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Social Media and Web Design

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We are living in a digital age, where social media is the epitome of everyone’s lives. Now, people are more active on their social media accounts than in real life. That’s why businesses and brands are immensely active on social media, or else potential buyers will ignore their brand like it never existed. Sticking to website design is not enough to drive the needed growth.

Thus, your business website needs to have its presence on social media to not just gain new clients but to retain current ones as well.

Moreover, the relationship between the business and its customers is based on trust and that is why companies use social media services to market their brands. Through social media, they connect with their clients well. All in all, social media is a platform that boasts seamless communication and connections.

Still, not ready to invest in social media services? Well, let us give you enough reasons to do it.

Why Should you Invest in Social Media Services? How will it benefit your website?

If you want your website to gain enough traffic, then opting for social media services should be one of your top priorities. This type of marketing is inexpensive and highly effective for building a loyal client base. Here are the 7 most important reasons to invest in social media.

7 Reasons Why Social Media is Essential for Your Website

1. Helps you in Brand Establishment

What is the most common step you take after knowing about any business or individual? Well, you search them on social media to gather more information. That’s the catch! For continuous growth, you should take advantage of this practice.

Social media is a key source of increasing traffic and engagement. No matter what web design techniques you use, you cannot be successful without taking it on social media. Social media will help you in telling what your website stands for and how you function with your work.

You can talk to your audience in a specific brand voice and build a certain image in the mind of your followers. Brand establishment takes a lot of money but with social media services, you can do it with minimal investment.

2. You can Target your Niche Audience

One of the main benefits of utilizing social media marketing strategies is that you can target your audience specifically. With digital marketing, you can narrow down to the age, gender, and interests that appeal to your brand. You can opt for a focused approach to improve your sales and attract more clients through social media. All in all, social media is incredibly powerful. By integrating these platforms into your website design, you can generate more leads and conversions on your website.

3. Take Advantage of Reviews and Mouth Publicity

On your social media account, your users can share their experiences and tell the world about your business. Their reviews may help you to reach more customers across the globe. Moreover, you will get opinions, feedback, and suggestions from people. Customer feedback will help you improve your product or service quality. While opinions are subjective, positive reviews are more effective in generating action from social media platforms.

4. Deliver Instant Information

What would be better than answering a query instantly of your customer? Through social media, you can offer seamless communication and inform people about your current and upcoming products or services. You can hold advertising campaigns, share discount coupons and interact with your followers on live chat. You can be active 24*7 and deliver instant information just by uploading a post on your account.

5. Reach a Large Audience

Statistics show that the majority of internet users visit social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc at least twice a week. Companies use this traffic to promote their website and brand.

No doubt, organic traffic on the website is one of the key factors, but it is not enough to bring massive conversion and sales. Whereas, on social media, you can target millions of people, viral your content, and apply effective traffic generation strategies. You can directly connect with active users on social media and reach out to your target audience. So, here, the possibilities are endless.

6. Share Your Content

You cannot leave your web page empty after uploading content regarding your business or service. You will have to post your niche-related content regularly to hold your loyal customers or viewers. However, only organic traffic cannot help you in this task. Hence, you need social media to grow your viewership.

To increase traffic, interlink your social media account with your website and share your content on both platforms. This way, your social media account, and website users will grow together.

7. Long-lasting Effects

Social media services are cheaper than traditional marketing practices. Your chosen company works for you at least for a month. Moreover, the work stays forever on your account. Whereas advertising campaigns only last for a few days and then fade away in thin air.

These are the advantages you may get from opting for social media services after integrating your website into your social media or vice versa. Let us give you a brief on social media integration.

Why Should You Integrate Your Website to Social Media Accounts?

Take a look back and think about those social media logos you have seen on websites. These icons redirect people to your social media accounts. Thus, allowing you and your post viewers to share the website content directly on their or your social media accounts. By clicking on these icons, anyone can share your content links directly without making any posts. It supports the click and share method. This promotion and digital publicity is the biggest advantage of social media. So tell your web designers to interlink your website with social media accounts.

Types of Social Media Marketing Services

Social media services are a package of different other services combined. In other words, you are buying many gigs while paying for one service.

1. Channel Specific Marketing

Each social media platform is different and needs a specific marketing strategy. Before you sign up for everything, you need to filter out your social media platforms. The agency will analyze your business to know which platforms will give the maximum results. Then they will draft a plan to market on selected social media platforms.

2. Content and Presentation Strategy Planning

A good social media marketing strategy should incorporate a variety of different strategies and approaches. Before creating content, the hired agency will draft a content creation and presentation strategy according to your website design and work type.

3. Content Creation

In this service, the agency will create content (graphics, text posts, and videos) to promote your website. They will create related content to serve your business purpose.

4. Content Publishing

The content agency will take care of crucial publishing factors for maintaining website design like photo caption, SEO, hashtag research, metatags, and other important publishing tasks. Your company will publish the content according to the requirement of your business. After following all measurements, they will schedule the post to release at the right time when maximum users are online.

5. Customer Support, Education, and Consultation

Social media services don’t end on content publishing only. Companies also give customer support, reply to queries, and consult & educate the audience about your business. Your hired agency will also offer 24*7 round-the-clock customer support. They will answer your customers on social media, spread the brand messages, and consult potential buyers to generate sales.

6. Organizing Social Media Add Campaigns

Last but not least! Social media marketing companies organize advertising campaigns and analyze their results to target specific audiences and boost sales. These campaigns are effective for the website’s overall growth like viewership, visibility, conversion, sales, and traffic.

You can take these social media services individually or customize them in a package. The choice is yours!

How AIS Technolabs can boost your growth?

AIS Technolabs has initiated to provide social media services to boost website growth. Our company provides social media marketing services to help clients achieve their business goals. We follow a specific approach and strategy. So after opting for services our clients can reach out to their potential and loyal buyers.

We post images, create layouts, and write articles on behalf of our clients. AIS Technolabs team creates stories to deliver your brand message. You can avail our services by getting in touch with our team. We will help you take your business a step ahead.


Social media marketing has been a vital strategy for businesses, allowing brands to highlight the best of their services and products. Hence, multinational companies, startups, and content creators prefer social media platforms to market their websites and businesses. This way, social media and website design go hand in hand. And both promote each other and grow together.
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