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Cab Management System

The on the go app-based cab booking system has seen an exponential growth in the past few years. From Uber to Ola to Meru the on-demand cab booking system has seen the emergence of many service providers in the market.
This boom has inspired budding businessmen and entrepreneurs to take up the challenge and venture into this profit-making domain. However, to give a firm start to your on-demand cab booking business it’s essential to incorporate all those elements that have led to the success of now popular cab booking apps.
First among the essentials is to get the app based setup in familiarity with what the popular and successful apps are using. This calls for clone based app development or use of clone script of the popular app and then customizing it as per your need.
The second and most important thing amongst all is a Cab Management System (That involves the user app as well) that manages and coordinates the whole function from cab registration to cab booking by the user.The involvement of vehicle dispatch software and apps and the need of integration of various features call for technical expertise to come and play its role. Software and app development firms are suited best to bring in that technical expertise on board.
Professional coders and developers provide you that flexibility and freedom to develop the app as per the need of your business and that too in a cost-effective manner. Thus, the first idea that comes in the mind (in case you don’t possess technical knowledge) is to get the app developed from these firms.
AIS Technolabs is providing such dedicated and professional solutions to its clients from quite sometimes. Housing a team of professional and experienced coders we have that experience of working on apps that have done wonders in their domain. To deliver to the needs and satisfaction of the client is the ultimate aim of our service delivery.

What is Cab Management System (CMS)?

Cab Management System (CMS) can be defined as the whole ecosystem or setup in which the entire app based system of cab booking works. To understand it in a simpler way we can take the analogy of employee management system where the data related to all the employees is stored in a database system and changes and updates take on as and when the need arises.

The servers, the app, the user, the cab driver, and operation management system all put together to form the Cab Management System. Thus, CMS can be said as the sum total of all the activities that are essential to keep running your app based Cab booking software system running.

Some essential features of Cab management software

  • Registration of Cabs and Cab drivers
  • Linkage with the positioning system
  • Linkage with servers
  • Payment gateway integration
  • User Interface setup
  • User detail upload and account setup
  • Integration with social networking websites for smooth login
  • Connect with customer support desk
  • Data sharing on the real-time basis
  • Connect between user and cab driver
  • Profile management of Cab driver
  • Payment management for Drivers
  • Revenue tracking and revenue collection system
All these features are quite essential in making the business run in a smooth and effective manner. Hence, having a CMS developed and setup is a crucial step in your business plan.

At AIS we have been providing need-based CMS system developed and set up for our clients. Support regarding operation management and effective utilization of business through the CMS is also provided to the clients at no additional cost.

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AIS TechnoLabs
AIS Technolabs is a not a novice in the domain of CMS and mobile clone app/open source based app development. Delivering to the needs of customized CMS systems and open source code based cab booking script solution we have developed a robust coding environment.

Following benefits are up for grab when you choose AIS as your software and CMS development Company

  • Popular CMS models to be adopted
  • Quick and easy server management
  • Clone-based app providing cost-effective solutions
  • App design and graphics as per the need of the client
  • Integration with GPS
  • Easy linkage with payment checkout
  • User profile management
  • Real-time information sharing
  • Synchronization with social networking apps
  • Support, assistance, and guidance to be extended as per clients’ needs
  • 24×7 technical support
  • Security-related vulnerabilities are handled effectively
  • Smooth app operations
If you’re looking for CMS and open source code app, clone app or clone script based app development then you can lay your trust on AIS. Our commitment to delivering to the client’s trust and faith makes us work hard. Please feel free to register your development and software related needs through contact us section of our website. We are here to get your required solutions to get delivered.