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Cryptocurrency has clearly made a huge place in the entire world not to mention that it has become an integral part of the casino industry as well. No matter the game, cryptocurrency is there in the gaming and entertainment business. Keeping that in mind, we, at AIS Technolabs, offer comprehensive and outstanding crypto wild casino gaming services. Our team is huge and consists of talented game developers who are dedicated enough to build brilliant casino solutions. To place an order for your casino project today, have a talk with one of our customer support representatives and they would be glad to assist you.

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Design Beautiful Crypto wild Casino Slots with Us

Crypto wild slot machines are not like other casino slots, these are more innovative and advanced than that. As you can imagine, crypto wild casino slots are built with highly technical solutions and graphics to keep you engaged in the game. More importantly, they come with multiple reels and symbols to help you win a jackpot effortlessly. We, at AIS Technolabs, deliver all types of crypto wild casino games to our worldwide clients. Our game designers are here working all day to meet your deadline for creating impressive cross-platform casino games for all. The online casino games that we develop are extremely user-friendly and come with tons of features to engage the users for hours together.

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Unparalleled Features of Our Crypto Wild Casino Games

Authorized Script crypto wild casino

The Authorized Script crypto wild casino feature is used for creating your casino games with all the latest technologies possible. This is the best way to build and run a casino software.

RNG for crypto wild casino

Our crypto wild casino slot machines consist of random number generators which makes winning a jackpot easier than ever. Your chances of winning increase with every game you play with our slots.

Host Unlimited Players on crypto wild casino

There is no limitation of the number of players who can play casino games with. You can host as many players as you want in poker or other casino games.

Live Video on crypto wild casino

Live video is another most adored feature. This feature allows you to show off your gambling skills with your social media friends who are on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other similar sites.

Crypto wild casino support Multi-language

Our versatile crypto casino games support multiple languages for our global customers. Play your game in English, French, Spanish, Hindi, and various other languages.

Crypto wild casino comes In-Built Game Engine

Our interactive game engines support multiplayer options, highly optimized tools, and support. They are extremely user-friendly.

Progressive Web App

All our crypto casino games support a progressive web application. This lets you browse your game on any browser without having to install software on your device.

Full Statistics Tracking Features

Track your gambling progress and become more of an effective gambler with ease. All of our casino games come with Full Statistics Tracking Features.

Live chat Support for crypto wild casino

Do you need help regarding your crypto casino games? Talk to an AIS Technolabs agent directly on chat. We are available all round the clock to assist you.

Crypto wild casino comes with Impressive themes

Our crypto casino games come with beautiful themes. Not only our games are feature-rich, but they are also eye-pleasing to the players.

Game Setting

Easily manage your game settings within the casino game software. You can change the game modes, preferences, customization, and more.

Profile Management

Managing your profile is easier than ever with the Profile Management system in our casino games. Modify your username, change profile picture, and a lot more with the help of this system.

Chat Room

Our integrated chat room lets you talk to the real-time players from inside the app. Chat with other online gamblers and discuss your gameplay.

Add Friends

You can also add other online players from your casino games and be friends with them. The Add Friends option lets you connect with various other gamblers.

Anti Fraud System

AIS Technolabs create casino games that automatically detect scams by reviewing their information. Hence, with the help of the Anti Fraud System, you won’t have to worry about dealing with frauds.

Best Rewards & Loyalty

Being a regular crypto wild casino player has its advantages. You receive five times more rewards and loyalty than other ordinary casino games.


Join your favorite crypto wild poker tournament and compete with thousands of other online casino players. This is the best opportunity to test your gambling skills.

Player Management

You choose how many players you want in your team or in other teams. With our brilliant Player Management feature, you get what you want.

Game Rooms

Our impressive crypto casino game rooms are convenient and peaceful like others. Though they are virtual games, you can feel the luxury every time you play with us.

The Best Features of a
Crypto Wild Casino Games
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Crypto Wild Casino Games
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Powerful Plugins

Desktop Version

Download the Desktop Version of your favorite crypto wild slot and play online from anywhere you wish. The desktop platform supports Mac/Windows/Linux, etc.

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Web Version

Don’t want to install applications on your computer? Don’t worry. We design casino games that are compatible with your internet browser. Play on your Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and more.


Mobile Version

Download and install our easy to play casino games on your mobile devices regardless of the OS you run. Our casino apps are compatible with Android/ iOS/Windows.

Upgradation and Customization Service

When it comes to upgrading and customizing your casino software, look nowhere else but to us. Just like we help you create your dream casino project, we help you take the significant moderation of the games as well. Whenever you feel like you want to add or exclude any feature from your casino software, let us know. Also, we are here to upgrade your programs to a different plan so that you get the best from your casino games.

Our Expertise in Game Development

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use the latest technologies and integrated solutions to build stunning casino games. However, we still manage to provide them with the lowest industry cost as possible. To know more about the pricing of your new crypto wild casino project, talk to AIS Technolabs’ representatives and we will take you through our pricing terms.

That depends on you. If you order a casino project from AIS Technolabs today, and your deadline is next week, we will plan things accordingly and we do everything in our power to meet the deadline. We inform the clients about the estimated timeline before commencing any project. Since our team has a bunch of experts, we have never faced difficulties in meeting a deadline in the past.

Crypto wild casino slots are quite easy to customize. However, you may need our expertise for that. No worries. You can let us know your query about customization related services through a simple phone call.

Contacting an AIS customer support representative is the easiest thing you can think of. Simply click on our chat menu or dial our toll-free phone number and we will get back to you instantly.