Peer to Peer borrowing

Peer to peer borrowing refers to the phenomenon of online crowd borrowing brought about by platforms that match borrowers directly with lenders. It is gaining popularity and expanding rapidly to new product categories because it offers an improved experience and passes on the benefits of technology to borrowers and lenders. Peer-to-peer lending has emerged as one of the hottest markets for the financiers and borrowers with a fast growth track and billions of dollars generated in loans every year.

AIS Technolabs specialize in building borrowing software. A successful P2P lending platform has, as a foundation, flexible and efficient technology that allows them to exceed borrower and lender expectations.

Our crowd borrowing software features

How the system works?

The process of people giving money directly to people and earning interest is quite easy. Below mentioned are few steps to accomplish

Why approach AIS Technolabs?

The greatest driving force behind the next generation of successful players in the person-to-person lending space is attributed to technology. AIS Technolabs, brings forth an award winning peer-to-peer loan origination and servicing software both for small and mid-sized players, that can be fully managed by you. Our platform has inbuilt features for superior automation and risk assessment for fast loan application approvals and borrower/investor matching. It provides outstanding loan servicing features for tracking borrower payments and investor disbursements, all with the highest level of accuracy and data security. There is a lot of competition as new fundraising lenders enter this business everyday. However the speed, accuracy and efficiency our platform provides, will make you outperform other marketplace lenders who view the online space as just another distribution channel. Start your online lending business now with easy, accurate and affordable Peer-to-Peer lending software and also field management software from AIS Technolabs, that includes origination, scoring, servicing, collection and portfolio management. Get your Free Trial today.

How to earn revenue using this product ?

Our special peer to peer lending script is configured with revenue making options
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Membership Fee

Investors and fundraisers can become members of your lending fundraising website by paying a membership fee.

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Site Commission

You can earn commission every time money is lend by investors for the development of an innovative business.

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Listing Fee

When a site investor borrows from a project listed on your lending site, you earn money.

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You can allow your site users and other related organizations to host their own promotional ads on your website and earn money from every posted advertisement.

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You earn money when a user enters the Captcha word while registering on your lending based fundraising website.Contact us to run a sophisticated lending script and make money. Grow your business ten folds!

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