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Are you looking for a viable white label solution that will help you to become a reputed and reliable food delivery partner? Or you would like to bring some revolutionary changes to your business? We, at AIS Technolabs, would help you in either of the cases by providing you the deliveroo Clone Script. Our Cutting edge professional developers who are skilled and experienced will build a great deliveroo clone application that will help you to hold your food delivery business.

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Why Should You Go for a Deliveroo Clone Application?

Deliveroo Clone application comes with a large number of features that will help you to run your delivery process hassle-free. You can easily launch and run the application that will allow you to control all your services at your fingertips. It will be the white label solution available for both Android and iOS devices.

We always offer 100% customizable features that will ensure more enhancements and you can integrate as many as features you want. Our app developers would help you to identify some of the best features that will allow you to compete with your competitors.

What are The Different Features in Deliveroo Clone Script?

Deliveroo Clone script contains advanced features for both admin and customer sides. It is quite advantageous to go for the Deliveroo clone application since it is already being used and is successful. All such features are built for fulfilling the needs of the admin, partners, customers.

  • Online Orders

    With online food delivery applications, your customers will get a wide range of choices that will allow them to place orders from anywhere. They can offer a wide range of cuisines in your food delivery application and users can place their orders online.

  • Unlimited Restaurants

    You can consult and collaborate with different restaurants that can list their menus in your application. Such applications offer a complete panel for the restaurant owners for hassle-free orders from your food delivery application.

  • Easy And Secure Checkout

    We ensure that your application contains an easy and secure way to checkout. It offers a wide range of payment methods for your customers that are quite safe to use.

  • Service Provider Dashboard

    Your food delivery application will not only give you the best user experiences but also to your services providers. Such applications have an easy to use admin panel that offers the complete authentication features.

  • Administration Dashboard

    If your food delivery brand has different administrations, you can create sub-admins in the system and provide access. It gives you the flexibility to manage all the details of service providers and customers.

  • Customer Dashboard

    With the customer dashboard, your customers can place orders and share the information with you. The customer dashboard contains information about all the restaurants from which they can choose any cuisine or dishes.

  • Delivery Person Dashboard

    In the delivery clone script, you can have a completely different dashboard for the delivery person. Such a dashboard will allow the delivery person to get all the features such as location, payments, orders, and more.

  • Manage Branches

    A deliveroo clone script will assist you to manage the different branches. You can get all the details on the same delivery application that stores all the information in the central database.

  • Multiple Categories

    With different categories available in the food delivery application, it will be easier for clients to place orders and switch between different cuisines or restaurants using the categories feature.

  • Real-Time Tracking

    With our real-time tracking, customers can track the location of their delivery person. It helps the restaurant owners apply the same system for their delivery person.

  • Dispatch System

    With our dispatch system, restaurants can automatically dispatch their orders. For each restaurant, there is a dashboard where the admin can use the auto dispatch feature for delivering the order.

  • Advertising Spaces

    If you want to get more revenue, you can promote advertisements on your application. You can collaborate with the different advertising partners who are willing to sell ads.

  • User Review And Rating

    Your customers and restaurant partners can share online reviews and give ratings to your platform. You can check the user’s rating for various restaurants and target the restaurant partners.

  • Contact Delivery Partner

    You can partner with different delivery service providers. You can easily manage all your delivery partners and track their details. All the contact details of the delivery partners would be available in your dashboard.

  • Scheduling And Pickup Options

    A delivery clone contains the scheduling and pickup options. Your customers can schedule the delivery of the product and restaurant partners can schedule the pick up of the orders.

  • Active And Past Orders

    Your customers and restaurant partners get the facility to check all the active and past orders that they made or received. Such a feature is useful in the case of any discrepancies.

  • Invoicing Generate

    Your application will have an automatic feature that will create the invoice for the restaurants with all the taxes and cess in the bills so it becomes easier for your restaurant partners to share invoices.

  • Login Process

    A login process will allow your customers and admins to authenticate themselves. For each customer, there will be a different profile, and for restaurants where they can list their menus.

Advanced Features

What Business Model Do We Follow?

whitelabel solution
In-Between Ads

Monetize your mobile app to make money and earn huge profits with in-app ads. Plan the right strategy to provide a better consumer experience.

turnkey solution
Premium Access

Provide access to premium features to the users and boost market penetration. Users get extra benefits by paying for additional features.

whitelabel solution
In-App Purchases

Our team creates true value with in-app purchase models for your mobile apps. You can bolster the users’ trust in your brand and generate revenue.

How Much Does It Cost to Build

The Deliveroo Clone app?

Your cost depends on the different factors such as design, platform, features, etc. Our developers will quote you the price depending upon the design that you are looking for. We offer android app development and ios app development servicesand each platform development cost differs.

Why Choose Us for a Deliveroo Clone?

AIS Technolabs is the leading company that offers the Deliveroo Clone script. Such premium food ordering solutions offer large facilities to customers. We enable our clients to make use of different features. Our Developers mechanically build the application and enhance it with more highlights.

Our developers make use of extensive processes to set up the administration of the application by including different features. Our services are available in different countries like the UK, USA, Canada, India and many more. We make use of extensive tools and technologies such as CI/CD for better development processes. You can hire developers according to our flexible hiring model.

whitelabel solution

Free Brand Removal

Our developers help you to use the deliveroo clone script as the white-label software. We ensure that all the features are available that will help you to cherish your food delivery business.

turnkey solution

Get the Source Code

Our developers would share all the source code with you of the deliveroo clone app. It will assist you to understand the basics of the application and its features. Further, you can make changes and customizations too.

whitelabel solution

Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated team of developers who have experience in building mobile applications and web applications. You can hire our developers according to your needs to get the best deliveroo clone.

turnkey solution

Customer Support

We have a dedicated team that takes care of you by offering sounding customer support. We don’t want you to have any issues with the application.

whitelabel solution

Agile Development Process

Our developers follow agile methodologies to build the software for you. Our development team ensures that the product is delivered in the given duration at the best quality with all modules and features.

turnkey solution

Flexible Team Hiring

We have built different hiring models for you. You can hire developers and consultants as per your need. Our hiring models are flexible and offer a seamless hiring model.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Our developers and consultants would guide you in the best way. We will ensure you that we will offer the best price that is affordable for you. Our costs depend on the number of features you need and complexity of the project.

A. Our developers are managed by project managers. Once you start working with us, we would assign a dedicated project manager who will be the point of contact between you and the development team. You can get all the details from your project manager using different tools. Your project manager will share all the details with you.

A. To make an app like Deliveroo, you are required to focus on the needs of the consumers/ users, restaurants, delivery personnels, and admin. List out all the features that are absolutely necessary for the right functioning of the business. This would allow you to strategize the application better. Once you have the plan ready, use a deliveroo clone script to develop a full-fledged application.

A. The cost of creating an app like Deliveroo application may vary between $45,000 to $1,20,000 USD. There are other avenues available in the market that can reduce the cost of development, such as using an AIS Technolabs Deliveroo clone app. Contact our experts to know more about our Deliveroo clone product. .

A. Deliveroo is a popular food delivery application that is based in the UK. It is widely used for the ease of ordering food from local restaurants at home, with quick deliveries, faster payments, secure deliveries, etc. It also comes with outstanding features such as customer support, ETA, restaurant management, order management, online payments, GPS integrated services, etc.

A. Deliveroo clone app would cost you much less than native food delivery application. You can develop a Deliveroo clone application for $15,000 to $45,000 USD. Share your project with us to get a free cost estimation on your project from our technology experts.

A. The deliveroo clone script is a pre-built product that renders the basic functionalities of a food delivery application such as Deliveroo. It can be used for various purposes including developing a feature-rich deliveroo-like application. You can also use it for testing new features before implementing them in your current product.

A. The Deliveroo Clone source code provided by AIS Technolabs is a well-built component of the application that can be used for making customizations to the product. It can be read easily to understand the architecture of the clone application.

A. The Deliveroo clone app can be used as a white-labeled product, or you can use the customized clone product to test out new features before implementing it in the original product. It is a food delivery clone application that would have the basic features for users, restaurants, delivery person, and admin.

A. The readymade deliveroo clone software has all the features to run and manage the on-demand food delivery business better. It has basic features that can be scaled as per the evolving needs of the business. You can also add 3rd party applications to the product.

A. The Deliveroo clone app development is a process of building clones that functions similar to Deliveroo application. It has features that can support an on-demand food delivery business better. It is a flexible product that can easily be scaled to meet the modern needs of the business.

A. The Deliveroo clone web application is a feature-rich web product that allows users to place an order, browse menu, pay online and restaurants to manage the orders and deliveries. It is an efficient product that can be customized easily.

A. The Deliveroo clone software development is an administration product that helps you manage the product better. It has the features and tools that are basic to run the food delivery business. The clone software is highly customizable and flexible.

A. You can purchase the Deliveroo clone application from AIS Technolabs by paying through Debit/ Credit card, e-Wallets, UPI, net banking, etc.

A. AIS Technolabs is the best Deliveroo clone app provider. We are globally trusted and our product is being used currently by more than 50+ restaurants. We also provide you perks such as low cost maintenance, 24*7 support, and ownership of source code.

A. You can start your own food delivery business by launching the app. It would empower your restaurant to receive orders, manage coupons / discounts, customer engagement, customer support, deliveries, etc.

A. You can hire a Deliveroo clone developer with 5+ years of experience in the on-demand food delivery segment. We offer you an easy engagement model allowing you to get professional developers on hourly, part-time and full-time basis.

A. You can easily download readymade deliveroo clone script through our provided link. Once we confirm your payment (instantly), you will receive the link with instructions to download the components of the deliveroo clone app.

A. Our developers offer large customization features that can further enhance your application. The cost of those custom features depends on the features that you want. Based on the discussion with consultants, you can get more details.

A. According to different projects, we ask the advance amount. You need to pay some of the total cost so it closes the deal. We assure you that our developers will give you the best deliveroo application.

A. There are many companies that provide readymade Deliveroo clones. But quality is a concern with many products. You can trust AIS Technolabs, a top-rated food delivery app product. It has all the features required to run an on-demand food delivery business.

A. The companies that provide readymade Deliveroo Clone source code include AIS Technolabs. We provide you the product source code allowing you to take decision for your application such as customization, scalability, purchase and mergers.

A. The cost of building a Deliveroo clone web application is $7000 to $25,000. It may vary as per the scope of your individual project, as the needs and requirements of the product increase or decrease.

A. The cost of building a Deliveroo clone mobile application is $45,000 to $60,000, it may vary as per the project scope. Take a free quote from our technology experts by sharing your project with us at earliest.

A. AIS Technolabs is globally voted best Deliveroo Clone development company. Our Deliveroo clone product is top-rated in the global market, it is being used by 50+ restaurants and is truly innovative and quality-driven. You can use the product to meet the modern day needs of your business easily.

A. You can hire a Deliveroo clone developer easily with AIS technolabs. Share your project with us and we would suggest you the best developers that match your requirements. Once short-listed we give you full opportunity to interview them, and hire them on part-time, full-time and hourly basis.

A. You can build your own Deliveroo clone product using our unique code script development services. Contact our experts today for knowing more about our services.

A. Download a readymade Deliveroo clone through our product download link, contact our customer support in case you experience any problem with the download process.

A. It takes upto 4 to 6 weeks to develop a Deliveroo clone app. Contact our technology experts to get a cost and time estimation for your product.

A. The cost of Deliveroo Clone app development depends on the project needs. Connect with our technology experts for free consultation, estimation on time and quote on cost.

A. Yes, the Deliveroo clone product is a quality-driven product with features and services that can be used for developing successful food-delivery businesses. It gives you the necessary tools, and reduces the cost of development significantly. It also gives you faster turnaround time.

A. Buy the best Deliveroo clone product easily with AIS Technolabs. Take a free demo of our Deliveroo clone product, order it online and pay through secure channels through debit / credit card, e-wallets, UPI, netbanking, etc. Once purchase is confirmed (instantly), we provide you a download link that you can use to download all the components of the product easily.

A. You can start a Deliveroo Website / mobile application using the Deliveroo clone product, it reduces the development time and cost significantly. You can use the saved resources to build your business better. The product can easily be scaled too with the help of 3rd party service providers.

A. Starting a Deliveroo website and mobile application gives you an opportunity to increase the reach of your restaurant business. The product would have features for users to order the food, pay online, connect with restaurant/ delivery professional/ customer services, and restaurants to manage the order and delivery.

A. The Deliveroo clone app would allow you to manage your business better. You can use the product to run your entire chain of restaurants and win a chance to tap the unexplored market.

A. You can start your own food delivery business using Deliveroo food delivery clone products. It is a cost-effective solution to meet your business requirements and also you can make customizations to the product anytime you feel the need.

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