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Crypto Roulette: The Newer
Outlook Of Roulette

Similar to many casino games Roulette too has a history and legacy of its own. The game of Roulette that we play today has maintained its charm and excitement ever since its inception in the late 18th century. The difference is of the fact that modern-day Roulette is Crypto roulette. Crypto roulette solutions are quite popular among firms in online gaming. Firms like AIS Technolabs are providing these solutions in a wholesome and effective manner.Our Crypto Roulette platform is something that stands in line with the definition of modern-day Roulette. AIS Crypto roulette script takes the game to the home of the user and helps your business to penetrate the global market.

The growth of Cryptocurrency has added a new dimension to the casino industry especially the online casino domain. With AIS Crypto Roulette you can stay in trend and ahead of your competitors.

Blockchain: The Technology Behind It
Blockchain technology is what that works behind it all. In general common man’s term blockchain technology can be thought of like a spreadsheet in a network of computers that is to be updated regularly.The information as a part of blockchain technology is hosted by billions of computers worldwide and is easily accessible and verified. The database isn’t stored in any single location, and hence there is no centralised version of this information exists for a hacker to corrupt making it a completely safe network. AIS Technolabs has a good experience of working on blockchain technology. We delivered solutions that are in sync with the technology
Benefits of AIS Crypto Roulette Platforms
With AIS Crypto Roulette Platform On Your Side You Can Garner Following Benefits For Your Business
  • Catch on the vast base of Cryptocurrency users
  • Garner some benefits from the popularity of casino games among online gamers
  • Online gambling as a sunrise industry with enormous potential
  • Billions of dollars transacted each day make it a potential area for you to invest
  • Revenue generation based on commission and user fee
  • Brand name creation for business
  • Opportunity for creating a dedicated gaming platform of your own
  • International business expansion
  • Benefits for other business arms
  • Marketing and SEO enhancement of brand name online
Our Crypto roulette platform helps your business to achieve all these benefits without any hassle. AIS Roulette platform is one effective software solution that you can opt for to revitalise your business. AIS offers you all the necessary support and assistance in regards to your software solution delivery. Apart from technical solution delivery, we provide technical solution consultation, business analytics assistance, and business development services to our clients.
Advance Features of Our Crypto Roulette Script Are

Our team at AIS Technolabs provided clients with built-in design and developed crypto roulette platform solution. For clients looking to get a customised and modified solution, we incorporate specific need-based changes in the AIS Roulette platform.

We offer Bitcoin Roulette platform for sale to clients who are looking for quick solution delivery. We also ensure to add all the necessary modification and updates as asked for. Our clients have the freedom to choose the kind of customisation and features that they want in there platform.

  • Virtual spinning wheel
  • Fairness of winning probability
  • Instant chat option for users
  • Multi-language support
  • Screen resolution adjustment setting
  • Interactive gaming assistant
  • Multiple payment modes
  • BTC token granted as a bonus to users
  • Real-time online multiplayer gaming
  • Personalised user dashboard
  • Gaming modes like versus and team mode
  • Easy recharge and token purchase facility
  • Game referral feature for user
  • Traffic management and analysis services
  • SEO related services
  • Digital marketing services and support
  • Level based reward mechanism for users
  • Daily listing of top users on leader board
  • Linkages with all the online wallets
  • Verification and authentication of user identity
  • User data verification based on Google norms
  • Interface with ease of navigation for users
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Benefits And Services That AIS Offers
With AIS Technolabs following benefits are up for grab when you choose us as your software development company
  • Hosting services
  • Single step user login
  • Attractive graphics UI/UX
  • 2 D and 3 D gaming solutions
  • Defined coding manual
  • Renowned programmers with years of experience
  • Security of transactions on the platform
  • Protection against cyber vulnerabilities
  • Back- end and front-end development and support
  • Clone script based scripting facility
  • Geotagging of your platform
  • Mobile gaming app development and services
  • Complete development strategy
  • Detailed attention towards gaming experience and easily understandable interface
  • 24 x 7 assistance
We offer the solution to the clients as per their needs. When clients get in touch with us, we ensure that the best solutions are delivered. Having placed your service request with us, you can be sure of getting value-adding solutions for your business.We make sure that the software solutions are designed such that they bring long-time benefits for the business. At also we ensure you that no compromise is built on the quality and efficiency front of the solution.

Yes, we offer on-demand development solutions for all kinds of online gambling platforms.

Yes, of course. We have delivered many project based on blockchain technology.

Clients are given full freedom to have their say in the design and development process.