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Dedicated Development Center

AIS Technolabs lets you work with your own dedicated developers with our Dedicated Development Center where our specialized team of experts handles your project just according to your needs and requirements. It means that the team of our developers makes great efforts to build a perfect project with less investment and increased ROI. Certainly, you are aware of technology and the requirements for making a project but our imaginative developers are ready to assist you in removing the holes in the code and in developing a unique app that may become your USP in the competitive market.

At our best dedicated development center, we have a primary goal to administer all the app development tasks to enable your workforce to concentrate on other needs of the business. Moreover, we are absolutely capable of assisting you in handling easy or complex projects with different requirements.

Our development model works like a complete package. And, during the first meetings, the customer just have to share what he wants to have in the project. Later, the developers of AIS technolabs start to work on all the features of our app development package. In brief, The features of our development model include R&D, development, testing, reporting, follow-ups, maintenance, error-check, and various other aspects.

Prime Features of Our Dedicated Development Center
Our team

You may have your own development team but still, you may need a group of dedicated PhoneGap developers to improve the overall development process and to eliminate the weak areas that may affect your business goals. Furthermore, we try to help your business minimize the costs and increase the profit.

With us, you are working with certified and trained professionals who know about all the pros and cons of working in a certain area. Primarily, our dedicated team understands what you need and what may keep you away from your goals. Finally, you are going to work with a skilled team that is trained to win.

Development Model
Our development model depends on the requirement of your business and you are free to select a certain number of team members. In addition, you may increase or decrease the number at any time as per your needs. Besides the number of team members, our model allows you to set a flexible working time. Our working time would support your working time so that, our experts are always present to help you. As a result, the communication between you and your hired team is never blocked.
Commitment level
The team of our center believes in unblocked communication, optimum transparency, and ease of support while we handle the project of our clients. In addition, we work with ultimate commitment level and responsibility.
At our development center, we provide you an advanced infrastructure that is equipped with all the necessary tools, needed for your development requirements. Thus, you do not need to worry about the possible cost of your own infrastructure.
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Let us understand the Workflow
The following stages are enough to understand our workflow:
Defining the process
The start of the road map is not the same for everyone as every customer have some unique requirements. We must understand such requirements and based on the requirements analysis, we build the base of the development center and define basic requirements.
Setting up the team and infrastructure

At this stage, we are familiar with your requirements and also, we have made the blueprint of the needs to set up the development center. Thus, we can decide the size of the team as well as the requirement to set up the necessary infrastructure. Again, we may advise the essential approach or methods to achieve the goals.

Usually, we try to make the communication process smoother by appointing a project manager to talk to you regularly. Apart from the project manager, we assign certain tasks to all of the team members to enhance the productivity and to eliminate any chances that may block the communication.

The operational stage
With well-defined goals, tasks, and responsibilities the Dedicated Development Center is ready to function and our professionals make sure that everything happens according to the workflow and initial plan. All the functions of the Development Center are carried out with required transparency and full control of the customer. We hire dedicated developers to fulfill the needs of customers.
The Advantages We Offer
Our overall process is simple and we believe in setting high standards for offering a reasonable cost to our customers, Moreover, our team is cooperative, communicative, and approachable and as a result always yields great results. The team we have is known to provide flexible development model and efficient support system using a proven methodology.
The Solutions Offered by Our Development Center
  • Customized Application Development
  • Mobility Applications
  • Consultation, Debugging, and Testing
  • Migration services
  • Support and maintenance
  • Re-engineering
  • Logistic management