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At AIS Technolabs we are catering to the IT Solutions need to different types of industries who are from different domains. The sizes of these industries also differ from one another. The business requirement of each also varies. There are different systems of Business delivery model which are used by us to serve these different types of requirement.

Effective Service Models

With the establishment of AIS Technolabs Pvt Ltd, we have employed the customer-centric business model that describes the design and architecture of the value we create for our global clients deliver and capture mechanism.

Our effective service model implementation reflects our hypothesis on what our customers want, how they want it and how we can organize our resources in the best manner to fulfill those needs, get paid for doing it better than our competitors, and importantly its all about making our customers happy working with us.

Delivery Models

The Onsite model involves our experts to be stationed at your complex and provide all support on real time basis. They act as a real business partner and have a dual reporting system. Apart from reporting to our office, they would also report to the site Project Manager. Our consultants will be present all the time at your site for providing the necessary solutions. This creates lesser problems of making changes later. Any chasms in communication would be avoided. Our consultants can give the best possible results as they can understand your actual needs with continuous face to face interactions.

This type would be suitable for you if you are located near to our office. This would be a cost effective method in which we can provide support from an offsite location to your project. If your business needs are not that concretely defined, and there is a change in the requirement, we can easily incorporate the same due to being in close vicinities. Instances where the customer cannot increase their facilities, this is the best option as it would cut down on the client’s expenses yet they would get the best of the benefits due to the nearness in geographical location.

This is one of the most popular types that are used clients all over the world. In this model of delivery, our center has to be located near to your site. There will be another offshore development center which is located far away. The jobs are distributed among these two centers. The majority of the task is carried out by the offshore development center. This model can offer you the benefits of an offsite delivery facility with more of control and independence. The responses to change requirements are also swifter. Getting these entire positive outcomes will not cost you anything extravagant.

Offshore Model

This model is the most effective one when you are looking for solutions that would be cost effective yet critical in nature. At the initiation phase, our project members will visit your site to interact with your engineers and understand the business requirements. After finalizing the work scope, they come back to their office at Ahmedabad, India and work dedicatedly for this project. You can get the best services with much of cost savings. At AIS Technolabs, our members would be working here as a part of your dedicated team in an offshore location.

Global Model

Through this variety, we at AIS Technolabs provide you with real-time command over the jobs that are being performed which is aligned with your place’s time zone. It is a globalized approach in which, the delivery will be in harmony with the global needs of the business hours. It is one of the most selected delivery models as it fits into all businesses in real time basis. You will get the services round the clock, and the high-end solutions are availed by your team without delay so that your business processes can be bettered upon without any delay.

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