Casino Game Development Company

casino game development company

Games are the best part of any online casino. We at AIS technologies offer our clients qualitative, innovative and creative online games. We offer different packages to match the exact need of every client.

Why should you select AIS?

Our primary focus is on casino game development which has become popular in recent times. We develop casino games like Scratch cards, Poker, slot machines, Roulette, Blackjack, wheel of fortune and others. Our developers have core expertise in designing as well as developing casino games for desktop computers, laptops and mobile phones. We have an experience in managing the offshore casino and betting games

Different types of online casino games


It is game where the players need to guess the number on which the ball will land on the heel to collect points.


It is played to collect as many cards as possible to come close to 21 points, but not exceeding it. In this game, the total should be higher than the dealer.


It is a casino game where the numbers are called out randomly and the first player to overcome these numbers loudly calls “Bingo” and wins the game.

Slot Machine

First, you need to bet that you are ready to place an end to winning a jackpot based on random numbers. The numbers are generating results on the winning reels.

Video Poker

It is a game where a player decides how much he wants to bet and then he receives a hand of cards. The player needs to exchange bad cards with the good ones to reach a winning combination.


The player needs to select a number between one to ten from the 80 numbers Keno Board. In each game, the player hopes of matching as much number with the 20 number draw.

AIS- The Casino Game Development Company

If you are looking for a casino game development company for online betting software solutions, then our team of experts can help you start your project. We design and develop betting games like video poker, video slots, social casino games, and different lottery systems.

Our casino gaming products are fully loaded with high-quality graphics and flawless gaming design. Our team comprises of gaming developers with intense knowledge in creating different kinds of online casino games for different platforms (mobile and online).

Our experts can also design gaming rules and gameplay which are based on your requirements including single and multiplayer modes.

API integration

API is a set of methods with the help of which the gaming content is uploaded to the casino gaming application. The API integration could take months, that is why we are offering several packages that are available with single API integration. We enable our clients to add all the gaming systems to their existing casino platform.


At AIS, we not only process your casino game development, but we also provide gamification features in order to enhance the user experience of your game. The gamification features in the game will make the game truly exciting for your players.

Mobile compatibility

In today’s world, the majority of the players prefer mobile gaming experience, so that they can play the game as per their convenience. By keeping this in mind we create the game which is responsive and can be played at any screen resolution.

Portal That Offer Best Gaming Experience

With our team of experienced casino developers, we have emerged as one of the finest online casino game development companies across the country. Our main goal is to implement innovative and creative ideas into the casino gaming development environment for the improvement of the overall gaming experience.

Optimize Gaming Solution For Better User Experience

We not only develop your casino game, but we also optimize it for providing the best user experience. Our gaming developers do extensive research and implement strategies to make the best UX for the players.

Implement Innovative Ideas Into The Game

When you take into account the interest of the users while developing the software, the possibility of success increases. We ensure that our flash game developers will help you to get the best outcome from your casino games. We put your ideas into the gaming protocol and enable you to describe your thoughts and imagination to our developers, as they are the one who would transform your ideas into actions and ultimately into reality.

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