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Cryptocurrency Exchange Script‌

White label cryptocurrency exchange script

Cryptocurrency exchange scripts are popping up all over the internet as cryptocurrency becomes more widespread. Cryptocurrency exchange script is a simple and easy to use solution for cryptocurrency trading platforms. It includes an admin panel, login system, backend administration, frontend dashboard with charts and graphs. Also it’s an open source so you can customize the code to your needs at any time during or after installation. Our inhouse team of experts are well versed in delivering all kinds of white label cryptocurrency exchange scripts. Get in touch with our expert team to know how we can help you grow in this versatile market of cryptocurrency.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Script‌

White label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Crypto exchange script supports three different types of exchanges: spot market where cryptocurrencies are exchanged against fiat currency; margin market where cryptocurrencies are bought on credit; P2P (peer-to-peer) marketplace in which buyers and sellers trade directly with each other without intermediaries.

Cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming a legitimate way to transact and invest. This is due to the fact that they provide an entirely new form of currency that can not be manipulated by any government or central bank. Our expert team not only creates cryptocurrency exchange platform script but can develop a cryptocurrency exchange clone script of an existing crypto platform.

Advanced Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange script

Bitcoin casino software, Ethereum, Dogecoin are some of the popular cryptocurrencies in the market that are being traded in vast numbers on a daily basis. This has paved the way for the entry of new cryptocurrency trading platforms in the segment. Cryptocurrency has shown an incredible potential to become a new global currency. They offer more anonymity than traditional currencies because they do not require your name, address, or any other personal information.

Our crypto exchange script development services are amongst the easiest and fastest way to transform your ideas into reality that is future ready and scalable on demand. Some of the advanced features that we can offer through our cryptocurrency exchange script php are – accessibility on multiple platforms including desktop, mobile devices and tablets, 2 factor authentication, cross platform compatibility with other exchanges and our 24/7 handheld support.

Limit order, market order, stop order

With our trading platforms one can place any kind of orders be it limit order, market order, stop order. All these orders have different purposes and goals depending upon the requirements of the traders.

Margin trading

We script cryptocurrency exchange platforms in a way that no feature is missed. Margin trading allows the trader to buy more crypto currencies at any point of time by borrowing the money from the broker and in turn providing some collateral amount or currencies as asked.

Mobile app for IOS and android

Our cryptocurrency exchange platform script services are compatible with all kinds of android supported devices and IOS versions so that you can easily target the majority audiences for your business.

Blockchain wallet integration

We can connect your users with the whole world of cryptocurrency with just one or two APIs. Moreover everything is going to be completely secured and reliable for the traders at each and every point of time.

Liquidity API

Liquidity APIs are an important tool for navigating the volatility of the market and allowing the users to exit the market at a price of choice. Liquidity API prevents users from getting stuck at a point where they are unable to take a right decision.

Payment gateway

Payment gateway facilitates transfers of payments from one point to another with the help of payment processors. Our payment gateways not only speeds up the payment processes but also safeguards the confidential information of the users.

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Benefits of cryptocurrency exchange script development

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses encryption to secure transactions and control the creation of new units. It has become increasingly popular over recent years due to its decentralized nature, lack of intermediaries, low transaction costs and ease of transfer. Most people who use cryptocurrencies rely on p2p crypto exchange script for their transactions because it offers a lot more features than traditional wallets like Bitcoin Core (Bitcoin Wallet) or Multibit – such as escrow services, trading orders with limit prices and stop losses, orderbook with live bids and asks, charts in different time frames from one day to six months.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are becoming more and more popular as the popularity of cryptocurrencies is on the rise. For this reason, many software businesses are looking to develop their own cryptocurrency exchange script php for their business needs. One major benefit is that you will have full control over how the currency rates work in your company versus relying on outside sources like other companies’ software. You’ll also be able to customize features such as different types of trading options, transaction fees, etc.

White label solution

Cryptocurrencies are now being used to pay for goods and services and if you’re someone who is willing to accept or transfer cryptocurrencies for business then our white label cryptocurrency exchange script is a perfect pick.

Pre built solution

We also have a set of pre developed cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts of some existing crypto apps with more added features and security. This step will help new businesses and startups to enter the market in a record time.

Launch your branded app

Our development team will make sure that everything inside and outside the app is synchronized in a way that it resonates well with your brand identity on all platforms. Brand identity plays an important role in establishing the roots of a business.

Unique features

At AIS Technolabs, we are a super creative team of blockchain technology experts and we know what features can disrupt the market with their efficiency. We can inculcate such smart features in your app on demand.

Accept payments anywhere

With decentralized crypto networks, any enterprise can transfer and accept payments in the form of digital currencies from their clients and customers living anywhere in the world.

Robust and scalable

Scalability is another important aspect for every business. Apps developed with the help of our crypto exchange scripts are scalable on demand.

Some Exclusive Features For Admins


CMS dashboard

Our content management systems will always keep you in control about everything that users are exchanging and transferring on the blockchain network of your business.


User management

Users’ profiles can be verified from the centralized dashboard after he/she enters all the required details to enter the system. Also customer ID and login can be automatically generated from the admin panel.


Report and analytics

We integrate big data analytics system for the efficient reporting of the transactions taking place on the platform. Moreover data categorization depending on time intervals and user traits will also be available at the admin disposal.


Transactions history

We can guarantee that our clients won’t lose any single transactional history of their users. Each and every transaction will be recorded from the starting point till the end.


Private messaging

Your customers can chat with you before proceeding for any transfer and the support staff can clear out their doubts in advance to make the process more easy and hassle free.


Dispute management

Arbitration is important for the quick resolution of conflicts and disputes. Modern day businesses are incomplete without a grievance redressal system. Our cryptocurrency exchange scripts are enclosed with such systems.

Your Customers Are Our Priority

Multi-currency support

Support of multiple currencies reduces the pain of customers on the platform willing to trade from multiple countries having different currencies. Our system will help them to convert their holdings according to client company rates easily.

Easy login

Once users are signed up and registered on the platform they can login anytime from anywhere in the world to know the live status of their holdings and other market related information.

Live tracker

Be it any transaction to a peer or a company, or any trade and exchange your customers need not to worry about anything. All of them can be tracked and reported from their app itself.

Referral program

Refer and earn system is mandatory these days for the faster growth of any software business. It intrigues users to bring new customers for the company in lieu of some extra benefits.

Instant payments

Blockchain networks are amongst the most secured networks for digital transactions. We can develop a fully customized cryptocurrency exchange script and deploy it to entertain instant payments of your customers.

Compliant status

Our crypto solutions are not only compatible with multiple devices but also fully complies with all the legal norms and regulations of the private and government entities to the maximum.

Cost of Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

There are various factors which are considered while deciding on the price conclusions. These factors are- level of business that you are operating in, targeted customers, number of features needed, multi-platform development required or not, etc. Moreover our highly sophisticated and client oriented support system is an added bonus. To know a specific price of our white label cryptocurrency exchange script designed especially for your business, get in touch with our support staff.

Why Choose Us?

Cryptocurrency is an emerging market with all the recent trends going in favor. The majority of investors and the exchange platforms are earning well which gives rise to a question that is it the right time to invest in the cryptocurrency segment and the answer is a big Yes. The reason behind this is the increasing awareness through the Internet among the people of developing countries especially India. Nowadays people are searching for new ways to invest and cryptocurrency seems to be the appropriate choice for this.

We at AIS Technolabs, are a creative team of crypto developers with over a decade of experience in the software industry. Utmost transparency with full client satisfaction is what we guarantee every time we are offered a project. Be it developing a new p2p cryptocurrency exchange script or a crypto exchange clone of an existing app or software, every stage of development is quick and secure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes, we can add certain features into your existing crypto scripts or we can completely design up a new white label crypto script spending upon the specific requirements.

A. Absolutely yes, you get complete ownership of all the codes and scripts of your app. Our transparent agreement methodologies will detail out everything in advance.

A. It depends upon your business model and the user base that you wish to target. We suggest our clients to go with a light asset model which consumes less time and can be scaled later on.

A. You get full control over your user’s data and all of their transactions. Searching user profiles, sending push notifications, fraud account ban and many more features will always be at your disposal.