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Cab dispatch system

A cab dispatch system is a method of assigning the job to the drivers. This system is built to ease the use of customers to book for a cab and assist the company to manage the data. In this system, passengers are mapped with drivers while traveling a certain distance from the pick-up location. In this time of mobility and internet, cab dispatch software plays a vital role to run your cab business successfully. With a perfect cab dispatch system, you will add efficiency to your business and also will stay ahead of your competitors by including advanced features to meet the demands of your car rental software business.
Implementing a cab Dispatch System is a significant step for every cab Business Owner. It is a crucial step revamps the entire operations and shift to where the technology is at its best. We, at AIS Technolabs, are the leading software development company, actively committed to providing cab dispatch software to our valuable clients. We always follow the most advanced mechanism, used in the current taxi booking app solutions. We provide you step by step mechanism to use the cloning software, in your favor. So, even if you have no clue regarding the best technical approach, you can get that straight from our side, right away. Our offered cab Dispatch System is designed in such a way that it comprehends and fulfills all the corporate requirements. The system will resolve all your corporate transportation woes. The cab dispatch system we offer comes with the following features
  • Secured Login: The Credentials of customers and driver are always completely secured.
  • Ease of booking: The cab dispatch system enables you to book your cab in just one click
  • Rating: A customer can rate or give feedback for the drivers based on there in the ride
  • Regular updates: Both driver and customer will get a regular update on the current status
  • Statistical Report: The Report on rides that had taken place along with the amount which had spent so far.
  • Management: it incorporates dashboard, manual and automatic dispatch, live driver tracking, offers and much more.
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Vehicle Dispatch Software

When people started choosing cab booking software flexibility and cashless payments, mobile applications come on the driver’s seat in transportation. Vehicle dispatch software is highly acclaimed by all taxi owners for its fully automated operations, cost-effectiveness, better productivity, brand awareness, and customer satisfaction. There are awesome benefits of adopting our vehicle dispatch software for your business.

Improved booking frequency
Our Vehicle dispatch software will consequently increase the number of bookings. The real-time location of the available vehicle through GPS location-based mapping and routing inspire more people to perform online bookings and thus improve the customer occupancy rates to a better extent.
Operational efficiency
In this time of high completion, difficult dispatch process, passenger safety, and quality are the challenging factors, managing a vehicle fleet can be very challenging. Efficient cab management system can facilitate the overall improvement and efficiency of the dispatch process.
Improved ROI
There is an observation about the increment of the total volume of vehicle trips with the introduction of mobile apps that provides higher reliability and quality. This leads in more number of passengers, improved ROI and thus, increased revenue for the taxi owners.
Optimum vehicle management
While organizing a vehicle dispatch solution can systematize the operations, it also offers space for easier maintenance of all vehicles. Now, with the GPS facility, it ensures the safety of the vehicles and a substantial reduction in the accidents.
Satisfied customers
Vehicle dispatch system eliminates the long time wait of passengers and enables them instant access to cabs nearby with no delay. Passengers will be more than happy and satisfied at this fast and easy booking facility.
Improved quality of service
With your vehicle dispatch system, you can improve the quality and standards services that you provide to your passengers and drivers. It is an easy method to serve your passengers efficiently and hence build the trust and loyalty of your brand.
Assured passenger safety
The online reservations attached with the vehicle and driver tracking mitigates the safety anxieties that are specially tagged to the taxi industry. Now, with the awareness of the safety precautions, various people who like taxi rides leaving their safety concerns behind.
Improved brand recognition
Optimum quality service to your customers will certainly increase brand awareness. And mobile apps with its digital reach helps are promoting a global presence of your business and connect with your passengers irrespective of the location.
If you are for the best vehicle dispatch solutions, we are the final destination for you. Get in touch with us to get your car dispatch system to render best taxi ride booking experience for your customers. By using a cab dispatch solution, you will be able to manage your business operations smoothly and can have a superior customer base and revenue as well.