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If you are looking out for reliable Crowdfunding platforms software for your business or organization, then you’ve logged on to the right place. We at AIS Technolabs provides white-label Crowdfunding Software that comes with a Crowdfunding PHP Script which is scalable as well as customizable as per the client’s unique needs. As a result, using our Crowdfunding Platform Software would help clients expand their business potentials and bring revenue. AIS Technolabs is a reputed name in the world of Crowdfunding Platform Software development solutions. The new and latest version of this Crowdfunding Software is perfect for helping individuals, entrepreneurs, and companies in establishing and Create Crowdfunding Website with ease.

Our Crowdfunding Clone Script will help our clients avail a full-fledged, user-friendly, and state-of-the-art platform on their websites. Whether the clients wish to develop a starter clone, seedrs clone, crowd cube clone, or custom build solutions, our Crowd Funding Platform Script would help our clients fulfill all their needs.

Crowdfunding Platform Software
Reward Crowdfunding Software
Donor Crowdfunding Software
Real Estate Crowdfunding Software
Equity Crowdfunding Software

Advantages of

Creating Crowdfunding Website



With the help of the Crowdfunding Platform Software, the clients can boost their money for converting their idea into a full-fledged project.


Highly scalable, user-friendly, and robust platform back-end comes with necessary ready-made modules that save time and overall project cost.


Our proven Crowdfunding technology provides numerous features that are easy to use with the most robust functionality.


The Crowdfunding Platform Software plays a vital role in raising funds for any idea and then convert it into a successful project.


The Crowdfunding Platform is proved to be the perfect revolutionary marketing tool. The fundraisers can easily reach the investors to raise funds for their ideas.


Rather spending time in banks, private investors, and agencies, the users can build their Crowdfunding strategy. It helps to raise funds in no time.

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Features of Crowdfunding
Clone Script

Our crowdfunding platform software or mobile application development comes with a user-friendly clone script and rich features, such as:

Email Notifications

Email Notifications

The users can easily enable or disable email notifications which are based on different campaigns, ownership, and user levels.

Responsive Layout

Responsive Layout

Our developers offer user-friendly and convenient interface of the white label Crowdfunding Software. It works great across all compatible devices such as mobile, laptop, notebook, etc.

Flexible Payment Modes

Payment Gateway

This software is all about dealing with money. It provides secure and multiple payment gateway integrations such as Stripe, PayPal adaptive, and Wallet.

Appealing UX/UI And Secure Platform

Appealing UX/UI And Secure

Our proficient designers put their high efforts to bring appealing design. A multi-layer and secure platform prevent Crowdfunding software from SQL injections, hacks, and other vulnerabilities.

android platform

Easy To Use

The platform of white-label Crowdfunding software is easy to use and does not require any specific course or skills to use it.

Multi Language Support

Multi-Language Support

The Crowdfunding platform is available in multi-language such as English, Hindi, and Spanish, etc.

Alerts And Notifications

Alerts And Notifications

Our developing Crowdfunding Platform Software is enabled to send reminders and alerts in the form of push notifications and SMS.

ios platform

Social Media Integration

To reach maximum audience, our script is integrated with social media. It allows users to share relevant information with others.

Campaign Feedback

Campaign Feedback

This module provides feedback and communicates with the campaign to launch a new campaign and modify existing campaigns.

Platform Script

Besides these general features, you will get other exclusive features while using specific Crowdfunding PHP Script. There are special features designed for admin and campaign organizers to make the process all the more rewarding and lucrative for the users.

The Crowdfunding Script from AIS Technolabs is a perfect solution to fulfill dreams, without any technical knowledge. It is user-friendly software that can be easily customized as per the client’s unique needs and requirements. The best part is that this Crowdfunding Software is very affordable!

Apart from excellent Crowdfunding Platforms, our valued clients will get the support of experienced developers. Each Crowdfunding Platform script is easily adaptable to the client’s needs, and hence, it is a perfect solution for everyone interested in launching their Crowdfunding Platform.

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Crowdfunding Business Model


You will get the Crowdfunding Scripts at the reasonable price which comes within your budget. But the development cost for any Crowdfunding platform may differ if the entrepreneurs ask for the customization work.

Usually, our dedicated team will take 2 weeks or less time to complete the development process of online fundraising of any type. But sometimes, there is an exclusive requirement occurred from the clients so that it can delay in the creation process of a fundraising platform.

Since our script is built with the ultimate resilience, thus, it is very much competent to adapt to the business’s requirements and needs. With the help of Plugin-friendly nature, the clients can add or remove modules for the smooth functioning of their fundraising platform.

Our scripts are built with the plugin-friendly aspect and latest technologies. It allows the owners to uniquely craft a niche-specific fundraising business of any type like donate, pledge, equity, and lend, etc.