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Online shopping has come a long way since its early days, during 1994 and 1995 only a handful of things such as pizza, wine, music albums, chocolate, and flowers could be purchased on the internet. Fast-forward to 2018, virtually everything can be sold and bought online, from automobiles, furniture, building materials to fresh greens or readymade meals. Consumers just enjoy the idea of browsing through hundreds of stores simultaneously from the comfort of their sofa, while e-retailers eye their soaring revenue records.

Fashion merchandise such as clothing, jewellery etc.made a late entry into the online shopping monomania. But with recent developments,it has become possible for high-volume websites to integrate virtual systems like trial fittings, 3D imaging etc.that enable consumers to make the right choice. This has had a tremendous effect; fashion items are currently the highest grossing product on internet shopping seconded by electronic products. Apparently, it raised the need for SEO for fashion ecommerce to increase their online presence and be visible to potential clients, necessitating an effective online boutique marketing for all the fashion entrepreneurs.

AIS Technolabs is a professional IT solutions firm with the highest number of fashion entrepreneurs as clients providing high-end boutique digital marketing. We have developed, and marketed numerous intuitive and visually-pleasing websites and created top notch boutique SEO for our fashion customers, that have garnered both trust and honor from our boutique clients.

We make use of a three-step approach to create awareness for our clients websites through our smart and strategic boutique digital marketing, they involve

  • Developing a user-friendly website.
  • Online boutique marketing using their website and
  • Marketing the website offline.
Boutique Web Design and Development
User experience is critical for a boutique website, which goes beyond the theme colors, logos and icons. It defines the overall satisfaction your consumers feel when they interact with your website to buy a product. We implement a three phase method to enable users to transact easily, which are the search phase, product description phase and the checkout phase.
The search phase
  • Precisely organizing items by types and brand names
  • Using a conspicuously positioned Search Field/Bar
  • Navigation Menu or Side Panel
  • Automatic next-page loading
  • Filters and Sorting
  • Wish-lists, ‘Add to Cart’, ‘Compare Items’ and ‘Recently Viewed Items’
  • A Site Map

Relates with how effortlessly a prospective customer can find an item on your website, starting from the homepage or a backlink from other websites. There are a number of conventional tweaks that we make use of to ensure that navigating through the website is a pleasant experience for visitors, some of which are listed below:

Product Description Phase
This phase goes into effect as soon as a user clicks on an item to view the details. Content is the key here. Information such as the brand name, product price, product description, Images, delivery information, ratings, reviews etc. are necessary and properly arranged by us.
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The Checkout Phase

This phase is characterized by a number of electronic forms that require the user’s data input. Some suggestions to make it a hassle-free experience for users are as follows:

  • Signing in with a social media account with the click of a button.
  • Payment procedure should follow the same blow-by-blow pattern.

Online Boutique Marketing

Once you have a quality website, it needs to be publicized over the internet for interested people to discover and do business with you. We adopt three principal ways to do online boutique marketing for your website
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
  • Social Media Boutique marketing
Boutique SEO

Many people use search engines like Google Search and Bing Search to find an item they want to purchase on the internet. The objective of our SEO team is to ensure that your boutique website appears on the first page when the search engine returns a search result. It is an arduous task but our SEO team ensures that your website will appear top of the list, making it popular and pulling in lots of traffic. Therefore, Boutique SEO is one of the top tasks in our priority list.

SEM for Boutique
This is regarded as the fastest way to boost the overall presence of your website. Unlike SEO, SEM requires payment in return for Google and other online marketing websites to market your boutique for you. Interestingly, you only have to pay when a user visits your site through the ads placed, such payment is termed Pay-Per-Click or ppc campaign management.

Social Media Boutique Marketing

Networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. are today’s breeding ground for a successful boutique digital marketing, considering their prevalence among present day youngsters. We administer caution when we offer Social Media Boutique Marketing solutions to market your posts, so that it doesn’t get flagged down as spam and get banned. We follow every procedure to ensure that your site is not blocked on social media. Through our Social Media Boutique Marketing, we guarantee you to save the best place for your website to be publicized.

Local SEO For Attorneys

is also known as local SEO for boutique digital marketing because it describes the operations performed to create awareness for your website. The difference is: these operations are carried out outside your website, some on the internet like Google My Business (GMB) registration, which is an online directory by Google, and some outside the internet or offline.

Indeed, there are also other factors that contribute to the overall success of your Boutique like the return policy, delivery time and overall integrity of service. Our primary task is using SEO for your boutique both online and offline, to significantly grow its popularity and increase the number of visits of potential customers. Therefore, do try our boutique digital marketing to give your business a global face.