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The definition of Business intelligence can be mentioned as the technology that is used to analyze the data and business information. The correct business intelligence will empower the organization’s existing data. AIS Technolabs believes in adapting to the rapid changes taking place in the market and so delivers business intelligence services at a high pace. With our business intelligence applications, you will get possible judgments for all the strategic problems. With our boundless business intelligence solutions, we are known for providing outstanding business intelligence technologies across the globe.

We help to analyze raw data for generating business intelligence reports for getting excellent results for software queries. The BI team at AIS Technolabs promotes to convert raw business data into meaningful tasks that would take your business at a higher level.

We are one of the promising business intelligence companies in delivering new techniques of business intelligence with a proven record of achieving goals and fulfilling the client’s requirements.

Our Services as a

Business Intelligence Software


  • BI Consulting
  • BI architect & Design
  • Advanced Report Building
  • Dash Boarding
  • Infrastructure Development

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Configuration & Support

  • BI Implementation service

Revolution of Business

With Long Term Vision

Bring business intelligence services into implementation requires the best plan. So we consider base as business requirements of a particular client and design it with the relevant business intelligence solutions. Using this methodology will business a compelling vision.

BI consultation

AIS Technolabs offers an opportunity to access BI insights anywhere anytime. Also, it helps to develop BI strategies by optimizing business intelligence tools for data assurance processes. This help increase responsiveness, reduce IT cost, reduced workload for better decision making process.

Business Analytics Solutions

For the clients to get privileged stories and positive trends, we design and implement dashboard services. These designs are implemented after confirming security issues and user roles.

Mobile Business Intelligence

We help business in creating prominent business intelligence applications to create more personalization through their mobile phones.

Enterprise reporting solutions

In the modern age of technology, it is mandatory to create better business intelligence reporting for the betterment of employees, clients, and business intelligence company partners.

Sales Intelligence

Business intelligence helps a lot while negotiating with potential clients using hard data. This would be great when you would need to claim the data. Quick decisions regarding sales can be made easily with the help of real-time data and mobile business intelligence reports.

Presentation management

The best way to track and implement the performance goals of the firm is by using business intelligence services. Tracking of sales goals and target delivery time regularly is referred to as presentation management. This would provide efficient and active goal management functions.

Why Businesses Opt for
Business Intelligence Solutions

In the world of risky investments, the use of the business intelligence technologies will help decrease the risk of your assets by allowing you to detect the change that occurs in the market and even the behavior patterns of the clients.

The practical importance of Business intelligence can be discussed as:

  • Converts data into vital information

    Business intelligence technology helps to create a bridge between the approaches and functions of your business. Being the owner of the company, the basic goal is to have structured and analyzed information about the company. It is fair enough that having proper data will not only lead to better decisions but will also have a lead role in increasing the financial activities of the company.

  • Increase in marketing and sales intelligence

    Business intelligence reporting will keep track by analyzing the data of your clients or customers. It helps to interact with your client at a deeper level, which will allow you to track the consumer issues and reach the solutions at a fast pace. Once you get to know the targeted issue, you can reach there with increased sales.

  • Benchmarking the productivity

    Business intelligence applications will help in assisting in bringing atomization in day to day tasks. Data analysis can be done more effectively and accurately which results in sparring more time in business activities rather than scrutinizing the data. The use of business intelligence services can assist in using time more effectively.

  • Data visualization

    Business intelligence helps to visualize data and get to the conclusion very effectively quickly. Getting the hidden information that will increase our approach to understand the data quickly is only possible by the use of business intelligence. Also, getting a way to identify the patterns or trends which generally are unexplored can be found out quickly. We can also find the errors on which we need more work process to get in.

  • Uniform compatible platform

    The most useful feature of business intelligence is a cloud-based tool that adds the benefit of accessing information anytime and anywhere across any internet base. This makes the use of mobile more common in working.

  • Access to vital information

    Every business runs on the risk. Where business intelligence reporting decreases the amount of risk by providing accurate business intelligence reporting and eliminating the guesswork process.

Business Intelligence Phases

There is a need to develop a system that can fetch from the systems and construct appropriate business analysis. The construction must be done in such a way that it guides the useful information to business people with the use of business tools.

  • Definition Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Documentation

Why Invest In
AIS Technolabs?

When it comes to business intelligence services, we can proudly mention the reasons why people choose AIS Technolabs as the best business intelligence company.

We believe in rapid consultation and maintain continuous contact with the client. Our team provides regular updates to the client regarding the status of the project completion. Customers’ requirements are our priority. We have a track record of delivering projects on time. AIS Technolabs team experts possess an ability to create a spectrum of work in organizing, extracting, transforming data mining and angling data, and more. AIS Technolabs promises to serve your desired business intelligence technology and accelerate your business to the top level.

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