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That take care of infrastructure, virtualization, and database – easily and reliably

Cloud app development, big data, and analytics are changing the fundamentals of how we use and access information, and interact with each other. The new wave of cloud based software development paradigms is expanding at an unprecedented pace.

Developing a versatile cloud application with our robust technological expertise will improve your chances of supremacy via top-notch cloud application development services. We use Google App Engine, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure to provide cloud-based application development services. Our team will help you tackle the difficult challenges of cloud software development.

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Cloud Software Development

Develop And Deploy Cloud-Based Software To Ensure Your Company Is Future-proof

The cloud application development team at AIS Technolabs have strong expertise in designing and integrating the finest cloud based application development with PaaS (Platform as a Service) imbibing the complexities of a multi-tenant architecture. Taking advantage of the Cloud’s inexhaustible capacity, our extensive cloud-based application development service offerings exhibit maximum scalability, reduced costs, maximized ROI, and enhanced growth.

Our dedicated cloud software development professional team helps enterprises run their business without the need for heavy technology infrastructure investment. We help you to select the best cloud based software development computing model – the public, the private, and hybrid cloud app development that serves your business needs and leverage the application development in cloud computing.

At AIS Technolabs, we believe in keeping up-to-date with the latest technology and have gained considerable knowledge and experience in developing and deploying cloud-based web applications.

Why Opt For Cloud Application Development Services For Your Business?

Globally, more than half the businesses have been found to concentrate on cloud-based software development right now. In the future as well, this number is expected to rise. It is widely expected as cloud systems redefined the way multinational corporations are scaling up their businesses.

Cloud-based application development technologies have been widely known for migrating the new companies into the path of rapid development. The ever-expanding capabilities of the cloud help enormously to streamline the process of cloud app development. Entrepreneurs and mobile app developers looking for an alternative in the development of apps should opt for cloud-based application development. It provides many exclusive advantages with cost-efficiency and security considerations being the main ones.


Unlike conventional forms, cloud services can be easily installed and are immediately available for use within a few minutes.


Organizations have migrated to the cloud mainly because of its ability to meet business demands quickly as needed. It has also greatly reduced the time to market.


Cloud-based application development helps companies to respond quickly to any market changes that might unforeseeably occur.


Using cloud application development services, businesses can leverage new business models and value propositions that are focused on the cloud.


Cloud-based software enables all workers across the globe to coordinate and work together on documents and shared applications to receive vital alerts in real-time.


Cloud-based web application development services use servers according to business needs, thus reducing the carbon footprint. Usage of cloud results in almost 30 percent lower energy usage and carbon emissions than on-site servers.


Building applications for cloud computing means low operating costs. It also removes charges related to licenses and enhancements. The total cost for the creation of cloud apps are lower. This is particularly useful for startups and small and medium-sized companies with fund constraints.

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Cloud Application Development Services

Extend Your Business Computing Limits With Our Customized Cloud Computing Solutions

We provide cloud application development services that are performed by our team of highly qualified and skilled design and development team. We provide solutions that respond to our customers’ different requirements with over a decade of experience in cloud-based application development. Being the most trusted cloud software development company, AIS Technolabs has expertise in designing several digital applications that are cloud-based – all customized to the needs of our customers. We make it secure, smooth, and fast to migrate applications, servers, and databases into the cloud using our cloud-based application development and migration process.


Get ready with strategic advice, preparation, implementation, and support to the cloud transformation project with cloud application development and aws cloud consulting services. Our experts will help determine your application portfolio’s cloud readiness, identify the cloud reference architecture, and calculate the appropriate capabilities.


Maximize your productivity with our Cloud-Native services including DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Microservices, and Containers. Get advanced management expertise in the Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud with our Cloud-Native services.


Accelerate the growth of your company and success with an entire suite of cloud-based application development and integration services. Integrate various processes, databases, and network resources to allow data flow and transactions while the cloud is running over multiple systems.


Experience scalability, mobility, and computing power by migrating legacy systems to cloud apps, moving your app to the cloud servers, or setting up a multi-provider infrastructure. To help the innovative journey from physical servers to the cloud, we streamline workload migration and promote cloud based application development and migration.


Experience the power of cloud analytics and AI combined with machine learning, and big data tools to make strategic choices to boost the journey across cloud transformation. Our analytics and AI services streamline the collection of data, automate the planning & reporting process, and create machine learning models that can be implemented in cognitive applications.


We provide enterprise-class security services to help you improve safety and take the lead in the cloud environment. Use our expertise in data protection, network security, and application security to build personalized Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB), Cloud Security DLP, and automated compliance testing under our cloud based application development solutions .


Designed with advanced technology such as predictive analytics, digital assistants, and machine learning, our application development in cloud computing solutions help our customers seamlessly transform the apps into advanced business solutions. We provide cloud based software development solutions that help our customers maximize their time and resources by providing access to critical applications at any time from any place.


Our team is experienced in developing SDK as a part of the cloud application development service. It will give our customers a great opportunity to take full control of their cloud based software development.


We can create community-based, distributed, inter-cloud, and multi-cloud solutions to ward off catastrophic device outages or data losses. We have experience developing cloud storage solutions that live on the most common IaaS platforms – Amazon Web Services ( AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform – as well as multiple-host combinations under application development in cloud computing.

Why Choose Ais Technolabs For

Cloud-based Application Development?

AIS Technolabs offers personalized cloud-based application development services that can meet all types of customers’ needs. We are a cloud software development company with experience in architectural software technicalities and the latest trends in cloud based web application development.

Cloud computing is the next big thing in the tech world and we are widely trusted as the enterprise cloud computing service provider delivering out of the box solutions to clients across the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, and more.

We help you understand the basic features of cloud computing and the benefits of migrating to the cloud with a positive impact on the business as a whole. Our deep commitment to our customers is the foundation for our past track of 100% customer satisfaction for cloud based web application development . AIS Technolabs offers custom cloud-based services that range from designing, developing, integrating, and managing cloud-based apps. We leverage cloud platforms to improve the functionalities of your business under our cloud based software development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Moving legacy apps from premises to the cloud requires consideration, but migration needn’t be a hurdle with us. AIS Technolabs has in-depth expertise in delivering superior customer experience and cloud based application development that ensures super smooth cloud migration services.

It’s a lot easier to stay ahead of the competition and keep up with market trends while maintaining customer loyalty with the cloud app development. Our cloud application development services include performance audits, traffic monitoring, and maintenance of all of your cloud business’ essential elements to save you time, budget, and money.

Our IT best practices include rigorous security so that the consumer information and product component information are kept confidential under cloud software development. As a trusted cloud software development company, we ensure the complete security of your information.

Yes, we can Implement the ongoing deployment process wherever required, and plan for a continuous setup of integration as a part of application development in cloud computing. We optimize the system performance once installed, ensuring the latest version is modified so that you can get the best system performance under cloud based application development services.