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Technology is rising, and the latest technology trends are emerging as well. This particular factor influences the usage of different tools for developing apps and websites. Most tech enthusiasts and developers are familiar with WordPress.

It is amongst the most used CMS (content management systems) for developing websites. However, there is also a player in the market, Laravel, a PHP framework for web apps development. Let's see the best one this year

WordPress Vs. Laravel

WordPress has an enormous developer base. But on the other hand, Laravel does not have a huge developer base. It is tough to find Laravel developers, compare their prices, and select the most fruitful one. For quickly completing a page, getting to know a page, and controlling the page yourself, WordPress is an ideal option for you.

The codes in Laravel are organized better. Besides, it takes care of problem-solving and code reuse pretty automatically. On the other hand, with WordPress, the developers need to manage the content themselves just like it needs to be.

You can get started with WordPress effortlessly. It offers tons of plugins to use and makes application-building a breeze. However, Laravel web Development is complicated compared to WordPress, and the developers must have a clear understanding of the code, and besides, there is a steep learning curve.

Eloquence’s presence in Laravel makes it a fast framework. Because of all the plugins used, WordPress is a bit slower than Laravel. Everything is about plugins in WordPress because these are the elements that enhance a website. So, in case your business is dealing with massive traffic, it is better to choose Laravel instead of WordPress.

If it is about the options, WordPress beats Laravel. The plugins of WordPress serve several SEO needs. On average, WordPress websites possess an enhanced search engine performance compared to Laravel.

The main objective of Laravel is to simplify complicated tasks and make an app quickly. Whereas WordPress is formulated on a theme system and is mostly about its plugin architecture. It is mostly put to use for writing CMS and blogs. It is crucial to keep the content updated and make changes. Most large companies make use of WordPress for creating their websites.

When And Why Use WordPress?

WordPress websites are formulated on themes. But it does not mean that you cannot make your theme right from scratch or apply customizations to an existing one for suiting your needs.

WordPress can be used to build an SEO-friendly business site, a presentation site for personal or professional use, a news portal or blog having a lot of written content, and a mid-size or simple webshop.

For medium-sized businesses, WordPress is a perfect choice because it offers a highly responsive design. But it also depends on the company you choose. WordPress’ security is dependent on the maintenance of third-party plugins and updates. There are plenty of reasons to make use of WordPress. They are as follows:

  • It is profitable.
  • Facilitates a convenient search system.
  • Even new users can use it easily.
  • The learning curve is easy.
  • Large support community.
  • Customizable features with the plugins.
  • More than seventy languages are available.

When And Why Use Laravel?

Laravel resolves complicated web apps, dynamic sites with flexible back-end systems, large-scale eCommerce websites having more than 10,000 products, and membership-based platforms processing tons of information.

The stability and safety of Laravel possess the benefits of protection from cross-site scripting, minimizing CSRF (cross-site request forgery), etc. Migrating databases and writing database queries is easier with Laravel compared to WordPress. It offers several other benefits, such as:

  • The Eloquent ORM makes things easier.
  • Flawless and smooth database migration.
  • Highly customizable and flexible.
  • Easily expandable.
  • The security is enhanced.
  • It offers a developer-friendly structure.
  • It comes with authentication.

WordPress Or Laravel For A Web App :

With every web application, WordPress and Laravel function well. When you use the MVC framework, you can surely get better advantages than using a CMS. Laravel facilitates beneficial and more features in terms of web applications. Authentication and advanced routing are two powerful built-in features. Also, with Laravel, you can easily change when you need modification to maintain the performance. 0.84% of websites among the best websites are developed on Laravel.

WordPress offers plugins that make it capable of handling such functions as well. But the problem is that as there are too many plugins, it slows down your website. WordPress is a better option for popular sites like Spotify or other accessible blogs. Thousands of paid and free themes are available, which you can use for programming and running the website smoothly.

WordPress Or Laravel For A News Site Or Blog :

The basic concept behind the creation of WordPress is to make content sharing easier. WordPress is genuinely easy for creating, customizing, categorizing, and sharing content. An individual having access to WordPress can publish blogs at ease. A wide range of plugins are there in WordPress, which simplifies the process of approval, and this further helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Besides, you can make your website highly attractive as you can design it with any image and color scheme you love.

You can also make use of Laravel for blogging websites. But the problem is that when you opt for making a Laravel site, it consumes a lot of time and is expensive. Indeed, there is not enough content in the blogs, but when you code on WordPress, it will have content. So, it is better to select WordPress in such situations.

WordPress Or Laravel For An Online Store :

Most leaders choose Ecommerce Wordpress website Development because of the plugins facilitated by WordPress. It makes the entire system easily completable and superfast. A core part of a WordPress system is formed by WooCommerce. It offers complete support for products, payment gateways, themes, etc. When you create a WordPress website, it enhances the overall experience. Without any special tech knowledge, you can serve your customers online smoothly.

However, on the other hand, it is tough to make an eCommerce website with Laravel. But also, Laravel offers you better options that simplify the customization process. Popular features such as Bagisto or Aimenos are the best eCommerce packages. You get every feature for running a business having a small or large number of commodities or products. As your business expands, it becomes easy to extend and include functionalities


So, if you want to choose the best option, it depends on your purpose. If you own a medium-sized business, WordPress is the correct option. In case you are dealing with a big eCommerce website, complicated web pages, and want to make a protective backend, Laravel is an ideal option for you. Laravel beats WordPress in terms of performance and speed. But in terms of SEO needs, easy-to-use, and cost, WordPress surpasses Laravel.
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