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Your Video Selfie app can be the next game changer after Dubsmash

Only some imaginative minds have the ability to think uniquely and the owners of the Dubsmash app have done the same. As a trendsetter, Dubsmash app has attracted a number of individuals and organizations to build a Dubsmash clone and this strong competition is opening new doors for the businessmen who are looking for some opportunities in Video Selfie Market.

AIS Technolabs is a leading Mobile App Development Company to develop robust applications for different industries. Our company has a team of efficient developers who can make a clone of any application for your specific needs. Therefore, if you want to offer some funny stuff to your audience, we are with you to provide the required assistance.

What is special about Dubsmash?

Simply, Dubsmash is a video selfie app and using this app, the users may create interesting video selfies with the use of interesting dialogues or songs. The users can use any movie or TV show for the dialogues or songs.

The Dubsmash app was launched in November 2014 and soon it became no. 1 app in the iOS play store and then, it created the same magic in 29 other countries.

While using this app, the users can choose the sound and create a video selfie by lip syncing. Finally, they can save, download, and share it with their friends. If the user is not satisfied with the quality of the video, he can edit it as per his needs.

With an extremely simple user interface, the process of making a video selfie is quite fast when the users want to choose any sound and video or they like to upload their own dubs with the use of Dubloader. Furthermore, the users may use the quotes from movies, songs, or TV shows and such quotes are related to your preferred theme. Additionally, the Dubsmash app includes trending videos and clips as well.

Benefits of a similar Dubsmash app

The obvious advantage of the Dubsmash app is that the users simply love it and like to spend time using it’s funny stuff. It means that the app is extremely popular among the users. Surely, you can follow the trend and build a similar application.

Moreover, entertaining apps have an unlimited scope because the users love to have fun and experiment with similar apps. They never get bored since every application would have some unique features. For this reason, an app similar to the Dubsmash, would achieve the same level of success as the original app.

If you are looking for more features,you should know that your app would have similar as well as unique features.It is supposed to get instant popularity because the existing users of Dubsmash are going to make each other aware of your new app.

Why AIS Technolabs to build a clone of Dubsmash?

AIS Technolabs is a team of capable and skilled experts who can clone the code and design of Dubmash with ultimate efficiency. Our designers and developers have made such applications in the past and you can check our profile to be sure about the quality of our solutions.

As we have developed several fresh mobile applications, we are familiar with the overall development process and we are also ready to offer you design and code as per your business goals and requirements.

We provide you a perfect Dubsmash clone app without any legal issue that you may face if you work with low-quality development companies. Moreover, we do not repeat the design and code of clone apps and you always receive fresh and unique mobile app from our team.

Making a clone of an app is not easy because it includes various necessary steps and the developers have to consider the original design as well as your ideas at the same time. Therefore, if you want to develop a clone with better features, our experts can make it possible for you.

We develop mobile applications for all the known platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, and hybrid to create perfect replicas of well-known apps. Furthermore, our experts are committed to handover the project on time.

The cost of the project

The cost of your project may vary because of some factors, such as the platform and design of the app along with the customization as per your requirements. Thus, If you want to talk about the cost, you have to visit us for an initial meeting.

Finally, AIS Technolabs is the first place to contact if you have any requirement to have a Dubsmash like app. If you hire our developers, we are going to make an outstanding app that perfectly reflects your business goals.

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