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If you are looking out for reliable crowdfunding platforms for your business or organization, then you’ve logged on to the right place. Here we offer you all-in-one crowdfunding software that can be the perfect solution to your entire crowdfunding requirements.
We at AIS Technolabs bring you reliable crowdfunding software that has been trusted by thousands of users worldwide. Our software offers various solutions such as:

  • Donor Management Software
  • Reward Crowdfunding Software
  • Equity Crowdfunding Software
  • P2P Lending Software
  • Real Estate Crowdfunding Software
  • Enterprise Crowdfunding Software

You can select the best crowdfunding software solution that suits your needs. We understand the need for customized crowdfunding script, and hence, not just offer ready to use crowdfunding software, but we provide a customized service as per your needs. With our customized solutions, you can even create a crowdfunding website to give a kick start to your revenue.

What Do We Offer in Crowdfunding PHP script?

AIS Technolabs provides white-label crowdfunding software. Our crowdfunding software comes with a crowdfunding php script that is scalable as well as customizable as per your unique needs. As a result, using our crowdfunding software would help you expand your business potentials and bring revenue.

AIS Technolabs is a reputed name in the world of crowdfunding platform software development solutions. The new and latest version of this crowdfunding software is perfect to help individuals, entrepreneur, and companies in establishing and create crowdfunding website with ease.

Our crowdfunding clone script will help you avail a full-fledged, user-friendly, and state-of-the-art platform on your website as per your unique requirements and needs. Whether you wish to develop a starter clone, seedrs clone, crowdcube clone, or custom build solutions, our crowdfunding platform script would help you fulfill all your needs. Moreover, our pre-made solutions would allow you to add as well as customize novel features as per your requirements.

So, check out the prominent customized solutions you can avail!

Reward Crowdfunding Software

With crowdfunding software from AIS Technolabs, you can conveniently establish crowdfunding platform software such as Indiegogo or Kickstarter. You can create a wonderful reward-based crowdfunding platform on your site in a single click using our reward based script.

Donor Crowdfunding Software

Creating donor management software similar to rich platforms such as Crowdrise, Fundly, or Gofundme is now very easy. The donation-based crowdfunding script from AIS Technolabs would ensure that you can set up easily a donation-based crowdfunding in just a fraction of seconds.

Real Estate Crowdfunding Software

You can now conveniently install real estate crowdfunding platform on your site. You can use our crowdfunding clone script and customize it for real estate market. This platform can be a promising way to offer great space for realty developers to list their projects. The developers would be able to invite people for investments and earn great revenue.

Equity Crowdfunding Software

Now, if you are willing to set up an equity crowdfunding platform for your fundraisers, then this can be done easily using our crowdfunding platform script. You just have to use the equity crowdfunding script and develop highly efficient, secure, and responsive equity crowdfunding software.

Create Crowdfunding Website

The lending crowdfunding script from AIS Technolabs is an ideal solution to install and create crowdfunding website such as Kiva.Our script can help you conveniently set up crowdfunding platforms where you can encourage individuals and companies to list their projects. The companies or individuals can invite lenders to lend funds in the interested project in return for profitable interest rates.

Features of Crowdfunding Clone Script from AIS Technolabs:

This crowdfunding platform software comes with user-friendly crowdfunding clone script and rich features, such as:

  • Responsive design
  • Invite Friends from Social Media Accounts
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Newsletter System
  • Email Notifications
  • Featured Projects
  • Captcha
  • Payment Gateway
  • User Follow
  • Multi-language
  • Campaign Follow
  • Knowledge Base
  • Secure Crowdfunding platform
  • Progress Meter
Crowdfunding Platform Script

Besides these general features, you will get other exclusive features while using specific crowdfunding php script. There are special features designed for admin and campaign organizers to make the process all the more rewarding and lucrative for the users.

The crowdfunding script from AIS Technolabs is a perfect solution to fulfill your dreams, even if you don’t have any technical knowledge. It is user-friendly software that can be easily customized as per your unique needs and requirements. The best part is that this crowdfunding software is very affordable!

Besides excellent crowdfunding platforms, you get the support of experienced developers. Each crowdfunding platform script is easily adaptable to your needs, and hence, it is a perfect solution for everyone who is interested in launching their own crowdfunding platform.

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