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Unity 3D Advantages: Best Choice for Casino Game Development

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Casual gaming has become popular more than ever before and now is just the right time to start your very own gaming application. However, how do you decide between multiple promising game app development technologies? One of the best ways is to go with what is most trusted and compatible with your game app development goals. In the same lieu, here we are introducing you to the best game app development technology of the year, Unity 3D. It is an amazing tool that comes with outstanding game app development features. It ensures quality and user experience. Know more about the technology in the blog and stay tuned with us for more information on Unity 3D development.

1. Introduction

Unity 3D was developed by Unity Technologies in the year 2005. The amazing platform supports cross-platform game designing and development and ensures superior game development quality.

If you are looking for 2D or 3D game development, there is nothing that would stand in comparison to Unity. It is the best-known technology, it ensures premium features, including asset store management, visual quality, consistent layout, best gameplay, cross-platform integration, intuitive design, and more.

Using the platform you can create games for multiple platforms which are desktops, gaming consoles, augmented and virtual reality environments, and mobile devices.

The best part of the technology is, there are two variations of the program - a free version and a pro version. The pro version comes with some additional advanced features.

The Unity 2d and Unity 3d development become more rewarding with the game engine which allows you to combine multiple elements such as integrated environment, ready-to-use assets, intuitive processes, and tools.

 Unity 3D for Games

2. Unity 3D for Games

Unity 3D has everything a developer needs for developing 2D and 3D games. It has some cool features which can be used to make the gaming experience of the users more immersive. AR and VR game development becomes unbelievably easy using the technology and there are multiple features and benefits of using Unity 3D for game development.

Unity is a leading game engine. It becomes an exhaustive task to develop a game engine first and then start building games for various platforms. With tons of good features and outstanding flexibility, Unity 3D offers an unbeatable game app development experience. This is why it is popular among the developer community.

It has been used for games such as Cuphead, Rimworld, Pokemon Go, Hearthstone, and more. While the name may confuse you, Unity 2D game development is equally rewarding. Unity 3D has some amazing features for 2D game development.

Most of all, the platform provides the convenience to use C# scripting API and has a built-in Visual Studio. This offers developers JavaScript-based game development opportunities. Also, MonoDevelop, an IDE provides alternate options for Visual Studio, diversifying the range of development solutions.

Powerful animation tools and the simplicity of the 2D and 3D game development solutions make it an outstanding and reliable platform for game development. Here are a few features for Unity 3D app development that you must know of:

User Engagement at its Best in Unity 3D Games

3. User Engagement at its Best in Unity 3D Games

Game development requires an in-depth understanding of user engagement and retention. However, a lot of game development companies miss out on important metrics such as user satisfaction, the first-time user experience, converting “may-be” users, balancing the difficulty sweet spot, managing to keep games interesting, and more. Most of all graphics of the game, that help you retain more customers and ensure a superior experience.

Meanwhile, a lot of things would require trial and error, one thing which is going to solely depend on the skillset and technology is animation and graphics. Game developers would tirelessly work on making the graphics look as real as possible. It is a hard job but necessary.

Unity 3D game development offers you an asset store where you have great 3D models for shades, animations, and textures to transform the overall game experience for good.

You can also buy sound features and gameplay assets which make the gaming experience even more rewarding. Also, the graphics, animations, music, and development with Unity 3D add that extra special edge as it has to offer indigenous tools and convenience.

4. Advantages of Unity-3D game development

Multiple Platforms Advantages

If you believe in platform diversity, you need to start planning your game development according to that. Unity 3D game engine is widely preferred by game developers for building, managing, and deploying games in cross-platform environments.

Using Unity 3D you can develop games for 25 platforms including smartphones, PCs, Consoles, television and also AR & VR. Serving a wide range of platforms the flexibility and ease is incomparable

Effective and Reliable

Unity Technologies offer game engines for 2D and 3D game development. It holds about 60% market revenue in the 3D game development segment and over 40% share in the AR & VR space. This shows how much the game development companies love the platform and find it reliable, for multi-platform game development.

Multiple Rendering

The reliability of the platform is impeccable and it has earned numerous awards in the game development segment. Unity 3D offers game development opportunities for the top 3 platforms in the world for game rendering and deployment. It is a superfast game development engine which offers faster game development without any compromise on the quality.

Play Mode

The rapid game development platform also provides faster editing. The play mode feature in Unity 3D is one of the most amazing game engines. It helps developers to instantly play the game and test it. It also provides testing tools which helps in instant editing. A developer can pause the game play in between and alter the experience. It can easily be changed and made bug free. The changes are updated immediately in Unity 3D. Frame to Frame referencing is another amazing feature of Unity 3D. A developer can also use Play and Play Plus Mode.

Supportive Community

Unity has a huge community support. You can find solutions for the challenges that you face during the development process. It helps in the improvement of the system and makes the engine more efficient. Also, the development work gets finished faster.

Unity 3D game development is a multi-platform game development engine. Offering game development for multiple platforms, it is an all-in-one package. It helps develop games for multiple platforms and thus developers can choose to engage in minimum game modifications and get maximum advantages of the functionality with Unity 3D.

Multiplayer Gaming

One of the simplest and easiest ways to create a network and real-time game system is through Unity 3D. The amazing experience that is provided with the game engine is not only easily customizable, but it makes customization fast and scalable. Unity 3D is a platform that makes it easy for the developers to make an integrated multiplayer system that offers unmatched user experience through matchmakers and relay servers

Easy to use

Unity 3D is one the top-notch tools to build 2D and 3D games. But it is easily confused to be technically difficult or not user-friendly to be used. However, that is not the case at all. It is actually a very easy platform to use. On the contrary you must understand that the platform is actually not difficult and complex. It is easy to use and allows developers to use their creativity and incredible ideas for developing amazing gameplays after getting hold of the platform features.
Why choose AIS Technolabs for Unity 3D Game Development?

Why choose AIS Technolabs for Unity 3D Game Development?

AIS Technolabs is a leading Unity 3D game development company. We have highly experienced developers with 10+ years of experience in building 2D and 3D games for multiple platforms using Unity 3D game engine.

Apart from skilled developers we have animators, graphic designers and project managers, testers and junior and senior developers skilled in C# and Java, making it possible for you to develop games of any genre and win more users through unparalleled gaming experience.


Unity 3D is a leading game development engine. It is trusted by millions of developers and it fits perfectly for 2D and 3D game development. Most of all, it allows faster game development which reduces game development cost. About 34% of free gaming applications on Play Store and App Store are built on Unity and 45% of all the games are built on Unity. This is also a big reason to use the technology for game development.
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