Data Security and Confidentiality

The purpose of Data Security and Confidentiality is to protect the rights of individuals, whose data has been obtained and possessed.
Why do we require sensitive information
Besides it being necessary to maintain a systematic set of records of all the personnel’s details at times it is also necessary to gather the information of our clients in order to fulfill their requirements. This information can be their personal data or even some confidential business information. Such information is necessary for the timely and proper completion of the project and helps us accomplish the projects tasks at hand.
AIS Technolabs Commitment
Confidentiality of our data applies to all. AIS Technolabs is committed to protecting the confidentiality and security of all their data and personal information. They understand the importance of sensitive information and hence take such maters very seriously. A lot of data is processed at AIS Technolabs which include sensitive company information as well. In addition to which we also posses many personal data records for the administration and business requirements.
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