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Established in 2011, Bovada is a popular Costa Rica-based online casino and sportsbook, which is number 1 in the U.S. Offering a range of betting platforms on most major US sports leagues and horse racing, it comprises table games, blackjacks, slots, and other casino games that allow people across the world to enjoy live online poker tournaments. The free Bovada software is easy to download and is an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy this wonderful betting game. If you are among the players who like to dabble in the casino, you can do so with our Bovada poker software without continuously sitting in front of the screen.


Why Should You Go for Bovada Poker Software?

The fact that makes Bovada standout is its relaxed atmosphere at the poker table. There are no strong or weak players with table selection or detailed statistical analysis. It is a wonderful experience similar to playing in a real casino where you need to create reads on other players on the basis of what they are doing. It makes the overall environment safe for recreational players and much more beatable. In any case, the game experience is good for the players! Most importantly, it offers a great opportunity for more players to be profitable than any other poker site in the world.

The Remarkable Features of Our Bovada Software Makes it Intriguing Solution for Gaming Entrepreneurs


Fully Loaded Poker Software

Our Bovada software is loaded with numerous rich features. It is an incomparable gaming solution that takes you to the world of advanced functionalities, latest gameplay, and amusing graphics.


Mobile Poker

High responsiveness and scalability makes our poker software a great game for the mobile users. It comes in the form of an app, which users can install and immediately start playing for everlasting fun.


Chat While You Play

Play becomes fun and interactive as you enjoy the capability to chat with real players during the gameplay. Whether you play in the day or at night, you can enjoy this feature throughout.


Zone Poker

With this exclusive feature, you enjoy a fast-paced game time where players can reduce the time spent waiting to end old cards and deal new cards. Once you fold your hand at the poker table, you will be instantly redirected to a new table with new cards and players. This saves a lot of time and makes the game highly captivating.


Anonymous Tables

This is the most fascinating feature of our software that allows you to play incognito at the Anonymous tables. This is a great privilege that allows you to start with a clean platform. All opponents are new and don’t know about your poker style and capabilities. As a result, new tables are created for equal playing, which is similar to the ambience as in a live casino.


Admin Dashboard

A flexible and versatile dashboard is provided to the admin, which makes it very simple to control various game controls and functionalities. The admin can create and manage new tournaments, tables, slots, and other aspects as per his choice.


Manage Users

Managing users is no more a pain for the admin as he has the advantage of using this exclusive functionality. Complete details of the users are maintained in a record file and in a systematic manner, which makes it easy for the admin to easily fetch details as and when needed.


Payment System

Our poker software supports multiple currencies including cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Hence, both users and players can select their preferred currency for playing the game.


Chips Management

Not just poker tables, but it is also possible to manage chips at Bovada Poker. This intensifies the gaming experience and lets you enhance game aesthetics by using chips.


Rake Limit

Define new rake limits for particular tables as per your preference.




Our Palette of Features for the Players is Full of Exclusivities and Amazement

Profile Management

Our Bovada software is a real fun as the players can enjoy creating various profiles as per their preference. They can choose their favorite payment mode, language, profile picture, and other aspects.

In-Built Messaging System

More fun is achievable through our software as the players can exchange messages and chat with each other using instant game messenger.

Add Friends

An interactive gaming experience is offered by our gaming solution as the players are free to add new players and friends at any time from all across the world and at any time.

Money Deposit And Withdraw

The winning money always stays secured with the players. They can deposit and withdraw it at any time without concern about improper use.

Get Help

Our Bovada poker software is backed with rich technical support and allows players to play instantly by getting immediate solutions for their problems.

Game History

It is super simple for the players to track their current status and till date progress in the game. They can check the number of games won and accomplishments. Unique profiles can be created by the players and the same is displayed on their profile.

Easy To Install And Play

We intend to offer you endless entertainment and complete convenience. For this, we offer robust software that installs quickly. Its availability in ready-to-use format lets you play the game instantly.

Exciting Gaming Challenges

Our game is infused with a host of engaging and alluring challenges. Winners earn rewards, bonuses, chips, and additional gains that keep them glued to the game.

Peer To Peer Gaming Experience

Keep playing real-time games enjoyably with your peers. Always stay ahead in competition and play your winning moves. Showcase your skills to the words to let them know how amazing playing you are.

Additional Features of Our Bovada Software Makes it a Splendid Deal for the Users

Club Management

This is an exclusive feature that lets you establish new clubs and assign managers to each club. Wonderful powers and controls are enjoyed by the club managers. They can even customize various gaming functionalities.

Authorized Poker Script

The Bovada software offered by us is an authorized and certified solution. It is legally approved to be used in various countries across the world. You enjoy a rich and stress-free gaming time!.

Random Number Generator

For maintaining complete transparency among the players, we have based our software on an RNG algorithm. The winners are chosen on the basis of random selections.

Host Unlimited Tables and Players

Hosting numerous tables is very easy for the admin. They can add multiple players to the same that make the game more competitive, enjoyable and engaging.

Multiplayer Game

Innumerable players can enjoy playing the game simultaneously from all across the world. This makes the game more engaging and interactive.

Multi-Language Support

With the multi-language support of our software, it is possible for the players to select their favorite language to encourage global participation and boost the game spirit.

Multi-Currency Support

The Bovada poker software offered by us allows smooth easy selection for preferred currency. The selected currency is useful to perform numerous transactions. Also, you can select the cryptocurrency option.

In-Built Game Engine

We have created a robust engine for our software that makes it smooth for the user to control various game information, logics, and functionalities without needing third party integration.

Progressive Web App

Our app is a fast and smooth process for downloading the poker site. You don’t need to search through various app stores as everything is available for you.

Agent Module

Our game allows playing distinct game modules to let you enjoy a relishing and incredible gaming experience. The distinct modules make it easy to establish modules like Child Agent, Rake Commission, Master Agent, and Super Admin.

Global Gaming

Gamers around the world are fond of this software as it is equipped with rich and advanced features. The game is an efficient route to endless earnings and entertainment.

Real-Time Multiplayer Gaming

This is a real-time multiplayer game that let numerous players enjoy the game at the same time. The overall gaming experience is highly interactive and amusing.

Our Bovada Software is the Easiest Route to Advanced Gambling and Countless Benefits

If you are looking for a script, which is designed using rich source codes, then our Bovada software is a perfect choice. It is an advanced script that automates the entire betting process to let you earn the maximum amount in very less time. Our experts have used their skills and experience to the best to design a result-driven and pioneering script for the modern players. The script is useful for players across the world and allows you to earn consistent income without worrying about your bankroll. The script is a back-tested and certified version that has been coded by experts using the latest statistics and strategies. The regular upgrades and rich functionalities of our script open to you a world full of profits and benefits

  • Readymade-Script
  • Readymade Script

    We offer the poker software in a ready-to-use format that downloads instantly and integrates quickly thereby saving a lot of time.

  • reduced-time-of-development-and-cost
  • Reduced Time of Development and Cost

    Our seamless development process is managed by experts that result in reduced consumption of time, cost, and resources. Hence, you always land in a win-win situation.

  • Affordable-Solutions
  • Affordable Poker Solutions

    You don’t have to worry about witnessing hefty expenses as our poker solution is a highly affordable one. We offer the ease to pay the entire sum in monthly affordable installments.

  • faster-time-to-market
  • Faster Time to Market

    We make sure that the time to market your final product is very less so that more and more people can enjoy using it and you can start earning profits in a short period of time.

  • Pay-in-Installment
  • Pay in Installments

    Don’t worry about paying the entire monetary amount in lump sum as you can pay the total cost in affordable installments. The installment amount is fixed as per your convenience.

  • Bug-free-Development
  • Bug-free Games

    Every single code in our software is developed proficiently, and hence, is free from all kinds of technical errors. The entire experience is truly marvelous!.

  • 24.7-customer-support
  • 24/7 Support

    To make sure our users experience the best time of their lives, we have backed our Bovada poker software with 24/7 technical support and customer support.

  • ci-cd-4
  • CI/CD

    To ensure you gain the best, we follow a stringent CI/CD process for our software development. Regular and timely updates are sent to the clients based on suggestions and feedback.

  • transparency-3
  • Transparency

    We maintain transparent solutions and make sure that our users witness maximum gains in a hassle-free approach.

How Can Our Bovada Script be Profitable?

Bovada software offers poker players a 100% bonus on the total deposits made into their wallet in just 24 hours. It is an excellent offer as it offers players a chance to try the software before committing to a bigger deposit amount. Furthermore, there are a few amazing bonuses available for sports betting and casino games, especially if you know how to play Bitcoin. You can also earn Bovada poker bonus by earning Poker points. The choice of poker tournament and cash games is very good. This software operates at a simple player reward program where players can exchange the Player points for casino bonuses, free sports bets, and tournament entry tickets. Both sports bets and casino bonuses have rollover requirements before you withdraw the innings. So, if you wish to make huge profits in a short time period our script is the ultimate solution!

We Curate Distinguished Poker Games for All Platforms


Desktop Version

The desktop version of our Bovada script is the best one you will find ever. It is optimized to perform smoothly on all desktop platforms and has been developed using modern technologies. Equipped with cutting-edge features makes it an elite choice for the modern users. Run it on Mac, Windows, Linux, and other desktop platforms to enjoy exhilarating gaming and exceptional performance.


Web Version

We are experts in the game development industry who have designed an immaculate web version of the script. It is a brilliant solution with a user-friendly interface. The script is equipped with unmatched capabilities and enriched with incomparable functionalities. Using it allows users to earn tremendous profits.


Mobile Version

To help you in attracting and establishing a strong and trusted presence among the mobile customers, we offer a rich mobile version of our Bovada script. It is useful to operate on all mobile platforms like iOS and Android and allow you to enjoy an impeccable gaming time in a hassle-free and extremely profitable manner.

Reward Players with Rich Upgradation and Customization Service

When you are gambling online you definitely want to make more money and bear less loss. This is possible only when you have an unbeatable and updated solution in hand. Our Bovada poker software is exactly the same as it is backed with our exclusive upgradation and customization service. It is an affordably priced service, which you can avail to keep enjoying regular updates for the game by our experts. They regularly monitor other software and offer better solutions over them to let you always stay ahead of your competitors. Moreover, you get the ease of customizing the software as per your choice. From graphics, controls, tournaments, and other aspects you can customize all of it at a one-time fee

Our Expertise in Game Development

Gambling Game

The world is full of skilled gamblers and you can earn money through them by offering them an amusing, real-time, and transparent gambling platform. The game designed by our experts is infused with advanced features, cutting-edge functionalities and a friendly interface that makes you earn right from the day one of your investment.

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Mobile Game

Only the best mobile games can help you become a successful entrepreneur in this competitive world. Loaded with unmatched capabilities, our mobile games are a perfect solution to grab the player’s attention and keep them glued to the game. These are feature-packed units that are fine-tuned and created to help you earn high profit levels.

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Unity Game

When it comes to Unity games, you cannot compromise on performance, features, and graphics. It is because the market for these games is highly competitive. Keeping this in mind, we offer you the finest Unity games backed with all modern aspects and tailored to fit into everyone’s requirements.

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2D/3D Game

With the sophisticated yet alluring 2D and 3D games offered by us, you can expect a world full of amazement, monetary gains, and huge fan base. We are professionals backed with rich expertise holding unmatched capabilities that guarantee you to offer the best results in a short time period.

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Services and Benefits What AIS Technolabs Offers

AIS Technolabs is a leading name in the gaming arena and we have been serving the industry for over years. Partnering with us will not only let you gain the best Bovada software but will also help you enjoy a plethora of amazing benefits and trustworthy support.

We offer development services for all kinds of casino and gambling software. Additionally, we develop all kinds of games. If you don’t have any idea and neither possesses a technical background we assure you to offer support and best solutions at every step. You only have to invest, relax, and enjoy higher earnings every month.

Our team is packed with industry experts who very well understand your requirements and can suggest ways to attract the modern players. No matter what budget you have, we guarantee to offer the finest outcomes within it. Hence, if you want uncompromised quality, great reliability and host of services, which are proven to deliver at every stanza, we are surely the best choice. Some of the highlights of our offerings are:

  • Social media integration
  • Profit generating
  • Eye-striking graphics
  • User-friendly interface
  • Experienced and proficient programmers
  • Secured transactions using Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin
  • Tailor-made scripts as per client’s preferences and demands
  • Real-time gaming app services and development
  • Attention to detail
  • Robust strategy development

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A. Every custom offering differs based on the numbers of features you require, the technology used, time taken, resource utilization, and others. Hence, the correct estimation of the cost is handed over once the project details are finalized. But you can always compare it with the market as we are renowned to offer the best at cost-effective norms.

A. Definitely! We have an excellent team of skilled graphic designers who can design highly appealing and flawless graphics as per your choice. You only have to jot us your requirements and we will offer you matchless results.

A. Yes, our game is fully secured and safe. It is protected with the best anti-fraud system that keeps your data and money safe from all kinds of online thefts.

A. Yes, our post-delivery support is offered to all our customers. In fact, we can take care of the entire gaming process for you. From ideation, creation, to perfection and advertisement, we take into consideration each and every bit of game development and support and maintenance services.

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