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The results of a cricket match are unpredictable due to the complicated nature and uncertain events. This unpredictability of the game attracts the punters who are interested in analyzing the events of the match to predict the results. If you are somebody who wants to have a steady income from your own betting software, AIS Technolabs can provide you the solution. Our team has built feature-rich betting software for the bookies. The features of our cricket betting software is surely going to impress you.
Our Cricket Betting Software is a cost-effective solution and at the same time, it is the best choice for the bookmakers who are looking for high-quality betting software. Our cricket betting software is laden with the following key features.

Multiple markets to bet on

Our cricket bookies software lets the bookmakers choose from various markets, such as Domestic cricket, Test match series, One day international series, One day international world Cups, the 20 / 20 cricket etc. Furthermore, they can place bets on a single match or the whole series to widen the scope of their desired markets.

Moreover, the betters can bet on different outcomes of various events of a match or series. The simplest example of the outcome of an event is the winner of the match or the series.

The bookmakers may decide to bet on individual performances. For example, the number of wickets taken by a bowler or the total runs scored by a batsman. The winner of the ‘Man of the Match’ is the perfect example of an individual performance.

Likewise, the betters can bet on the different sessions of a cricket match, such as sessions in the test matches or power plays in one day international matches. Thus, the bookies may bet on the number of runs or wickets during a certain session.

Odd service for confirmed results

Our cricket betting software offers an odd service to assist the betters in making correct and easy predictions about the outcome of an event of a match. With the help of this service, the bookies are able to have a list of the odds of a player or a team. In addition, the punters can analyze the weaknesses and strengths of the players of the team. After a deep study, the bookies can make a clear decision about the most likely events.

Conditions of the event

In different parts of the world, the conditions are not the same. As an example, the conditions of a match in the UK can be quite different from the conditions in India. In fact, such conditions are important to consider when the odds of a player or team are analyzed.

Our application is accessible through iPad, iPhone, or Android phone. We have built the solution after conducting a deep research on the game of cricket and its uncertain events. Therefore, we can say confidently that by choosing us, you choose the best solution available in the market.

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