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Since its inception, Candy Crush has become one of the most played games worldwide. Thanks to the robust Candy Crush software that transformed simple ideas and a bit of creativity into an immense business success. Candy Crush was released in 2012 and even today holds high craze among gamers of all ages and tastes. If you, too, want to enjoy the same flavor of success and look out for the best Candy Crush script, we would like to introduce ourselves as the best Candy Crush game developer. At AIS Technolabs, we have already delivered numerous successful games like Candy Crush, and just like for our other customers, we can make it work for you as well.

The concept of Candy Crush is simple, and all you need to do is match 3 similar colored candies in a column or row to get going and clear one level after the other. What makes it interesting is its surprises that keep coming in your way and increasing complexities with each passing level. As a result, the game becomes more engaging and addictive. We can offer you a highly addictive Candy Crush Saga script that will let your players stay glued to your game and keep them moving in a flow.

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candy crush software

By offering the best script Candy Crush Saga can turn your gaming idea into an enormous success. Our connoisseurs’ design and develop rich functionalities and features that keep fascinating gamers and, at the same time, let you earn huge profits. We are experienced developers who very well comprehend the intricacies and challenges involved in re-creating an already famous game. But you need not worry as we are experts and confident in this. Our certified developers use advanced technologies and develop Candy Crush source code Android and iOS users, ensuring it stands intense market competition and generates huge ROI.

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It might be surprising, but it is not necessary to introduce complex gameplays to gain spontaneous success. Even most of the busy gamers prefer playing games with simple gameplay and creatively unique aspects. For this reason, Candy Crush became a massive success among players of all ages, and it is now time you head towards gaining the same level of success. You only have to brief us your gaming idea, and our experts will handle all creative and technical bits, ensuring your recreated Candy Crush script is also thriving. We possess all the skills and knowledge and have been into this line of business for years. We are famous for building apps, which go viral. By introducing secret tricks to managing the market promotion, we handle everything to make sure you get what you desire.

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candy crush game developer

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Less Programming Time

Less Programming Time

Customized Offerings at All Levels

Customized Offerings at All Levels

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Precise Documentation

Engaging UI

Engaging UI

Exclusive Features

Exclusive Features

Addictive Gameplay

Addictive Gameplay

Re-creating mobile games and apps saves a lot of money and time. Anyone can purchase the Candy Crush source code Android but not get success. We help you check the bad and good reviews of an app to let you gain an idea about how mobile games are recreated. Before you purchase the source code, we introduce new features, levels, and elements in the games to let you have the best achievements. We make you fully aware of the business benefits of the gaming app. Building a gaming app is complex, and recreating involves less cost. We build premium gaming models, which guarantee to bring benefit to your business and increase your revenue to a great extent.

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We have a unique engine for developing games similar to Candy Crush. We offer brilliant outcomes that bring you better ROI and quick results. You can buy our Candy Crush source code Android to develop rich apps with similar gameplay. Our source code is enriched with splendid features based on the latest technologies to allow you to enjoy more benefits and returns than the original Candy Crush software. Some of the elements you get in source code developed by us are as follows.

  • Different levels of gaming involving unique challenges and surprises to keep the gamers engaged.
  • Out-of-the-box creativity, which is unique yet memorable and highly impressive.
  • Comfortable and relaxing gameplay that people of all ages and groups can enjoy.
  • Limited number of lives on each level and the invitation to earn more lives for an interactive gaming experience.
  • Limitless game levels and endless content. The difficulty increases at every level and keeps players involved.
candy crush software

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We have a skilled team of knowledgeable programmers and proficient mobile app developers they have developed numerous successful applications with their expertise and experience for android, iOS, and more other platforms. We offer complete flexibility to our customers and customize solutions based on their choice. Hiring us means you will gain access to innovative and unique features in your gaming app. From clone app development to creating an entirely new game, we can offer what you want. We also provide you the resources to choose each element as per your preference. We are just a call away, and so is your success!

We Offer a Multitude of
Innovative Features in Your Game

Facebook Integration

To make the game viral, it has to be integrated with social platforms. We integrate the game with Facebook to generate buzz and efficiently solve your purpose.

In-App Purchase

Just like Candy Crush, we even design a game with the Freemium model. Once the app is built, you can use the IAP editor for making monetary benefits.

Advertisement Controller

We help to generate a massive volume of revenue for your business through advertisements. We offer an advertisement controller that allows monitoring and controlling adverts in your app.

Cloud Storage

We offer a rich game offering the potential to get a billion downloads. With our Cloud Storage feature, you can have absolute control over the game.

Editing Level

Candy Crush is a simple yet engaging game with numerous levels. We design its clone with similar graphics, game duration, and flow.

Game Testing and Compatibility

Before we offer you the final game, we test it for bugs, errors and make sure it is compatible with various sorts of mobile platforms.

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We are a team of experts offering rich resources that are designed exclusively just for you. We can provide you with a dedicated developer’s services so that you have complete control over your project.

  • We maintain absolute transparency in our offerings and charge no hidden prices.
  • The security of our customers is prime importance to us. We back your website with absolute safety by fulfilling all legal and online legalities. We own secured workstations and parameters to maintain IP security offering total protection.
  • We even offer an exclusive and authorized source code, which is related to your project and ensure that the code is not disclosed to any other person.
  • To maintain smooth communication, we offer 24 x 7 chat and communication support. .
  • We work day and night to efficiently meet your requirements and complete the project within the desired timeframe

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