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Equity crowdfunding is the process by which people (the people here refers to crowd) can invest in a company (an early-stage company) that is not listed on a stock market in exchange for shares in that company. Earlier, only rich people were active in the crowdfunding process, but with the development of friendly equity crowdfunding platforms, now the door has opened for even the not-so-wealthy crowd. Now, a large number of potential investors can participate in the crowdfunding. With the equity crowdfunding made easy, the process of crowdfunding has been democratized.
For any business person, the main barrier nowadays is to find proper sources to fund their startups and business growth. With the large number of entrepreneurs coming in the field of online crowdfunding, it has become difficult to search the right working capital or bank loans. Taking it in another way, it can also be said that crowdfunding allows a business get on its feet and conjointly helps explore the buyer acceptance of their product. Keeping all these things in mind, it would be fair enough to start your crowdfunding business with software that makes your business easy to understand. A right equity crowdfunding site can fulfill this purpose very well.

equity crowdfunding sites

Equity Crowdfunding Script

In the modern day, the crowdfunding is done mainly online. To make the process easier, we provide the best kind of crowdfunding software. We offer the interested customers, equity crowdfunding script that provides them a highly innovative method of crowdfunding. It acts as s platform that fills the gap between the company and the investors. It permits individuals to raise money through crowdfunding for their own necessities, matters or events that are useful to them. Our software helps fundraiser share their story, set the photos, share the campaign on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. with their friends, family and others. Fundraisers can also connect their account with PayPal for requesting a check or bank transfers to receive donations in a secure way.

After successful receipt of the donations, the fundraiser can share specific message, post the updates and use the particular fund for the targeted work whether or not the project lives up to its sort or not. This initial method remains same for all sorts of campaigns, whether it is charity fundraising, personal campaigns or others. Nevertheless, the minor difference in the case of charity fundraising is that the funds received through donations are directly sent to the charitable organization. Just in case of all or nothing campaigns, the goal necessities and deadlines are required to be mentioned.

Equity Crowdfunding Software

Here are given certain advanced features of our equity crowdfunding software that makes it different from others:

  • The software that we offer has a flexible model and can be set up as per the specific requirement.
  • Developed with highly advanced structure, it is standalone software. In addition to this, our software does not require third party installation.
  • Our software comes with on-page SEO and marketing modules, saving a large sum of money that you would have spent on other ready-made rewards based crowdfunding Scripts.
  • We can always modify your software, whether be it the addition of new features, new design UI or alteration requirement, and many others.
  • The provided script helps the project makers with a simple installation process and allows them to start any type of project very easily without any programming or coding expertise.
  • It allows the user to gain commission from investors with any kind of investment made to any kind of projects.

We are actively involved in crowdfunding software development with many features (other than the mentioned ones) that help you start your own equity based fundraising websites that you can change with your changing requirements. You can start your own fundraising business where you can welcome donors and fundraisers to help fund other associate’s projects. Our software is counted among one of the best equity crowdfunding scripts in the market where people all over the globe can fund and post projects. It is a fascinating and sophisticated fundraising script that keeps the user’s interest in heart. Our software provides a fundraising mechanism that pledges to keep all the money you raise, and aids you in reaching your goals.

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