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Donation Management System

Donation Crowdfunding
Back in the days, when donation crowdfunding happened on the streets or by seeking help at people’s doors, it was not only difficult but limited also. With the availability of limited resources and a pressing need to create miracles on a daily basis, success was hard to come by. Later, with the advent of the Internet and social media, fundraising and raising awareness has taken a new shape. We create online donation platforms that help both individuals and groups seeking funds about people’s plight, education or any chosen charity.
About AIS Technolabs

We are a team of creative experts in the business of building solutions for your business needs. From providing best-in-class web and app development services to comprehensive cloud-based business solutions and helping you realize your business vision to improve your business processes; AIS Technolabs is one of the leading service providers completing over 20,000 projects serving different client needs. We are keen to create the best donation crowdfunding platforms as this is one of the most rewarding sectors to work with and there is no better way to make a difference in people’s lives.

Online Donation Platforms:Our role in your Crowdfunding activities

In an area, where resources are limited and negatives usually outweigh the positives, we will help you by building online donation software platforms that is not only easy to work with but also helps in making the best with what you have. Since, most fundraising happens through unorganized sources or converse of a 9 to 5 fixed work that typically takes place in firms it is easy to feel in a muddle, at times. We clearly understand this and work alongside you to create better donation management system so as to avoid you from being clueless.

On-Point account management
You may be handling numerous accounts, making countless entries of donors, and searching for the right entries on a day-to-day basis. Our fundraising software helps you enter details, access and manage them in an instant. It is customized for you to easily find the records you’re looking for. You can also store unlimited mailing addresses, phone numbers, volunteer history, event participation history, brief summary, suitable gifts and many more fields as you like.
Event Management
Organizing campaigns and attending events is a regular part of crowdfunding activities. It can seem like a hassle when they aren’t handled smartly. Therefore, we integrate better event management into the crowdfunding platform to easily create, track and manage events. In addition to this, we see that your sponsorships, attendance, mailings associated with the event, revenue goals and figures, and event expenditure details are maintained in one place for you to look up when needed.
Gifts and Donation management system
Acknowledging gifts and donations is crucial not only to raise more awareness but also to appreciate the donor of their valuable contributions. To keep your donor and supporters in the loop, we see that the gifts, donation and lists are easy to track and access. In this, you will receive easy gift entry, gift date and deposit entry, credit card and other payment gateway integration, communication preferences, membership levels, suitable gifts, donation history, automated and customized thank-you letter mailing dashboard, anonymous donations lists, and tributes entry etc.
Using our donation management system, you can see the total number of projects, live projects, current projects, future projects, and completed projects. We see that your dashboard contains detailed information on the projects, donors and their donations clearly in an up-to-date fashion.
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Personalized communications

As much as managing your operations is important so is scrutinizing your communications. Mailings, gifts and publications reflect your tone through all your communications. We’ll help you maintain your very own communication resource, so every member of your team can communicate uniformly without leaving any gaps. For this, we’ll add easy mail creation formats for solicitation, newsletters, thank you mailings, receipts, pledge reminders, event mailings, and membership renewals. You have the option of personalizing mailings with data from donor profiles and enough storage space to create a library of recurring templates and integrate it with any mail server of your choice.

Custom web form
We make the creation of contact forms, online donation pages, feedback forms or any other type of forms easier than ever before. Since we give you an option of creating multiple custom web forms for donation and contacts alike, you have the option of adding built-in confirmation page, automated email generation, customized design options and many more.
Personalized user-interface
Throughout our donation management system, we are keen to offer you a personalized user interface with a rich design so it can be easy to use, highly responsive and vividly presented. With high visual aesthetics, high-quality images, convincing promotional video and easy to find information, we create best online donation platforms to work specifically for all your crowdsourcing needs.
Reports and Analysis
With our donation management system, you can effectively monitor and evaluate records of funds and activities. You can write your very own reports with the help of our report writer, create reports in different formats such as Excel, PDF and CSV, analyze donation trends, goals and success effectively.