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If your idea is to create an app like Uber, then you reached the right place on the web for your options. Read on to find out why: Taxi ordering apps like Uber and Ola have become inseparable in the market. People living in metro cities and remote places invest in cars or opt for company transports for a safe travel. However, they have to tackle two main challenges in their commute: busy traffic and lack of decent parking space. The inception of taxi booking cabs not only offered safe rides at a reasonable cost but also solved the two main challenges of any vehicle owner.

As a result, many people dropped the idea of buying their own vehicle and switched to app-based ride-hailing services like Uber, Lyft and Ola. Gone are the days, when we worried about car repairs, a parking space, and driving in busy traffic. This shift towards convenience has also offered new opportunities for budding business owners.

Due to the high demand and unquenchable consumer market, even the numerous Uber-like clone apps successfully thrive in this business. If you own a fleet of vehicles or if you are interested in spreading out your wings in this industry, then you can build an app like Uber and grow to learn continuously from your competitors’ mistakes. But you should have a clear roadmap for your business.

If yours is an already established business with decent standing in the market or if you’re just starting out, venturing into the web space can be daunting. After all, you are investing your hard-earned money to make an app like Uber. So, you need the experts, the right team who has had experience in the past in understanding the modern day startups with their unique business models and are adept at market trends.We are the ones who fall into this bracket and help you create a taxi app for your business.

We, at AIS Technolabs, are leading web and app development company offering solutions and excellent offshore development services across the world. From energetic startups to established businesses, we have worked with all. We ensure to bring our experience, market research and your vision into the Uber clone apps we create. We are excited to have been chosen by you for teaming up with you on your success journey.

Now that you have made up your mind, let’s see what you would need to build your own Uber app script:

With two separate functionalities, we need to build two apps, one for passenger’s end and the other for the driver’s end. Let’s look at the features at the passenger and driver’s end:

Passenger app features:
Easy Registration
We will help you integrate easy login options with the help of email or contact number and password or simply enable social media login options for easy access.
Booking interface
This interface would be the main area where many crucial operations are listed. Passengers booking the cab can select or locate the address, pick a cab model and change or modify locations here. We ensure to keep it simple so that it is clear, concise and user-friendly.
Live Tracking
Passengers can use this option to track the driver and ride etc.
Price estimator
For an estimated price before booking a cab, you can use the price estimator.
According to your preference, we can integrate as many payment options as you and your customers want. We provide both cashless and credit card options. In addition, we also offer pay-in-cash option or pay-with-reward points option.
Turn on notifications
To keep your users and passengers informed about the latest trends, prices, offers and discounts, we offer a simple turn on notifications button. In addition to these, the notification section also informs users about their ride, cab type, estimated payment, driver details to either email or text message instantly.
Reviews and Ratings

In order to keep your passengers engaged with your services as well as keep your workforce happy, you can add reviews and rating section and conduct discounts and offers based on these results.

Booking history
The passenger can keep a record of all the rides through the booking history.
Call or message
The passengers can call or message the driver with a single click.
Driver app Features:
With a slight change in the functionality and a powerful performance, the driver app operates strongly at the driver’s end.
Easy registration
Similar to the passenger app, the driver app also would contain an easy registration process either with their account details or through social media login options.
Booking details
Customer details such as location and destination, as well as their ratings with an option to either accept or decline a booking are listed here.
Push notifications
The drivers can be updated all the time with order alerts, ride booking details, and any other updates through notifications button.
Easy Navigation
With the integration of Google maps or Google places, we ensure to offer your drivers the best directions to reach the assigned location quickly and effectively.
For any issues or technical failures, the drivers can reach your organization’s customer support with a single click through the help option.
Call or message
The drivers can call or message the passenger with a single click.
In our experience with building such app solutions, we have understood a strong GeoLocation, Payment and Notifications integration can set you apart from the bulk of Uber-like apps out there.
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