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The rising problem of the insufficiency of resources had led to the emergence in the trend of a shared economy. A fraction of the population opts for a shared economy and another fraction opts for rental service.

Talking in figures, about 70% of the online users are looking forward to borrowing rarely used items through online mediums. This calls for the need for an instant solution that meets the need of people looking forward to sharing and renting resources.

A precisely designed booking software enhances the sharing, saving, and effective use of resources. All this has led to the idea of starting a new business with the concept of booking and renting out services.

At AIS Technolabs, we offer Booking and Rental auction software for your business associated with traveling industries to add more convenience and encourage visitors across the globe. We completely believe in the principle which can enhance business growth by providing the best services to our leading clients.

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Factors That Sets Apart
Our Booking Software From Others?


With the help of using our booking software, the clients grab a chance to cope with the better increment in the production level across the globe.


There is a huge gain in controlling the rental assets that primarily lead to maximum utilization with minimum costing.


We believe in making the client satisfaction by providing the customized services in terms of varied terminologies impacting the business on a large scale.


Our rental and booking software is designed in a manner that fits all screen sizes so that the user can book the services from any device, be it a laptop, desktop, or mobile phone.


This software makes the management of all your bookings much simpler and easier. You can see the details of the booking, details of the client and make changes in the status of the booking and much more.


Our technical team is always available for assisting you in any of the emergency situations with 24/7 availability.

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How can you earn from

Booking and Rental software?

The main purpose of any business is to bring profit and by profit we clearly mean revenue. Our offered booking software can bring you revenue in more than just one way. Here have a look at some of the ways in which you can earn more profits:

  • Whenever someone requests you for membership in your booking and rental website, they have to pay a certain amount of money as the membership fee.
  • With every successful booking of your product or services, you earn money, which is actually the main motive of the software.
  • The time limit that you set for the duration of your service, any client exceeding it will have to provide with the extra service charge.
  • The most efficient way in which your website can earn extra revenue is by hiring third-party organizations for promotional and commercial ads on your website.

Grab the Expressive Booking and Rental Software
Support Services for Business Success Enhancement


We have taken a major step in creating a smart & affordable script booking solution in order to help entrepreneurs lay down an immediate online platform for any kind of booking or rental purpose.


The service booking system is meant for websites that provide a large variety of online services to their users.


The service booking script that we offer can help you to form a thorough presentation of all services that you provide, show its availability, and manage online bookings through an easy administration page.


It is also very easy to install the software that will enable you to additionally set the operating time, select payment choices, specify your booking conditions, and much more.

We Values
Our Relationship

It thus allows your customer to connect easily with you and bridge any kind of gap between you and your clients. Your clients can easily see your services and book them from their device without any hassle just by sitting at home.

We provide privileged
Booking and Rental Software
to leading industries

We offer our clients booking system software open source and it is counted as one of the most powerful open source rental software. This means that you can edit and modify our software as per your business needs without providing any additional cost.

Our software serves a large number of industries with its varied attributes, some of them worth mentioning are given below:

  • Audio and Video CDs
  • Electronics items, Video, and computer games
  • Sports Equipment
  • Vehicles such as Car, Motorcycle, etc. on a rental basis
  • Apparel, Jewelry and other accessories
  • Constructional and other Heavy Equipment
  • Movies, Board Games, etc.


Yes. We provide the solution for both Android and iOS Mobile Devices

Yes. Being a seller, you can easily update multiple changes to your site along with the specific description

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