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Chinese poker or Pusoy as its known as, is a poker card game that has been played in the Asian community for many years. It has now started to gain worldwide popularity due to the exciting gambling experience it provides. The game gives a lesson to players about how the traditional sets like full house or straight flush compete against totally different scoring like getting 13 unique same suit cards.

All such players who love Las Vegas or Macau casino games, would definitely like to try this game.

So if you are a game enthusiast, wanting to start your own online casino business, we can serve you the best gaming platform. Our gaming interface is sturdy and robust and is developed by our dedicated team of software professionals.

Rules of Chinese Poker

The rules of Chinese Poker are pretty simple.

Mathematical nature of game

Contrary to normal poker, China Poker is a game that can be “solved”.
Even if you can’t actually solve it mathematically, as an equation, you can use a computer to calculate the mathematically best way to play a hand.

Adjusting to the opponent

There’s no standard scoring system in Chinese Poker. Experienced players often use a scoring system that simulates the mathematically correct play, and then play according to the tendencies of the opponent.

No betting in China Poker

Chinese Poker, is a poker game with no betting involved. That is, there’s no betting during the play of a hand. The players instead play for points just as in many other card games like bridge and gin rummy.

Avoid invalid hands

Avoid putting down invalid hands. It’s a common mistake and a costly one, since it awards each of your opponents a scoop against you.

Scoop or prevent scooping

Award Scooping is the most popular scoring systems in Chinese Poker, that is, winning all three hands. So your primary focus should be to scoop, since it’s very profitable.

Playing with four pairs

With 13 cards, you’ll have four pairs quite often. In the lack of a better hand, putting the second best pair in Front may be your best option.

Splitting pairs in Chinese Poker

Most of time it’s better to split the pairs since a pair in the Front is quite strong while two pair in the Middle is quite weak.You may try other splitting options as well according to situation.

Splitting a full house

Whether to have a full house in Back or break it up and put the pair in Front is something which depends on the value of the pair and on the rest of your cards.

Game features

  • Players get a free account, no deposit required
  • Game provides options to play with either real money or free chips.
  • Friendly interface and Intuitive controls
  • Chat and messaging features available in the game
  • Awesome game graphic with realistic casino environment.
  • Players can choose their own Avatar to represent themselves on the card table.
  • Players can rise through the ranks and conquer other casinos.
  • Fun gameplay and simple control.
  • Players can submit their scores to the Leaderboard and see whether they qualify as the top 20 players in the world.


An enticing twist of the game is the possibility of playing a hand in “Fantasy Land”. In Fantasy Land, a player can arrange their cards after seeing how other players have arranged their cards, a significant advantage. Players enter Fantasy Land based on rules pertaining to card combinations of their previous hand.

Why choose AIS Technolabs for game development?

As a business owner you can make huge profits from our online poker platform due to our unique game development capabilities listed below:

  • Our game supports all browsers and can run on iOS, Android and other platforms.
  • In order to support different mobile platforms, we use the well-known technologies like Unity and PhP to code the game application.
  • We keep ourselves updated with the latest technology in order to design 2D and 3D interface for multiple gaming application.
  • Programing of payout percentages, play win ratios, and jackpots will be done
  • Our games are GLI certified and tested
  • Advance Fraud and collusion detection algorithms are integrated within the online poker software.
  • Secure game play environment is provided through SSL, secure payments and random number generators.
  • We customize the final product according to the needs of our client.
  • Our game developers have a lot of experience and exposure in the field of game development.
  • Lastly our software is scalable and can run smoothly as more number of players get added to your poker software platform.
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