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Dream 11 is the leading fantasy cricket gaming app with a whooping user base of around 110 million. Cricket is loved and played in all parts of the world.

Fantasy gaming softwares provides an enhanced attraction towards the game by providing an opportunity to the users to utilize their knowledge and test their skills on a virtual platform.

We at Ais Technolabs can help you grow with the help of your own whitelabel dream 11 clone app. The industry is advancing and will continue to grow in several more years to come which makes it the right time to enter the market.

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The mobile gaming industry has been expanding at a rapid pace over the years. The market is continuously expanding with new entrants and emerging trends. In 2017, gaming apps generated more than $40 billion in revenues worldwide, and the number has already surpassed $100 billion in 2020. This growth is because of the popularity of smartphones and tablet devices that enable easy access to gaming across the globe.

Ais Technolabs is a software development company with a large client base. We have been operating in the market for several years and have gained popularity due to the quality of our work at low prices. Our dream 11 clone app development process will ensure that your business revenue remains proportional to the expanding arena of mobile gaming. Once your app is ready, everything from ownership of source codes to management sections each and every thing will be under your control.

Why is our Dream11 clone app different?

Our dream11 clone app is the ultimate platform for all your fantasy sports related needs. We offer you a complete set of facilities that are missing in any other fantasy league management application, available today. We design our dream11 clone script with all the best features that an enterprise can use to run a successful online fantasy sports business.

Seamless user interface with attractive icons and graphics, better performance, fully responsive website, stylish dashboard with amazing animations, are just a few features that make our work standout in the market. Moreover our apps and websites are hosted on the best platforms to facilitate your business add any number of leagues, users, games on the app itself.

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User Experience

The user experience is one of the most important factors for your customers. Without a good experience, your customers won’t stick around and will eventually find services that suit them better. Our dream 11 app developers will bring in the best in class user experience for your customers so that they can have fun while playing the game to the maximum.

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Modern Technologies

A lot of factors influence which technology stack will be chosen by a developer to render the best outcomes. Each year brings new frameworks, libraries, IDEs, tools that are supposed to bring in rapid development and deployment. At Aistechnolabs we prefer the latest technologies to strengthen all of our clients’ tech related solutions.

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Cross Browser Functionality

As the worldwide web evolves, so does the way we surf it. With mobile browsing on the rise and more people switching off their desktops for tablets, your website needs to have cross-browser functionality in order to fit your user’s needs. We guarantee the best cross browser functionalities for our solutions.

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Dedicated Developers

A dedicated team of developers, a solid business plan and a good idea are the major constituents of a successful tech related business venture. Our dedicated development team constantly works to improvise the app to make it faster and more user friendly. We are also very conscious of our users’ privacy and we will never share any information with anyone.

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Reasonable Pricing

Our team of experts work so hard on your project to deliver a product that is both user-friendly and feature rich. The other reason why our services are priced reasonably is because we don’t compromise on our predefined morals and principles. We believe in going a step ahead over our promises while fulfilling all the requirements of the project.

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Timely Updates

We at Aistechnolabs always keep track of the latest updates and releases of our software products. This allows our customers to use the latest version and enjoy the best features with some advanced security and safety features. Our dream 11 clone app solutions will bring in best in class and always an updated experience for your users.

Benefits of Dream11 clone app

Our Dream 11 clone app is a smart mobile app solution that will help your users to earn money by playing Fantasy Cricket. It is the most trending and viral mobile app available in the market. We all love cricket, but not everyone can play it. This is where Dream 11 comes in handy. The revenue of the majority of such apps during the IPL and World Cup tournaments shoots up every year drastically. A reasonable investment in the industry has the right potential to build up an everlasting business segment for you.

Earning side income

Nowadays, people are getting interested in earning money through side jobs. Business owners can make an additional income by advertising their own dream 11 clone app and creating a buzz among cricket lovers to sign up for their fantasy cricket gaming app online. The concept of fantasy sports is very popular among the youth, especially those who love to remain connected with the game.

Third party advertisements

Verified third party advertisements which are not scammy in nature and can be promoted on your own fantasy cricket gaming app. Policies, procedures and frameworks can be set up to identify which third party advertisements should or shouldn’t be allowed on the app. Once the advertisements start appearing, you will receive benefits depending upon per view or per click option as discussed with the advertiser.

Multiple revenue streams

The official dream11 app also owns the Fancode app which is a live streaming platform for a majority of cricket tournaments like CPL, PSL, Big Bash etc. Fancode charges a subscription fee from the users to enjoy live matches. On the other hand, Dream 11 charges a platform fee, commission from the advertisers, tie up fees, merchandise collection and so on. New businesses can also streamline their revenue sources once the user base starts increasing and reaches a certain number.

One platform multiple games

Your dream 11 clone script won’t be limited to only cricket because there are several other games like football, kabaddi, basketball etc. which also have the potential to bring in some revenue share for businesses. India is a very diverse nation with diverse likes and interests for different sports. Coming up with a multi-sports platform is definitely a good option considering the present scenario.

Our Game Development Process

understanding requirements

  • Get in touch with our client to know

  • Understand client’s needs

  • Comprehend the client’s business and its current process

wireframing and designing

  • Preparing blueprint structure

  • Designing each app screen

  • Start designing the entire app


  • Start testing the app

  • Fixing bugs if found any to make the app smoother

  • Get final review from client’s end

proposing solution

  • Proposing Solution

  • Suggesting the best solution in terms

  • Finalizing the suggested solution

  • Kick starting the project


  • Start developing the app

  • Develop main functions and sections

  • Get it reviewed from the client


  • It’s time to deploy the app to App Store

  • Hand-over to client and deploy to client’s server

  • Finally, the app is ready to use for users

support maintenance

  • Support Team

  • Maintenance

  • Review

Technology Stack

Programming Languages
Cocoa TouchCocos2DNativeSDKCocoa ControlsWatchKit
AlamofireGoogle MapRxSwiftKingfisherSnapKitLottie
iOS 14iOS 10iOS 9iOS 8

Our Dream 11 clone app features

Dream11 is the best place to find expert tips, tricks and strategies for all of the most popular fantasy games. With our dream11 clone app, you can build your own online community of fellow players who love to compete! Our platform includes everything you need to get started right away. You will be able to create your own leagues, invite friends or make it public and manage game settings. We provide our users with live scoring, real-time updates on match outcomes and much more from a single dashboard.

  • Signup/ Login

    There are many ways to login and sign up your user base on your own app. The first thing that hits our thoughts is by email id or mobile number. But there are many other unique, modern features available like- Facebook, google+, gmail login etc. to provide users a more easy way to enter your platform.

  • Join A Tournament

    Live fantasy cricket is considered to be one of the hottest trends in mobile gaming right now. The game is played by millions, where users pick their dream team and compete against each other in real-time. Our dream11 clone app development encompasses all the essential features that have the power to level up the game of your users.

  • Social Media Integration

    Social media integration is a powerful tool to elevate your marketing strategies with customers and users doing it by their own self. The app users will have the facility to share their contests, winnings, their achievements etc in their friend circles and closed groups in lieu of little cash bonuses. This will bring more engagements and new users to the app.

  • Powerful Dashboard

    At Ais Technolabs, our dream 11 app development is always dedicated to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. We have all types and categories of fantasy cricket softwares at your disposal. All you need to do is choose the one that suits your needs and the rest we will take care of.

Admin Features

Our dream 11 app developers are always focused towards easing out the management processes for our admins through a comprehensive admin panel. It gives you the ability to administer your customers, subscriptions, invoices and payments from one place. With such a comprehensive and flexible admin panel, we guarantee that our clients will always be in control no matter the size and number of leagues and players on the platform.

Cost of Dream11 clone app development

The cost of Fantasy Sports app development like dream11 depends on various aspects like – platform you want to target among android, IOS or both, set of features needed, market research, dashboard integrations, social media integration, advanced payment security systems etc. These are the key factors in deciding the actual price of a dream 11 clone app development. As we are a renowned software development company in the market with a client base from across the world, we believe in delivering the best in class projects. For an app like Dream11 we charge somewhere in between 10,000 USD to 20,000 USD ( Android and IOS platforms) with all the features loaded for an awesome unhindered gameplay for your users.

Why Choose Us

We are a devoted team of developers with a happy client base from over 39 countries and more than 11 years of expertise of delivering top notch software solutions. We believe in delivering above our promises to fulfill every expectation of our clients and that’s the reason behind our consistent growth from the past few years.

From building softwares from scratch to designing and customizing an existing app we do it all. Talking about dream11 clone app development the basic criteria is to differentiate your app in terms of features and overall user experience, so that it can stand apart from the crowd. At AIS Technolabs we have developers, copywriters, UI/UX designers with a prior experience of the field who can help you transform your idea into reality in the best possible manner.

skilled team of professionals
Skilled team of professionals

We have a team of staunch software developers who are always ready to assist you with your project. We take care of all technological needs from development to maintenance so that our clients need not worry about the technical aspects of their business.

enhanced security
Enhanced security

Rapidly changing technologies and a growing number of cyber threats are creating a need for new and advanced solutions. Our mission is helping our clients protect their business, brand and reputation online. We do this by providing them with the best in class strategy, technology and specialist skills

on time delivery
On time delivery

Attaching deadlines to all projects that we are assigned is always our top priority. Every project we start, we make sure that it is delivered on time no matter how tough it gets. We always deliver in time even if the project becomes complex or if more features are added to it.

scalable solutions
Scalable solutions

Scalability is the ability to decrease or increase the volume of services without causing performance issues, downtime or spending additional capital. Scalability is always our concern when it comes to dream 11 clone app development or any other software solution and web based applications.

agile methodology
Agile methodology

Agile processes promote adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, reflection, and continuous improvement. It allows our team of dream 11 clone app developers to collaborate with the business and deliver projects on time with all the features loaded and successfully tested to deliver great results.

support and maintenance services
Support and maintenance services

We provide top notch software support and maintenance services to our clients so they can get more out of their investment. To achieve this objective, we offer an array of solutions based on industry leading technologies. Also, our expert team is available 24/7 to solve your doubts and issues regarding any of our digital solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

A dream 11 clone app allows users to create their own virtual teams and collect as much as points depending upon the live performance of their selected players and win contests.

It depends upon your preferences regarding the business model. If you prefer to go with a fully fledged app with all the advanced features included then it may take around 25-30 days for completion while a basic app can be done within 20 days.

Yes we do on demand customizations for existing apps and softwares. Our customization process will help you in adding, eliminating or modifying the functionalities of an existing application.

Once the KYC of a user is complete and bank account details are verified, he/she is eligible to withdraw winnings directly into their bank account or any of their preferred digital wallets instantly.