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Car rental php script

We offer the best car rental systems for your business so you can start generating income from your business. In a competitive marketplace, you need the best support to boost and sustain your automobile rental business.
We at AIS Technolabs help businesses like yours build the best car rental software that can steer as an action plan for your continuous success. With an interactive design, highly responsive car rental PHP script you can give a rich user-friendly experience to all your customers. We’ve compiled most of the features after weighing in the latest trends and customer demands in the car rental marketplace.

Why choose us ?

We care enough to cater to your budding business needs, we’re a means to an end. In this case, the end is your success. With our expert professional developers, you can have your product ready in a flash. Not only that, we’d be glad to be on the call even after your PHP rental system is set up and delivered.

Multiple location setting

You can now set up multiple locations such as pickup, drop off as well as transfer locations for a single rental.

Configure email and text notifications

You can configure email notifications and text alerts about the rental information and send it to customers. You can also keep your customers informed about coupons, discounts or packages available.

Automated booking

In today’s fast pace world, automation makes our lives easier, faster and our actions better planned. With the integration of automation into your car rental script your customers can now schedule bookings, select car type, make reservations in advance.


Customers commonly complain that similar applications in the market limit users to only booking one vehicle whereas, with us you can provide them the feature of booking more than one car on a single user account. You would still be able to run the system evenly.
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Add unlimited extra features with our best car rental software

Apart from all of the above, you can still add an unlimited number of extra features for your car rental software. Through our years of experience and our expert developer team, we’d be happy to recommend additional features that could fit in with your business requirements. Also, with the changing market trends, we understand the need to stay updated and relevant in the car rental marketplace. Therefore, we offer you the option of adding as many extra features you want.

Multi-channel payments

We offer payment transfers not only through PayPal but also wire transfers, CC, Cash etc.

A range of themes

Design and presentation is everything. In effect, we give you the freedom to choose from a wide range of themes for your product.

Dynamic search

Your customers can instantly search for the required result using our dynamic search tool. They can search using any number of fields or sub-fields such as car type, registration number, make or model, booking duration, cost and also through the extra features added. We ensure that this tool is highly responsive and works seamlessly across both web and mobile applications.


Not only developing the best car rental script, we also support you with marketing and promotion of your brand. In our constant endeavour to do better, we want to further collaborate with brands like yours more conscientiously than ever. If you’re just starting out, then what’s better than a professional help from your side.Ultimately, you’d find an effective customer service and attitude while working with our team which is why our clients love us.

Easily customizable php rental system

Unlike other car rental PHP MySql in the market, we provide a completely customizable standard script. It’s so easy that our customers love it and you will too. This is the reason why we give you the freedom of adding extra features or completely adding new modules to your car rental script. The best part of all this is that our developer team will support you throughout the process and even further.

Payment tracker

Whether it’s a small or large business, tracking and maintaining your payment information is not easy. With this intention, we offer a payment tracker tool integrated into your software to manage your operations more efficiently.

Database backup and management

We also offer you the means to backup your database. You can just log in to your admin console and create a backup of all the important data. You can also manage your operations, control reservations, change settings through the admin system. In effect, you can have a better control over your day to day operations.