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Online Car Rental Software

We offer affordable business solutions to build your Car rental software . Whether you’re just tapping into a new auto rental market or you’re in an established business we can help you develop strong car rental script that compliments your business. Your online car rental software is your identity and we strive to make it a viable solution for your business.

With the growth in self-driving and auto rental business industry, your online presence is crucial for customers to find the right vehicle to rent and travel to places. You can have smooth functioning, highly responsive and efficient software built in no time, because we care enough to cater to your business needs. With our expert developers, you will have the product ready in no time. Not just that, we’d be glad to be on the call even after your Car rental booking script is ready and delivered.

Car handling system

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You can save and manage information about your Car by registration number, type (size, emission and economy class), colour, model, rental price as per the duration, insurance number. Apart from these, you can modify details at any given point of time such as adding extra features to each car type like adding child seats, voice-activated controls for phone, audio and climate, GPS and built-in navigation system.

Reservation handling system

With all of the other strong features, a powerful and smooth running reservation handling system is subsumed in your product.

Booking details can be:

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    Added, deleted and modified from the admin console

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    Can be searched by many options such as name, type, date, pick up/drop off locations etc

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    Saved to your client database for future use

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    Controlled from the admin console

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Automated features

In a business such as car rentals, it is crucial to have automation working seamlessly across different verticals. It is also a very strong demand to handle a massive number of customers these days. Hence, we’ve made it our priority to provide automated features for a streamlined product. You can automate the reservation process so that there would be pre-booking options as well as spot rentals.

Some of the features in this list:

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    You can set up the duration, time-slot and the location

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    You can add a pick-up and drop-off locations

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    You can also add any transfer locations

Car Rental Software Open Source App-based technology

A strong app-based technology ensures the widespread reach of any business. We also provide services to integrate your car rental software open source into app-based technology to be used in different mediums, whether it is on Android or Apple devices. Also, we ensure making all of this possible with the same consistent performance across all the verticals.

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Sky-high performance

Our car rental system PHP source code is designed to work spotlessly even with overhead and huge database size. It is highly responsive and doesn’t cost you any waiting time. Whether it is your car rental site or mobile app, we ensure to keep it consistent.

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Multi-channel payment

You can manage your payment options either online or offline more flexibly with our car rental software through PayPal, cash, Credit/debit, or wire transfers. On request, we can also work with other payment gateways. If you’d like, we can also integrate conversion of currency to support your global operation requirements.

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Source code

With our cab booking script, we can customize your product anytime. Our software developer team will help you make changes and customize the software as you prefer.

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You can add, delete and update the insurance information whenever required. You can add options for full coverage, custom packages. You can also add options to modify within coverage options easily. Therefore, your users can get safety against emergency situations.

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Multi-lingual support

You can also opt for changing your car rental software interface to any language you like.

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Customizable interface

With our pre-designed colour themes, we can create the interface design you like.

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Add extra features

Apart from all these things, if you’re interested to add features of your own preference we’re all ears. Our team is highly flexible so you can have the best client experience.

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