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Internet marketing is a compound term for the sales of goods, services and advertising done over the internet through the use of connected electronic devices such as mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer etc. On the other hand, some companies use the term to define their online research or the activities they engage in to increase more sales through online interaction with their customers. Internet marketing is used jointly with traditional advertising such as radio, television, newspaper and magazines.

It is the core ingredient for a successful marketing campaign today.

For a dentist internet marketing defines the practices involved with using the internet to improve customers satisfaction and business sales. This includes web marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization etc.

If you are thinking of kick-starting an internet marketing operation for your dental firm, it is important to understand that internet marketing is a vast field with several distinctive methods to investigate. To avoid misfiring your time, money and effort, it is best to speak to an experienced Internet marketing expert who will guide you through the entire affair. AIS Technolabs is made up of skillful and experienced internet marketing personnels that have an impressive record in satisfying dental practitioners marketing needs throughout the country. From the initial consultation exercise to developing and marketing a dental certified website, we can handle all your advertising essentials.

Dental Website marketing

Website marketing refers to any of several activities that is carried out to promote the presence of a website online or offline for the purpose of boosting a company’s sales and services. Such activities include

  1. Creating a website
  2. Optimizing the website for Search Engine
  3. Engaging in Search Engine Marketing
  4. Social Media marketing
  5. Content marketing

Creating a Website

A website represents your dental firm on the internet. Often times people take one look at a website and judge whether you are a serious dentist or not, which will further influence their decision to do business with you. Here are some features we add in your website that will satisfy your visitors:

a. Fast load up pages:

your visitors are impatient and will not linger around your website if is taking ages to load up. A survey estimates that the maximum load up time for a website should be between 6 to 8 seconds. Anything beyond that, your visitors will move on to another website. If you hire us, we will ensure that the load up time be reduced to the barest minimum.

b. Aesthetics:

Just like a colorful magazine on a magazine counter will attract a visitor’s attention, similarly a colorful and properly designed website will appeal to your visitors. We use lots of strategically positioned images.

c. Ease of use:

Navigating through your website should be very easy and interesting. We make use of sitemaps, side pane links, menu bars etc.

d. Content:

9 out 10 people visiting your website will be looking for answers and it is important that they find the answers easily. We work at making your website a remedy hub with valuable contents for frequently asked dental questions like baby teething issues, floss, toothbrushes, oral diseases etc. We write in simple terms, not everyone has the time or will to look up medical terms in a dictionary.

Search Engine Optimization for dental websites

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a field of website marketing that have to do with advertising your website on search engines such as Google search or Bing search. The objective of a dental SEO expert is to modify your website such that when people use search engines to look for dental solutions, your website becomes the first option for them. We at AIS Technolabs,make use of various procedures to achieve this.
To understand how SEO is done you’ll need to understand how Search Engines work. They are called Search Engines because they work like internet machines that combine many lines of codes called search bots. These bots follow a set of well-defined guidelines called algorithms. When a person opens up Google search and types any word or words, these billions of little search bots are sent-off all over the internet looking for websites, emails or any item on the internet that contains all or just a section of the words that is searched for, usually called keywords. The results are compiled, indexed and sorted on a page called the Search Engine Return Page (SERP), this page is then displayed on the users screen. The whole operation usually takes much less than a second to achieve.

Optimizing your website which means getting it ready for search engine bots starts with:

a. Injecting SEO-friendly codes:

Our SEO experts usually use this method to attract Search Engine bots towards your website.

b. Backlinks:

With backlinks which are URL tags, Search Engine bots stay longer on your website which in turn will increase the position of your website on the SERP.

c. Title tags, contents and Keywords:

When tweaking your website for search engines our SEO expert will make sure that the titles and contents you have written on your website contains as much keywords as necessary.

Dental Marketing online

Beside website marketing we also engage in other types of online marketing like Social media marketing, email marketing and content marketing.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) requires hard work but is often very successful and relatively cheaper. Like other internet marketing fields there are experts with years of experience that can be hired to help you arrange a productive SMM campaign.

Dental content marketing: this covers creating useful blog content that appeals to people, engaging in online forums and discussion with the purpose of directing people towards your webpage or blog page.

Contact us at AIS Technolabs for further clarity, we hope to talk to you.

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