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Bustabit Script

At AIS Technolabs, we offer you the best clone scripts for game development to help businesses succeed. Bustabit is one of the amazing bitcoin gambling games that has evolved to new versions. Being unique, anyone can place bets and gamble with bitcoins. The game is easy to understand and really entertaining for the users.

We, therefore, offer you a clone script for Bustabit that is coded and developed to provide a typical crypto casino like experience. Our script is easily comprehensible and can be used for gambling sites. All the years of experience, knowledge and learning of our team is behind the code of this brilliant Bustabit source code. Hence, you don’t have to go through months of trials.

Our experts have put in hours to assess how everything works before creating the Bustabit script and added those assessments to the script to help you build a secure game. No matter what, it gives you amazing results. You don’t have to be a tech-savvy to use it. It is curated in a way that you can run it conveniently.

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Bustabit Script

Why Should You Go For Script Bustabit?

Bustabit works as a blockchain casino, offering a unique betting experience to the users. We help our clients get feature-rich games using readymade script, which helps them build feature-rich games. You can be assured that you will get top-notch quality games from us.

We can help you customize the Bustabit source code as per your requirements. The experienced and skilled game developers working with AIS Technolabs create next-gen gaming experience for the end users. We plan the best strategy for Game development for android to help our clients enjoy the maximum ROI.

Our Bustabit Source Code is Enriched with Outstanding Features that Will Change Your Bets Straightaway

Admin Features

Manage Profiles
Admin Dashboard
User Profile Management
easy passenger management
Deposit and Withdrawal
Deposit and Withdrawal
Simple Fare Management
Reviews And Rankings
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Let Your Players Enjoy a Great Gaming Experience with Fantastic Features

Login / Sign up

With the impeccable Bustabit source code offered by us, the players are able to easily login to the game. They only have to provide necessary details and they can enjoy playing the game to the fullest.

Crash Gameplay

Enjoy a superb time while playing ultimate crash gameplay. It is loaded with outstanding functionalities and will make you fall in love with it.

Game History

This is a unique feature of our Bustabit game script that allows players to instantly go through the previous game details and check their gaming moves. They can also fetch details related to a particular game and total numbers of game won, money lost, game lost, and others.

Game Statistics

With this script, the players can closely check all the game statistics. They can enjoy playing and winning simultaneously. The game offers an enhanced experience.


Always keep a close eye on the leaderboard and maintain a positive balance to stay in a winning situation. Our script lets you check the leaderboard score anytime and from anywhere.


Enjoy live chats with other players during the game. Let the script run and do its work and players have a fun-filled time while playing the bets.

Deposit History

Checking history of previous deposits of the game is super easy with our script. You just have to click on this feature and the complete details of your past history will be showcased on the screen.


With our script, you can keep a track of all monetary deposits and withdrawals. You never have to worry about the security as your money will stay safe in your account.


Make winning bets and moves by getting tips from pro players. These tips are based on yearly assessment of the game by our developers and are proven to deliver success always.

Rank Details

Keep an eye on your current rank. You can access the script from any device and check your rank. This ensures that you always stay on the top among high earners.

Enjoy Advanced Gambling and Avail Numerous Benefits with Our Bustabit Script

The script offered by us is based on rich Bustabit source code to help you build future-ready games. It automates the betting process. We have used meticulously tested and success driven processes. Our customers worldwide are still using the script and without consistently focusing on the screen. Our script is unique, which is why customers from all across the world are attracted towards it. This is an advanced script that is developed, backend-tested and user tested to provide success. Our programmers have coded them by using the latest strategies and statistics. The scripts purchased by us get upgraded over time. This is not it! There are numerous other benefits you can avail.

Quick Development
Readymade Script
Affordable Poker Solutions
Thorough Testing Before Delivery
24/7 Support
100% Transparency
Higher ROI

How Our Bustabit Script is Profitable?

Our experts have designed the script ensuring that your account balance stays safe while you make more and more profit. The script provided by us helps the money in your account grow and what you have invested for Bustabit game development is recovered. Just imagine your account balance is huge in just a few days! You no more have to stick to the computer screen, spend weeks and months for game development, or be frustrated. Just use this script and stay relaxed. The script will do all the work and you just enjoy profits.

We Build Games for All Platforms

Desktop Version

Desktop Version

Our developers have designed the best Bustabit script that is optimized to run on all desktop platforms. Our script is developed using the latest technologies and is integrated with cutting-edge features, delivering exceptional performance. You can run it easily on Linux, Mac, Windows, and other platforms.

Web Version

Web Version

The web version of our script is brilliantly designed by experts to run flawlessly on web platforms. Our games have a user-friendly interface and are equipped with striking capabilities. The presence of robust functionalities let you enjoy immense profits.

Mobile Version

Mobile Version

With a feature-rich script offered by us, it is possible to attract mobile players worldwide. The script runs smoothly on Android and iOS operating systems and lets you enjoy a great gaming time from anywhere without witnessing issues.

Enjoy Financial Freedom by Staying Ahead of Others with Our Upgradation and Customization Service

The Bustabit script offered by us is curated to help small and large businesses earn the maximum ROI. Our script is developed by experts and updated for the new Bustabit updates. Once an upgrade is released, we shall remove the old script and replace it with new one to earn maximum success. Additionally, you can customize various aspects and functionalities of the existing script. The script can be customized to control various capabilities like visuals, tournaments, controls, challenges, and other services to let you stay ahead of the competitors.

Our Expertise in Game Development is
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Services and Benefits that AIS Technolabs Offers
– What Make us the Best!

Shaking hands with AIS Technolabs takes you to a world full of benefits, profits, and ultimate solutions. You only have to place your request with us and we assure to deliver the most eminent services.

We ensure that our software offers long-lasting benefits to the gamblers. Our experts very well understand that your firm needs software within a strict budget and have their preference over the development and design related aspects. Our services are of uncompromised quality and proven to exceed client’s expectations.

  • Social media integration
  • Profit generating
  • Eye-striking graphics
  • User-friendly interface
  • Experienced and proficient programmers
  • Secured transactions using Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin
  • Tailor-made scripts as per client’s preferences and demands
  • Real-time gaming app services and development
  • Attention to detail
  • Robust strategy development
Bustabit source code

A robust script with rich Bustabit source code is the key to success. It can be a game changer for your entire gaming strategy. To make sure your business always stays high and ranks upwards, you can trust us to deliver you the best. Contact us as we would like to serve you at the earliest.


It is slightly difficult to give a precise estimation right away. It is because the overall cost depends on numerous factors such as features integrated, time taken, resources utilized, technology used, and others. However, we guarantee to offer services at most competitive prices.

Yes, we have been into the business of game development for years. We have already delivered hundreds of similar games and have a happy clientele base worldwide.

We have a vast team of skilled developers and talented designers. Each professional in our team is an experienced one holding in-depth knowledge in his field.

To ensure our customers get the best, we are dedicated to offering exceptional app maintenance and post-delivery support. We make sure that you get the best results and support for all your queries and related issues.