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Online Learning is the newest technology fad that is taking people places. The e-training software is one such online learning platforms which is customizable, easy to use, and saves your time and effort and also makes management of training easier. An E-training software is developed on a virtual learning concept combining interactive 360˚ virtual training environments with traditional e-learning methods.

AIS Technolabs takes pride in its extensive experience and strong technical expertise of building online training platforms. We provide end-to-end solutions and develop wide range of online education tools for any target demographic audience. Our e-training platform is compatible with all modern day technology advancement and is a highly streamlined script created to offer a hassle-free online training experience for the user.

Advantages of E-Training Software

The e-training software is easy to implement as it takes very less time to configure. It accommodates the ever-changing training requirements with affordable costs of customization. It matches current learners’ preferences, allowing them to access learning on any device. The software assesses learner’s progress and performance by generating the reports. It allows training managers to administer and manage the software, without any technical expertise.

The e-training software is not chargeable on a per-user basis. It adds unlimited users at the same cost and is compatible with all mobile devices. It is based on HTML5 with a responsive design. Gamification features of this software keep the learners engaged during training. There is also a feature of multilingual training with a switchable language interface, with almost all international languages in-built in this e-learning software .

Key Features of e-training software
Intuitive User Interface
The software has a highly intuitive user interface that is learner –centric and allows users to navigate to the required pages in a few clicks. The training software does not overwhelm the learners with too many features that do not directly contribute to the learning but still has all the key elements in place.
Real-Time Reporting
The software assesses the training and analyses the learner’s progress. It has an inbuilt standard reporting system that makes the evaluation. Our customers can add-on report templates to customize exactly what they want to see and how they want to look at it.
Easy Administration
The administration of this software is much easier than it seems in case a new learning asset needs to be added. We provide our customers with a user-friendly platform where they can add more learners, change the learning module and customize the modules very easily.
Mobile and Offline Access
The responsive, HTML5 design allows users to view and use the software on any device. For enhanced mobile functionality, the mobile app helps in downloading and viewing assigned training content offline as well.
Gamified Learning
The software engages learners with a gamified learning experience where they get points for completing every course. They can also compete with peers and show off their competencies through a dynamic scoreboard. Learners also get badges and certificates that highlight their achievements over the learning journey.
Social Collaboration
The e-training software integrates all the apps like Outlook calendar, Skype and WebEx to manage training programs. It engages learners through in-built discussion forums. The user can also share their experience of taking a course on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.
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Tools that facilitate the interactive e-training software:
Our web development professionals are expert in using high-end technologies.
  • Adobe Technologies
  • Photo Editing Software
  • Scripting Languages
  • Programming Languages
  • MS Office
  • Multimedia Software
  • Web Technologies
  • Graphics Tools/Software

The Advantage of Online Training Platform

AIS Technolabs have solid experience in animated learning design, learning games, puzzles and many other online training platforms. We believe in constant endeavor to bring out the best solutions for our customers through ongoing experiments. Our research centre makes every effort to improve and deliver the best solution. Knowing that learning is a lifelong process, our e-training software provides advanced education facilities and also help in finding a quick solution to a suitable learning process for our clients. We believe that latest technology and innovation will set path-breaking academic records for learners in today’s day and age.