable.

Best ten Node.js development tools a programmer can use for software development


Express.js is one of the most popular frameworks amongst developers, and it offers a range of advantages too. It offers a wide range of tools for developing a mobile application. It has an amazing application programming interface and allows easy communication between the user interface and the database.

  • Express.Js is one of the most popular frameworks. It offers more convenience to developers.
  • It facilitates the minimalist framework for building applications.
  • Express.Js is fast and helps developers to achieve scale.
  • It allows developers to quickly create APIs since it provides plenty of HTTP methods.
  • Developers get the lightweight layer for developing web applications because Express.Js uses the Node.Js feature.


Meteor is a full-stack node.js tool. It works perfectly with different operating systems like iOS, Android, etc. Developers can easily manage big development projects as it is a simple and easy-to-use tool for building applications. It offers many packages, libraries, and testing tools. Meteor enables clients and servers to make communications seamlessly.

  • It helps improve the developers' productivity, as it reduces coding efforts.
  • With MongoDB, Meteor offers robust integration.
  • With the JavaScript widget library, it works seamlessly.
  • Meteor works well with other programming tools.
  • It is a faster tool. You can easily access databases or business logic on the server.
  • Honeywell & IKEA are some of the big examples of using Meteor.


Keystone is an ideal tool to learn and develop the application with Node.js. keystone uses MongoDB as the database, and it is an open-source and full-stack framework. One of the best features of this tool is an auto-generated user interface which is beneficial for handling the website. It is also a content management system framework and utilizes Express.js.

  • Developers can easily manage templates, views, and routes with Keystone easily.
  • Programmers can create real-world database fields such as email addresses, names, etc.
  • Implementation of session management, authentication, and encryption becomes an easy task for developers with Keystone.
  • Setting up template-based emails for email marketing becomes easy with Keystone.
  • With Keystone, developers can easily create asynchronous codes.


Socket.lo facilitates event-based and bi-directional communication in real time. It is one of the quicker and more trustworthy real-time engines. It offers real-time analytics besides counters, charts, and logs. Socket.lo is a best-fit solution for chatting applications. Many companies, like Microsoft, Barogo, Alibaba Travels, Patreon, etc., have implemented Socket.lo. It speeds up the development process and is a handy tool for newbies and experienced developers.

  • It offers real-time analytics modules and helps clients to receive a graphical representation of real-time data.
  • Socket.lo enables the developer to code instant chant and messaging features.
  • Programmers can easily implement binary streaming of video, image, audio, etc.
  • It allows developers to build an app, enabling you to edit documents simultaneously.


Koa.js was developed by the Express team, and it is the latest web framework for Node.js. With time it became smaller in size, robust and expressive for building web applications and APIs. Koa.js has built-in plugin bundles. It supports various activities such as caching, compression, routing, and many more. It enables programmers to develop an error-free app and does not depend on middleware like other frameworks.

  • It helps to manage asynchronous programming.
  • It offers ready-made plugins.
  • Improves error handling.
  • Koa.js facilitates asynchronous coding functions for developers.


Amongst many, PM2 is one of the easiest and simplest tools that every developer can work with. PM2 is also one of the well-known frameworks. It works as a process manager for Node.js applications. It facilitates beneficial features for a web application. It supports the developer community from all over the world and enterprises.

  • PM2 allows behavioral configuration.
  • Developers can perform container integration.
  • It enables log management.
  • PM2 facilitates the development and deployment workflow.
  • It offers start-up scripts and key metrics for monitoring.


Electrode.js was developed by Walmart labs. It is a beneficial tool for web and native apps. It is one of the most popular frameworks among many. Developers can use this tool for React.js and Node.js software development. It ensures the reusability of components, better performance, and app deployment on the cloud. Novice developers can also learn and perform coding practices with PM2.
  • This tool has a standardized structure.
  • It improves productivity by integrating the latest tech stack and proven practices.
  • Efficient app development becomes easy with PM2.
  • Programmers can easily deploy apps on cloud platforms.


  • Well, it is a JavaScript compiler, though it is a complete toolchain beneficial for front-end development. It allows developers to debug the code, as it offers the support map. It minimizes the developers' efforts to build applications of any size seamlessly.
  • Babel helps transform syntax.
  • Developers do not need to write lengthy code with Babel.
  • ECMAScript 2015 is a conventional language script. You can hire Node.js experts to transform this script into a JavaScript version, which is backward compatible.


Brocoli.js is based on the ES6 module. It is also one of the advantageous tools for Node.js development. Brocoli.js is quick, trustworthy, and supports constant-time rebuild and compact build definitions. Developers with or without experience can easily use this tool for application development.

  • For build management, this tool facilitates a quick and reliable asset pipeline.
  • Broccoli.js is Easy to use for developers.
  • This tool facilitates Command Line Interface.


Developers use this tool to bundle the JavaScript pages to further implement it in a browser. It minimizes the loading time. Webpack improves the application with error log integration, APM, and server health metrics.

  • Webpack simplifies the deployment process as it bundles and serves assets for it.
  • For novices and experienced developers, this tool is easy to use
  • This tool improves the productivity of the development as it simplifies the deployment and has a significant positive impact on development.
  • It bundles JavaScript pages for
  • Webpack helps to minimize page loading time since it bundles JavaScript pages for implementation in a browser.

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Node.js' impressive capabilities make it even more popular amongst developers. So you can hire a Node.js programmer to build the latest application and gain a competitive advantage. Some well-known companies like Netflix, and LinkedIn frequently undertake Node.js Projects. It is an open-source runtime environment that facilitates a number of features that are beneficial for developers. Connect with AIS Technolabs to learn more about Node.js development.
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