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In May 2017, Google announced Kotlin as the official language for Android App Development and Developers. Since then, it has been the primary language for building new and effective applications for Android users. It resolves the pain points of Java. Hence, new apps are written in it, and old applications are being rewritten. Undoubtedly, kotlin serves excellency for front-end side applications. In this blog, we will dive into everything about Kotlin, like what is it, its importance and key benefits, Coroutines in Kotlin, Asynchronous services with Ktor, the future of Kotlin for Android App Development , and why AIS is the right kotlin development company.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a general-purpose, free, open-source, statically typed “pragmatic” programming language. It was initially designed for the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and Android that blends object-oriented and functional programming capabilities. Kotlin for Android developers strongly focuses on interoperability, safety, clarity, and tool support.

Importance of Kotlin for Android App Development

  • Open Source
Programmers can view the source code without buying a license or paying a price for open-source language. You can utilize and alter the language as necessary for their application requirements. An open-source language with a large selection of libraries also speeds up app development and guarantees that it is bug-free before release.

  • Speed
Kotlin is a secure language created to stop mistakes that could lead to security problems. Kotlin safeguards that resources are correctly disposed of once no longer required, providing a significant advantage for Kotlin for Android developers, as it guards against memory leaks and other performance-related problems.

  • Easier and Flexible
Kotlin facilitates code exchange between platforms, which streamlines the development of apps for several Android operating systems, including Marshmallow and Nougat. This means developers proficient in Kotlin can leverage their skills across various projects and platforms.

  • Easy to Learn
For those with experience in Java, Kotlin features a straightforward syntax that makes it very simple to learn, particularly beneficial for those venturing into Kotlin for Android app development. While adding a few additional notions to simplifying programming, the language largely employs the same Java principles as variables, functions, and classes.

Pro Tip: Lambda expressions are also used in Kotlin, allowing programmers, including Kotlin for Android developers, to write code that is shorter and more productive. As a result, building programs in Kotlin is much quicker than writing them in Java or other languages.

Five Key Benefits of Kotlin For Your Business

  • Allows Writing Less Code
When properly implemented, less code produces fewer bugs. You can concentrate on more vital tasks when you delegate tedious coding tasks to the framework. The three main app development processes of Kotlin are High readability, simplicity, and convenience.

  • Solves Complex Challenges
Kotlin has proven to be a valuable tool for programmers, enabling them to overcome various challenges. One of its most notable features is its type system, which has been instrumental in preventing the occurrence of null pointer exceptions. This aspect has been particularly advantageous in the domain of Kotlin for Android app development.

  • Compatible with Java
Compared to Java, Kotlin has more readable and precise code, making it easier to understand the program. Kotlin developers may use all Java libraries and frameworks while producing more readable, concise code. You can quickly convert a huge Java-based project to Kotlin one file at a time and check that everything is still successfully compiling even if it has millions of lines of code.

  • Suits for Multi-Platform Development
Developers can use Kotlin for Android programming and multi-platform. As a result of the language’s support for and compatibility with JavaScript, developers can convert their frontends to Kotlin or start building them there from the beginning of a project. They are working on improving Kotlin/Native, which enables the creation of iOS applications alongside its benefits for Kotlin for Android app development. In this manner, this language can also be used to create native apps.

  • Offers Safety
The Kotlin developers incorporated into the semantics the rules that avoid several frequent errors that typically occur during the execution of programs. Benefits are another factor contributing to Kotlin’s superior level of safety (in comparison to Java). Additionally, Kotlin’s modern syntax and concise language features help developers write more understandable and maintainable code, further enhancing the overall safety of Kotlin applications.

Understanding Kotlin’s Coroutines

Kotlin’s coroutines are a crucial component for creating asynchronous, non-blocking code. In contrast to conventional callback-based methods, they offer a more clear and organized way to manage asynchronous tasks. Coroutines lets you create code that appears to be performed sequentially but executes asynchronously. This capability is particularly advantageous when considering the expertise of hiring Kotlin app developers for Android app development.

The following are some essential ideas and Kotlin coroutine-related features:

  • Coroutine Scope: A coroutine scope is a context in which coroutines are executed. Coroutines’ lifecycle is described, and when necessary, cancellation is handled.
  • Suspend Function: The keyword ‘suspend’ distinguishes functions that can be paused and resumed within the coroutine context. These functions can be invoked using the ‘await’ keyword, particularly useful when calling them from other suspend functions or coroutines.
  • Coroutine Builders: Kotlin offers a range of coroutine builders for initiating new coroutines. Among the most popular are ‘launch,’ ‘async,’ and ‘runBlocking.’ ‘Launch’ starts a new coroutine for performing a task without returning a result.
  • Async:The ‘async’ keyword initiates a coroutine that not only performs a task but also returns a result as a ‘Deferred’ value. This feature proves valuable, especially when looking to hire Kotlin app developers for Android app development, as it enables asynchronous operations with outcomes.
  • Dispatchers and Coroutine Context: Coroutines operate within specific contexts represented by ‘CoroutineContext.’ The choice of thread or thread pool on which the coroutine runs depends on the ‘dispatcher’ used. Common dispatchers include ‘Dispatchers.Main’ for UI interactions, ‘Dispatchers.IO’ for I/O tasks, and ‘Dispatchers.Default’ for CPU-intensive operations.
  • Coroutine Job: Each coroutine is associated with a ‘Job’ instance that manages its lifespan and allows for control and direction of the coroutine’s execution. This management level proves essential when seeking to Hire Kotlin App Developers for Android App Development projects.
  • Structured concurrency: Kotlin promotes structured concurrency, meaning that coroutines initiated within a specific scope are automatically canceled when required. This ensures efficient resource management and prevents memory leaks.
  • Exception handling for coroutines: Coroutines have a system for dealing with errors. Coroutine code allows for the try/catch block, and uncaught exceptions are propagated to the parent coroutine’s exception handler.

Asynchronous services with Ktor

Ktor is a framework for creating asynchronous servers and clients in networked systems utilizing the potent Kotlin programming language. It makes it easier to create a standalone application with embedded servers.

  • Coroutines
Ktor uses the built-in coroutine capability in Kotlin to manage asynchronous activities. Developers can write asynchronous code using coroutines in a more synchronous and readable manner.
  • HTTP Client
A coroutine-based asynchronous HTTP client is part of Ktor. This client can send non-blocking HTTP requests to external services, APIs, or databases. Your server will continue to be responsive to incoming requests if you carry out these requests within your Ktor application without stopping the main thread.
  • Suspending Function
Suspending functions, a fundamental idea of Kotlin coroutines, are used by Ktor. A suspending function can carry out asynchronous tasks without obstructing the thread that called it. This is important to keep the server responsive as it waits for I/O operations, such as reading from a database or sending network requests.
  • Web Socket support
WebSockets, a protocol for full-duplex communication channels over a single TCP connection, are supported natively by Ktor. With the asynchronous WebSocket capability of Ktor, you may manage real-time communication between the server and clients.
  • Routing and handlers
The routing system of Ktor is made to function well with asynchronous programs. Suspending functions can be used to define routes and handlers. As a result, you can wait for asynchronous activities within your route handlers without preventing the server’s event loop from running.

Future of Kotlin for Android Developers and Development

Due to its clear syntax, improved safety features, and easy compatibility with existing Java codebases. Kotlin has quickly become well-known among Android developers. Since Google has recognized Kotlin as a first-class language for creating Android apps, its use has increased. Hence picking the right Kotlin Development Company can be worth it.

The development of Kotlin, supported by its vibrant community and ongoing updates, indicates that it will continue to be an essential tool for Android developers, helping them to create effective, reliable, and creative applications. Kotlin’s versatility and feature-rich nature position it well to play a big role in influencing the future of Android app development as the Android ecosystem changes.

Why Choose AIS Technolabs for Kotlin Android App Development?

AIS Technolabs is the trusted partner for over 50 rapidly expanding companies seeking cutting-edge IT solutions. Our Android app development experts possess a profound understanding of your unique needs and a steadfast preference for Kotlin. As a globally acclaimed leader, we consistently deliver exceptional performance across diverse industries.

Our commitment to tailor-made development solutions that outshine competitors sets us apart. At AIS, we guarantee scalable, flexible, and adaptable applications tailored to your exact requirements and offer a 15-day risk-free trial for you to experience our excellence firsthand. Moreover, our cost-effective solutions ensure your goals are achieved efficiently without compromising quality. Your satisfaction and convenience are at the heart of what we do.


Kotlin’s aim is not to be unique. Instead, it draws inspiration and best practices from decades of software development. If you’re seeking to hire Kotlin app developers for your Android app development projects or intend to establish a pool of pre-vetted developers for your organization, look no further than AIS Technolabs. As a leading Kotlin development company, we stand ready to deliver excellence and innovation tailored to your needs. Your journey to exceptional app development starts here.


Kotlin is primarily used to build Android applications but it can be used to develop apps for other platforms. Developers have built apps for multiple platforms by utilizing Kotlin’s strong support for cross-platform. Hence, you being a developer can develop apps for iOS, web, and desktop by using Kotlin as a language.

Android ecosystem strongly supported Kotlin after Google announced it as an official language. Since then Kotlin has been fixed as a default language in Android Studio. The Android community provides multiple resources for developers to learn and use Kotlin seamlessly.

Google chose Kotlin for Android App Development as a safer code. Undoubtedly, Kotlin was built as an improvement to Java. Though the process of making new classes is identical both share a similar syntax. Kotlin’s distinctive features allow us to avoid common programming mistakes like null pointer exceptions.

Yes, Kotlin proves itself the right choice for Android Developers. Primarily it reduces common code errors and can easily integrate with existing or new applications. Moreover, it shortens the development cycle, making it Google’s first preference.

Kotlin’s stable and compact database makes it a stand-out language. However, developers should deeply understand its frameworks such as SpringBoot and Ktor effectively. You can use it for both frontend and backend depending upon the app requirement.
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