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Doctor appointment code in php

AIS Technolabs is one of the booming companies in India. Our software development team is compatible to work with any device on any platform. With us, you are sure to receive transparency, quality, security and scalability for your appointment booking software. You can trust us to take your business to the world.

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If you’re looking to build a doctor appointment booking software and bridge the gap between doctors, hospitals and patients, then you’ve come to the right place. We build robust software solutions. We’ve helped businesses like yours grow to new highs, we can do the same for you too.

Appointment booking software

It's divided into three main sections; Admin Module, Doctor Module, and Patient Module. Here is a brief about them

Admin Module

The admin has the rights to access the doctor and specialist listings. With the help of our expert software development team, you can easily customize the doctor appointment code in PHP.

Appointment Management system

You can easily manage all the details of appointments, monitor and track bookings. Apart from these, we give you resource management in which you can store doctor and hospital data and perform actions such as adding, editing and updating of records. You can simply choose to add test detail options, offline records, maintenance etc.

Easy customization:

You can add customization options such as social login, cancelling an appointment, submit a patient medical record, and for adding an emergency option.

Track statistics

With the help of this feature, you can analyze appointments, bookings and results in highly structured model forms. You can be aware of your rankings which will be helpful for your business.

Customer support

You are sure to receive round the clock support from our best support team. If you notice a discrepancy, you can easily reach us via email, live chat or call. Our development team is also committed to giving you a smooth running system.

Doctor Module - Doctor appointment system in php

While working long unpredictable hours may be taxing, managing the doctor appointment system in PHP will not be so. You can fully automate appointments, reminders and patient medical history to reach the doctors directly over email or text. So, you can minimize the manual work and move towards a hassle-free work environment.

Booking calendar

You can integrate multiple booking and appointment calendars and stay planned and updated all the time. They serve several purposes such as managing schedules between doctors and nurses, doctors and hospitals etc.

Configure text alerts, emails and SMS

You can configure email notifications and send alerts to the users through both text and SMS. You can unleash many benefits in terms of engaging with your customers and driving traffic to your doctor appointment script.

Effective resource utilization

You can save patient’s waiting time, reduce no-shows and manage your operations in a quick and effective manner by utilizing your resources such as medical equipment, staff and personnel by managing their schedule online.

Patient Module: Doctor booking script

Health-care system has never been this patient friendly. Due to the ease of use, and increasing patient satisfaction more and more users are opting to book appointments online. Below are the few noteworthy features that you would get:


You can add a special feature for cases with high priority. Doctors can easily attend to life-threatening cases by being informed immediately. For patients, it is a boon to avoid waiting in the queue and getting an appointment.


You can automate appointments, perform easy cancellations, reduce waitlists, and increase the number of patient bookings while fully optimizing all the resources you have at your disposal.


Getting to know the complete information about insurance plan, procedure and limitations are tricky and exhaustive. However, you can reduce the complexities by providing easy-to-add insurance information tab through which, the hospitals and doctors can stay aware of each patient’s insurance availability as well as patients can know the hospital policies etc.

Payment gateway

On your doctor appointment booking app, you can also automate the payment process and allow users to make a transaction on any gateways. These are few of the payment options you can use: PayPal, CC, UPI, wire transfer, Wallet etc

User-friendly system

Finding information and navigating through point A to point B may be difficult with an overload of information at hand. That is why; we design a highly responsive user friendly doctor booking script to find what users are looking for instantly.

Social login

You can employ a flexibility feature of logging in from different social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Verification by OTP

Security is one of our core mission values. We believe it is a prerequisite for the growth of any business. Thus, we provide security as a fundamental option to verify the login details through OTP building a secure environment for your user data and business environment.

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